Wrapping the Roof of Your Car

Wrapping the Roof of Your Car

If you have explored several options to give your car a stylish and well-polished look but haven’t attempted roof wrapping, then you may be getting it wrong.

Wrapping the Roof of Your Car

Roof wrapping is the safest option to protect the paint on the roof of a car, and you don’t have to break the bank to do this as it costs lesser than painting.

While roof wrapping sounds a lot easier than wrapping the rest of your car, there are several things you must keep in mind when wrapping the roof of your car.

This article will break down into detail everything you need to know about roof wrapping.

Is Roof Wrapping a Good Idea?

A lot of car owners face the challenge of changing the look of their vehicles. A change in color or external appearance can make your car feel like new.

This is why wrapping the roof of your car instead is a good idea. Roof wrapping is a perfect way to enhance your car’s appearance.

However, roof wrapping can damage the car more than paint.

But the good thing is that damaged parts can be easily replaced with new wraps. There are many benefits of roof wrapping.

Roof wrapping is a good idea because of the following reasons:

  1. It is easy to remove: It is easy to remove the wrap from your car if you don’t like it. The wrap doesn’t stick permanently on your car, and as such, you can remove it without damaging the main paint of the car.
  2. Roof wrapping gives your car a unique look: Most cars from a particular brand may have a common color and you may want to change the appearance of your car so it can be unique and at the same time, stand out from other cars having the same color as yours. Roof wrapping is a perfect way to do this, and there are variant graphical designs and colors available to make your car attractive.
  3. It doesn’t affect the resale value of your car: The major changes you make to your car when you use a wrap sheet don’t reduce the value of your car. Thus, you don’t need to be worried about the thought that wrapping your car may affect the resale value. Since the wrap serves as a protective layer, the natural color of your car will still look neat and new when you remove the wrap, so you can still sell the car at a great price.
  4. Maintenance is easy: Wrapping the roof of your car is very easy and affordable because you can reapply the wrap sheet on the affected area by sorting the base color first.
  5. Installation takes less time: The installation process of the wrap sheet takes lesser time compared to painting.

What Car Condition is Required?

Although the essence of wrapping the roof of your car is to cover the paint on the car, the paint of the car itself must be in a good condition.

Wrapping the roof of a car that has old or bad paint will only make your work messy. For instance, old paints on cars become flaky and peel off.

Thus, if you wrap your car in such a condition, it won’t stick well on the car. Therefore, you must fix all dents and scratches before you wrap the car roof.

Is Location an Important Factor to Consider Before Wrapping?

While wrapping the roof of your car can change the entire look of your car, weather conditions can affect a wrapped car.

If the weather intensity of the location you live is extremely cold or hot, then you must consider if wrapping your car is the right decision for you.

Generally, salt that is used to melt snow in cold countries is very corrosive to the wrap material.

Similarly, if you are living in a location with extremely hot weather conditions, and you leave your car outside for too long after wrapping it, the sun can damage it.

However, if you have a garage and you’re willing to do some extra maintenance, you may still wrap your car roof.

How Can You Wrap the Roof of Your Car?

Wrapping the roof of your car is not so difficult and you can do this without hiring a professional wrapper.

The first thing you must do is clean the top of your car thoroughly.

Use warm soapy water with a soft sponge to clean the dirt and dust on the roof of your car.

If you apply the wrap on the roof without removing the dirt on your car, it will make your work messy and wraps don’t last long on dirt.

After cleaning the top of the car, the next step is to install the wrap.

Spread the full wrap material over the top of your car, and ensure it covers all the gaps and space on the car roof.

Pull the wrap firmly on both sides and tack the edges. You can use your fingers to tuck it on the outside edges.

After doing this, use a 30 degrees angle blade to cut along the edges carefully. The essence of using the angle blade is for parallel cutting.

Cut only through the edges and don’t allow the blade to have contact with the other part of your car so it doesn’t scratch.

Use the edge of the squeegee to press the wrap sheet at the roof gaps.

Wrapping the Roof of Your Car

Then use the edge of the squeegee again to push the wrap sheet into the gap at the edges of the roof.

When you’re done, trim off the excess wrap material from the sides. Do the same on the other side of the roof.

This method of roof wrapping is the most effective and you can do it by yourself, although, having a partner to assist you is better.

Is Roof Wrapping More Expensive Than Painting?

Low-quality painting jobs are generally cheaper compared to a roof wrap.

However, a high-quality painting job especially with many coats is more expensive than wrapping your car.

Whether you want a matte finish on your car or you want to change the color of your car, painting it will cost a lot more than wrapping it.

You must also note that roof wrapping does not stick permanently on the car. You can still remove the wrappings from the car.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car Roof Wrapped?

The price of a roof wrap service depends on the shop doing the service, the type of wrap design, the size of the car, the quality of the wrap sheet, and how complex the installation is.

On average, wrapping the roof of a car may cost around $300 but some wraps are costly because of the color, some colors are scarce and if you want a specially customized color, then you will have to pay more than the usual price.

Also, if you want to wrap the roof of a pricey car like a Ford or mustang, you will spend at least $1,500 because chrome or metal coatings are more costly.

Chrome and metal coatings are high-quality materials and it takes extra installation effort, which makes it more expensive. 

How Long Does a Roof Wrap Last?

A roof wrap can last a couple of years if it is not exposed to harsh weather conditions.

A wrap that is properly maintained can last for about 5 years but if you expose the car to extreme weather, the sun can bake the wrap sheet and this will reduce the lifespan of the wrap.

In other words, the wrap may not even last up to a year if you constantly leave it under the sun and don’t clean it.

Does the Wrap Damage Car Paint?

No. Wraps can’t damage the car paint. Quality wraps generally serve as a protective layer and it protects the actual paint of the car from getting damaged.

The paint of your car will still be safe even when you remove the wrap sheet from the car. 

How Do You Maintain a Wrapped Car?

Maintenance is compulsory after wrapping the roof of your car so it can last long.

The most effective way to do this is to leave the car in the garage. You can also use a car cover if you do not have a garage.

Ensure you constantly clean the wrap with a non-abrasive sponge, warm and soapy water.

You should avoid taking it to a car wash because they may use an abrasive sponge which will damage the wrap.

You can also use a soft towel to wash the car roof. Use waterless car wash products and don’t use rough brushes that can scratch the wrap.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping the roof of your car is the best way to enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

It gives your car an impressive look and makes it stand out from other vehicles.

While wrapping the roof of your car is great, you must consider all the factors and conditions which can damage the wrap sheet.

Thus, you should follow the tips and guidelines in this article so you don’t run into any problems after wrapping the roof of your car.