Car Hood Replacement Costs – Informative Guide

Car Hood Replacement Costs – Informative Guide

There are different ways the car hood can get damaged. Due to the fact the hood offers protection for the engine, it must get replaced quickly.

The hood of a car consists of an outer and inner panel, and while every hood has few similar features, every car model has its unique design.


The cost of a car hood replacement usually ranges between 70 and 500 dollars. Similar to other parts, it depends on car type and model.

Looking at the Auto Parts Warehouse, they have over one thousand hoods in their database.

The majority of car hoods prices range between 125 and 375 dollars.

If you look for a professional replacement, then both the labor and parts will cost you between 700  and 1,900 dollars.

In general terms, the original manufacturer parts will be the most expensive choice.


We should mention that car hoods depending on the kind you purchase, will be made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, or steel.

Assuming you buy a used hood, you’ll probably need to paint it to match the color of your car.

You should not only paint the fenders but the whole hood so to make sure it blends. Car users should note that the extra paint job would not cost more than 200 dollars.

Car hood replacements may come in either in a kit or a single piece. Besides, you can select whether you want a black-painted, Gelcoat-finished, or primer-coated hood. From the three listed, the last is considered ideal if your vehicle has custom paint since you get a professional to match the color for your car.

It’s worth noting that sanding and other dent repair ways can have a negative effect on the paint surface as time goes by.



In general terms, car hoods are usually weak and have to be assisted by braces under the metal.

Dents or tiny dimples can easily be repaired with paintless dent removal services, which often cost between 80 and 250 dollars, depending on how severe the damage is.

Many paintless dent removal services will ask you to send an email showing the images of the damage before they can adequately charge you.

Car owners should note that new OEM hoods range between 103 and 2,406 dollars. Its price will entirely depend on the year, model, and material of which the hood was made.

Buying an OEM hood will surely give you the merit of a warranty in case of any further issues.

In the scenario where the hood latch got damaged from an accident, it will cost you 8 to 123 dollars, and hinges would cost you between 7 dollars per piece to 150 dollars per set.

If you want to upgrade the look of your car with carbon fiber, an aftermath performance path or fiberglass hoods are also available.

You should remember that the price of a carbon fiber hood ranges between 159 and 10,500 dollars, and a hood made of fiberglass ranges between the prices of 63 and 4,882 dollars.

It should also be noted that both body and paint shops can repair more significant dings.


Car hood is among the first things individuals check before they purchase a car. Apart from the fact that it makes the car appear nice, maintaining it in good condition can affect the resale value.

Assuming that you desire to preserve your car, engine, and performance, you must take good care of your hood.

We hope that with the above guide, you now have a better understanding of your car hood replacement costs!