Car Hood Repaint Cost – All You Need to Know

Car Hood Repaint Cost – All You Need to Know

Car hood is one of the most visible parts of the vehicle, and you must approach its repainting professionally.

This article will guide you so that you can choose between a do-it-yourself option or professional showroom quality work.

Note that many factors influence the cost of repainting the hood of your car. Some of which are the model, overall condition of the vehicle, quality of the paint, and the shop you choose.

We will cover the professional and DIY cost of repainting your car.Car Hood Repaint Cost In USA All You Need To Know

Things that influence the price of the car hood repaint work

The type of car you have will affect how much you pay. Another thing you need to know is the model of the vehicle. Then you must think about the overall condition of the car.

The last thing that could determine the actual cost of the paint job of the hood is the type of paint that the car came with and its condition.

The painter will identify whether it needs a primer coat before applying the car paint.

Why painting the hood and roof of a car is costly.

The hood and roof of a car are most visible, and that is why it is part of the most expensive body of the vehicle to paint. If the painter fails to do their work right in the car, it will be extremely apparent.

Also, where you live can influence the grade of repair. In hot climates, the sun rays damage the car paint leaving it with faded paint.

According to the car tracking website called CostHelper, a third of car owners paid for paint jobs averaging $566, and they were unhappy with the outcome.

The website claimed that to paint a whole car with good-quality or showroom quality” grade, it would cost at least $2,500.

What are the options available for painting a car in the US?

When you consider repainting your car hood, there are two options. You either repaint the car yourself or take the vehicle to a professional to paint. Below is the full cost for both choices.

Professional auto painting costs

Many car painting shops have different options, depending on the budget. The cost of professional painting could range between $300 to $20,000.

Let us see the prices and the kind of jobs you can do with that amount.

1. Showroom quality repainting of the car

This type of job involves repainting the whole car. The professional car painter will sand the entire body thoroughly to bare metal to remove the whole paint, rust, and dents before painting the car with 24 coats of high-quality paint.

The cost of repainting the car with showroom quality grade will vary depending on where you do it and the vehicle’s condition. It could cost you up to $20,000 and might take up to one month to complete.

2. Total repainting of the car

In this type of repainting job, you could ask for a quality job and get it. But you must pay between $1,000 to $5,000 to repaint the whole car. The painter will sand the entire body of the vehicle to remove rust before painting to get an excellent shiny finish.

During the painting process, they will apply two coats with top-quality paint brands. The layers of paint include a base and clear coat that provide better protection.

3. Low-cost repainting of the car

This includes painting the whole visible body of your vehicle, leaving hidden elements like the engine and the trunk.

This repainting of the visible part of your car could cost between $300 and $450.

They will carry out this job with cheaper types of paints known as one stage paint. This type of paint does not have clear coat paint protection for the car.

4. Damaged or accident car painting

Cars that are involved in a minor accident may have a portion of their body repainted. Also, a car owner may choose to repaint a part of their vehicle.

For instance, they may decide to repaint the car hood to give it more protection from the heat of the engine and hot sun rays, dust, aging, or to keep it shiny.

Most times, you repaint only the exact spot affected by an accident, dents, scratches, or faded paint. The professional vehicle painter will usually repaint the hood, the fender, the bumper, the car door, and other parts.

Below is the breakdown for this type of car repairs and what it will cost.

  • Hood painting – $200 to $1,000
  • Door repaint – $100 to $500
  • Painting of a car door – $150 to $750
  • Bumper painting – $150 to $300

5. Small repainting Jobs

You can just repaint some little scratches on the body; the repair shops will charge between $100 to $200 to repair damages.

You may do it yourself if you have the time and spend less.

What you need to do these minor repainting jobs include the purchase of automotive paint and kits from automotive shops. You could spend less than $50 on the small painting work.

Do it yourself car repainting materials

You can do it yourself if the car is old due to the high cost of a professional repainting the vehicle. Below is the stuff you need to do this work on your own.

The materials are less than $100 and are available in automotive and hardware shops. Make sure you paint the car in an open garage that is clear of dust.

Most of the needed tools and materials are listed below:

  • Sandpaper
  • Gloss paint
  • Primer
  • Paint trays
  • Masking tape
  • Mineral spirits for cleaning
  • Foam brushes


In this post, we explored the car hood repaint cost. We explained that you have two methods, either the professional or a do-it-yourself car repainting methods.

It is better to use a professional approach for quality and long-lasting work. A professional repaint of your car hood will cost you between $200 and $1000.

But if the car is old, you can try to do it yourself at a lower cost.