How To Fix A Car Bumper Falling Off – Guide

How To Fix A Car Bumper Falling Off – Guide

You may encounter a bumper that is loose or falling off if you have had an accident recently. A car bumper is also bound to fall off if you go up into the curb hard when parking.

It could also be because you are driving an older car. Whichever the case, you do need to fix the bumper since it protects some components of your car.

At times it could be a few pins that have become loose, which need to be fixed, and you’re good to go. But if the pins are broken, you can get new ones for a quick fix.

Car Bumper Falling Off Solutions

This article presents a guide that can help you fix a car bumper— front and rear bumper falling off. Depending on the level of damage, you may either repair or replace the whole bumper.

How To Repair A Car Bumper Without Replacing It

If you want to repair a falling car bumper, you should ensure that you park the car on ground level. Also, ensure you apply the parking brakes to avoid damage during repair.

The next step to fixing a car bumper falling off is to assess the damage. What is the condition of the trailer light socket, step pad, or license plate lights?

Are they damaged? Are the bumper brackets bent?

If so, it would be best if you got a new bumper. Otherwise, follow these easy ways to fix a car bumper falling off without replacing it.

Front Bumper

  1. Ensure you have all the necessary materials: painter’s tape, gloves, duct tape, plastic knife, adhesive.
  2. Check if the quarter panel and the car bumper align properly. The impact from the accident causes the misalignment of the seam between the quarter panel and bumper. You need to ensure that the seam remains to be consistent.
  3. Prep the bumper with painter’s tape. Apply the tape all around the inside shoulder of the seam. This tape protects the surrounding surface from the adhesives since you only need it inside the seam. The tape makes sure that your work doesn’t look messy.
  4. Identify the contact points from where the clips broke off. These contact points are the places where you should apply the adhesive.
  5. Mix up your adhesive well and on equal parts with your gloves on for the best results. Mix up more than enough to be on the safe side. You don’t want to become short of the adhesive halfway through the fix.
  6. Apply the adhesive on the falling bumper. You should gently pull back the car bumper and apply the adhesive inside the seam on the contact points.
  7. Apply the duct tape as soon as you are done applying the adhesive. The duct is used to bring the seam closer to its original position. You may need to apply pressure to ensure that the seam is aligned and looks natural.
  8. Give the adhesive time to dry. Remember, we don’t want to have the duct for long as it might leave some residue. Depending on the adhesive you are using, give it 7 to 10 minutes to set in and dry.
  9. Lastly, remove the duct and the painter’s tape.

Rear Bumper

Fixing a failing rear bumper without replacing the whole thing is an easy job to do. You do not need to replace a bumper if there is no severe damage.

And if it’s only one side of the bumper that is failing. Usually, the bumper could fall off on one side because of a broken retainer, easily fixed.

How to Fix a Car Bumper Falling Off

A bumper retainer ensures that your bumper is firmly attached to your vehicle; if your bumper retainer is broken, you need to replace it with a new one following these simple steps.

  1. Loosen the screws using the screwdriver to take out the broken retainer.
  2. Attach the new retainer carefully back into place.
  3. Reattach the bumper to the underside of the rear of the car.
  4. Lastly, ensure that the bumper is firmly held into place and ensure that the screws are tight enough.

Replacing A Car Bumper That Is Falling Off

You may need to replace your car bumper if the damage done to it is severe and it can’t be repaired.

Such damages that require bumper replacement include large dents, widespread crack, or a damaged vehicle body.

If you fail to replace it, you risk having the car bumper falling off as you drive. Here are easy ways how to fix a loose bumper by replacing it.

Front Bumper

  1. It ensures that you have the necessary materials. Prep the car by raising it on the front end using a car jack. You can use a drill or a ratchet wench for this process.
  2. Remove all the fasteners that are holding the failing bumper into place. You can start by removing the bolts and rivets at the sides, then move to the top and finish off with the bottom fasteners. Bolts and rivets can get misplaced easily, so ensure you have a safe place where you can keep them.
  3. Next is to disconnect the fog lights’ electrical connectors. You do this by pulling the bumper until you have reached the connectors. Gently remove the car bumper.
  4. Attach the new car bumper. You may need assistance to install the new bumper. An assistant can help you ensure that the bumper fits nicely onto the clips on the car body. Again, it becomes easier to install the fasteners back to their places.
  5. Lastly, inspect that the bumper is fixed correctly on the body by checking for loose screws and bolts.

Rear Bumper

  1. After opening the car boot, locate and remove the fasteners that hold the rear bumper onto the car. You can start by removing the fasteners at the upper side using a spanner or a wench.
  2. Then remove the screws and the bolts under the car. These bolts are located inside the rear wheel arches. After removing the bolts, remove the rivets holding the failing bumper into place.
  3. Pull off the bumper, ensuring that you place your fasteners in a safer place since you will need them for later.
  4. Attach the new rear bumper. Like in the front bumper, you need help attaching the bumper into place. An assistant can hold the bumper right into place as you attach the fastener’s back bolts in their holes.
  5. Attach the plastic rim and the mud flaps into place.
  6. Lastly, ensure that the rear bumper is fixed tightly in its place. Tighten the screws if you notice movements or any loose fastener.


As said earlier, a bumper can fall off due to an accident or wearing out.

And being the car owner, you know the best choice for your loose car bumper — fixing the bumper by replacing it or without replacing it.

As you may have noticed, you do not need the mechanic’s help to fix your failing bumper.

As long you have the needed tools, you’re good to go, and you will be back on the road in no time. And you might want to avoid bumping curbs hard when parking.