How to Sell a Car in Connecticut – All You Need to Know

How to Sell a Car in Connecticut – All You Need to Know

When you run out of cash to fund a project or need money to settle an urgent bill, the thought of selling your car might run through your mind and can be the only option left.

How to Sell a Car in Connecticut – All You Need to Know

Interestingly, Connecticut provides a very safe means for selling your car instantly. It has laws protecting the buyer and seller during the car-selling process.

If you don’t know how to sell your car in Connecticut, this article will take you through every process involved.

Tips for Selling Your Car in Connecticut

  • You must adhere to the Federal Trade Commission’s used car law.
  • Any vehicle driven is a used car; moving or test driving is an exemption.
  • You must obtain a salvage certificate from the state’s appropriate authority if you sold your car to a junkyard.
  • Ensure that both parties sign all forms that require signatures.

Where to Sell Your Car in Connecticut

There are five places to sell your car in Connecticut: online, through auto dealerships, junk yards, discounts, and car-buying services.

Though each option has its pros and cons, they all aim to make car selling easier.


As the name suggests, you’ll have to sell your car in Connecticut via a Connecticut-authorized dealer’s website.

This option would require you to upload pictures of your vehicle, its license plate, and the car’s description.

Auto Dealerships

In this method, you sell your car in Connecticut to auto dealers, who are instantly ready to purchase it. The disadvantage of this option is that your car may be priced lower than you proposed. 

If you want to use this option, confirm you have all the paperwork for the car, clean it, and research the car’s worth.

If you don’t have an estimate of the value of your vehicle, you can look up websites that provide free estimate services; they’ll need your VIN.

Car Buying Services

If you’re looking for instant cash by selling your car in Connecticut, using the car buying service option is the perfect option.  

This option requires you to set an appointment to bring in your car for inspection, after which the buying process will begin, and the buyer will pay cash to you immediately. You’ll find a handful in Connecticut; selling through them is snappy.


This option is best if your car is gone; the free towing service offered by junkyard agencies is enticing. In addition, you can ask your local auto repair shop to recommend one. Interestingly, they provide quick transactions.


No one will turn down a huge discount after inspecting a trustworthy vehicle. This is another option you should try if you need money right away.

There are numerous auto companies online and around your area that will buy your car immediately at a discounted price.

How to Sell a Car in Connecticut

In Connecticut, there’s room for anyone who wants to sell their car – whether you have a certificate of title or not.

Method #1: Selling With a Certificate of Title

Whether your car is a new or an old car that needs to make room for a new vehicle, selling it would require you to provide some proof of ownership before a buyer can purchase the car.

As a seller who has a certificate of title, you’ll have to provide it during the transaction process. So no matter how little your car would be worth. Having it will hasten the buying process – less form-filling.

Here’s how to sell your car in Connecticut if you have your certificate of ownership:

Step 1: Reverse the Title

  1. Fill in the required information at the back of your certificate of title.
  2. Ensure to sign at the back of your certificate of title.
  3. Hand over the title to the buyer.

Step 2: Crosscheck the Form With the Buyer

Hand over the bill of sale to the buyer and ensure it has the addresses and names of the seller and buyer, the make, color, VIN, date, price, model, and the seller’s signature. Finally, the date the buyer purchased the vehicle.

Step 3: Photocopy the Documents Handed to the Buyer

  1. Photocopy the car’s certificate of title for self-reference.
  2. Photocopy the bill of sale for self-reference.

Step 4: Reverse Every Documentation 

  1. Remove the car’s license plate.
  2. Deregister the car with the DMV; if you don’t do this, property tax will keep counting.
  3. Request for a prorated tax bill form when the buyer purchases the car.

Step 5: Keep the Insurance

Do not cancel the car’s insurance at this stage.

Step 6: DMV Registration

Finally, the buyer should register your car with the DMV.

Method #2: Selling Without A Certificate Of Title

Having a certificate of title can simplify the car-selling process in Connecticut and indicate that you are the official owner of the vehicle without arousing suspicion.

However, selling a car without a certificate of title in Connecticut may be difficult.

Fortunately, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has made a provision for those who do not have a certificate of title.

However, this method mandates the seller to register the vehicle in Connecticut. Here’s how to sell your car in Connecticut without a certificate of title:

Step 1: Request for a New Title

  1. Fill out the H-6B form online on the DMV website. This form lets you request a new certificate of title.
  2. Fill out the original Connecticut DMV supplemental assignment of ownership form. You can get it at your local DMV office or online on the DMV website.

Step 2: Handover Necessary Paperwork

  1. Give the lien to the buyer if there’s one on the car.
  2. If the lien is older than ten years, fill out the motor vehicle ownership form.
  3. Hand the buyer the replacement certificate of title for application.

Step 3: Request For Q-1

If your vehicle is older than 20 years, submit a Q-1 form (supplemental assignment of ownership).

Step 4: Reverse the Title

Fill out the required information requested at the back of the new certificate of title and hand it over to the buyer. Make sure you have a copy for yourself.

How To Prepare A Car To Sell In Connecticut 

Step 1: Clean The Car

How to Sell a Car in Connecticut – All You Need to Know

  1. Clean the car inside and out; preferably, use a car wash service.
  2. Take out your personal belongings that are in the car.

Step 2: Repair Faulty Parts

Take your car to an auto repair outlet for inspection. If there are faults, fix them if you can afford to.

Step 3: Know Your Car’s Value

  1. Research your car’s worth.
  2. Get all the paperwork ready.


You can sell your car in Connecticut online, at an auto dealership, at a junkyard, or via any other option listed in this article.

Remember that you can sell your car using these options with or without a certificate of title.

Furthermore, remember to repair any faulty parts in your car and clean the interior of the vehicle this will boost its value during the bargaining.