Eleanor Mustang 1967 Overview

Eleanor Mustang 1967

This Mustang from the movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds” is easily one of the most recognizable models. The car appeared in a film starring Nicolas Cage, and Angelina Jolie. Robert Duvall acted as a former car thief tasked with stealing fifty vehicles in a single night. A project that would produce Nicolas Cage’s transportation received … Read moreEleanor Mustang 1967 Overview

How to Warm Up a Car Faster

How to Warm up a Car Faster

Driving a cold car isn’t comfortable and may compromise your safety. If you are in a place that has a cold climate as winter, it could be the car’s worst enemy, especially the drivers. Winter mornings can make you shiver, so warming up your car first before driving is a must to ensure your safety … Read moreHow to Warm Up a Car Faster

Payment Plans for Car Repairs

Payment Plans for Car Repairs

Regardless of how carefully you use your car, it could surprise you by developing sudden faults in parts you didn’t expect would happen. However, careful planning for this day could help you fix the damaged part without breaking the bank. There are several flexible payment plans for car repairs that auto dealership outlets, auto repair … Read morePayment Plans for Car Repairs