How to Tie a Christmas Tree to Your Car

How to Tie a Christmas Tree to Your Car

One of the fun ways to start the holiday season is by purchasing a Christmas tree. 

How to Tie a Christmas Tree to Your Car

Transporting a Christmas tree to your house is a stressful process, especially trying to tie a Christmas tree to your car but in this article, I will walk you through how to tie a Christmas tree to your car while you transport it to your desired location.

Be Fully Prepared

Before you embark on the task of transporting a Christmas tree by tying it to your car, make sure you are prepared with the required materials.

With the required materials, tying a Christmas tree to your car will be easy and safer.

Measure the height of the room where you intend to display the tree before you leave; it should be at least one foot taller than the Christmas tree you purchase.

Don’t forget to measure the roof and interior storage space of your car as well.

The Required Materials to Tie a Christmas Tree to Your Car Includes

Right Clothing

You need to be in the right clothing to tie a Christmas tree to your car, you don’t want to be in fluffy clothing that makes it hard for you to move around or clothing that tangles with the Christmas tree.

A Right Clothing includes footwear too.

A  Precautionary Flag

You need to attach a  precautionary flag at the back of your car to alert other commuters for safety purposes.  A  red flag is the most suitable for this task.

Tie a precautionary flag to the end of any trees that protrude further than a few feet above your car’s bumpers so that other drivers will be warned.

Tarp or Blanket

 To protect your car from scratches and damages.


To protect your hands from spikes, sharp objects, and splinters

After gaining possession of the required materials you need to tie a Christmas tree to your car, unto the next thing to do.

Pick the Right Vehicle

You need to pick the right vehicle before going to get the tree.

A rugged and strong vehicle is the best for the task of tying a Christmas tree to your car.

The best way to transport your Christmas tree is on top of a vehicle equipped with a roof rack.

An SUV such as the Volkswagen Tiguan can fit your tree inside with the doors closed, so it’s perfect for tying your Christmas tree home!

Pick a Suitable Tree

When you get to the Christmas tree store,  you will see a lot of Christmas trees in different sizes, and you might get carried away.

Even if the biggest, fullest tree there may catch your attention, keep in mind that you’ll need to move it.

It might be a good idea to gauge the size of your car’s roof or trunk and try to stay within those bounds.

Get the Tree Properly Wrapped

Most stores will wrap the tree for you in netting, which helps to keep it secure and prevents the needles from falling off during the trip.

By doing this, it will remain the same size and quantity when you get it home as it was at the store or farm

When moving a Christmas tree, position it such that the stump end is facing the front of your car to prevent wind damage.

Fix Your Flag

Do you still have your red flag? It’s time to use the flag in your trunk.

It might be challenging to see the way ahead when you’re behind a car carrying something like a Christmas tree,  and the last thing you want is for your priceless new Christmas tree to end up in someone else’s windshield.

 Put a flag on the end of your tree if it’s longer than your car so people can see it. Aim for something reflective if the environment is dark, that’s why the color red is the best.

Find the Right Spot on Your Car to Tie the Tree

When you’re picking up your Christmas tree, find the right spot on your car to tie it down.

You want to make sure that the tree is secure, so it doesn’t go flying out the window on the way home.

Tying the Christmas tree firmly on your car. It’s not too difficult to tie a Christmas tree to your car. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way in no time

There are a lot of ways to do this, but we recommend using a rope or a belt. Wrap it around the tree and then tie it securely to the car. Make sure the knot is tight, so the tree can’t move around.

And that’s it! You’re ready to hit the road and head home for the holidays.

Use Bungee Cords or Rope to Secure the Tree

How to Tie a Christmas Tree to Your Car

Make sure the cords are tight so the tree doesn’t move around while you’re driving. You don’t want to end up with a tree sticking out the window or bouncing around in the backseat.

And be careful when you’re tying the cords around the tree—you don’t want to damage the branches.

To firmly tie the tree, lace the rope several times over it and through the roof rack after placing it on top of the car if it has a roof rack.

If your car lacks a roof rack, roll down the windows and loop the ropes through it multiple times.

If the tree moves when you wiggle it, it’s not fastened securely enough. So tie it tight.

Losing your tree in the middle of the road and causing an accident is not the best way to start the holidays.

Make Sure the Tree Is Secure Before Driving

Make sure the tree is secure before driving. You don’t want it flying off the roof of your car and hitting another car on the highway.

Here are a few tips for tying your tree to your car:

  • Use a sturdy rope or strap to attach the tree to your car.
  • Make sure the tree is tightly secured before driving.
  • Check the tree every so often to make sure it’s still securely attached.
  • Drive Slowly and Carefully

Important Guidelines to Remember When Moving a Christmas Tree on Top of a Car

  • When moving the Christmas tree, it’s best to go slowly. You can use it without worrying about harm to yourself or accidents.
  • Get a tree that will fit well on the roof rack. It is effortlessly transportable.
  • Investing in a car wax is a fantastic additional strategy to safeguard your vehicle’s paint. It will prevent any damage by adding a layer of protection to the paint.
  • The best thing to do if you purchase a tree that reaches past the bumpers of your car is to attach a reflective flag to the end to warn other drivers.
  • Ensure you have visibility out your windows and in your rearview mirror if you are loading the tree inside the car or onto the truck bed.
  • Your car can become soiled from the sap and other stains on the tree. To get rid of any impurities that could harm your car, it is best to wash it after.