Installing Breathalyzer in Car – Overview

Installing Breathalyzer in Car – Overview

Do you want to learn more about installing a breathalyzer in your car? Look no further since this article will cover all you need to know, so keep reading.

Installing Breathalyzer in Car – All You Need to Know

When installing a breathalyzer in your car, it is essential to be aware of the potential repercussions. This technology can assist police officers in detecting DUIs or other driving offences.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to install a breathalyzer in your car, the considerations, the pros and cons, how to use it, and some general information on breathalyzers. Let’s get started!

What You Should Consider Before Installing Breathalyzer in Your Car

When it comes to breathalyzers for cars, you should think about the pros and cons of putting one in your car, which we’ll reveal in this article, so read carefully to avoid missing out!

However, before you commit to a choice, there are a few considerations you need to give attention to before you go on and make the purchase, and in this section, we will outline 3 considerations before installing a breathalyzer.

1. The Cost

The price of your car breathalyzer will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the make and model of the vehicle in which the IID device is installed and the amount of time that you need to keep it.

Installing an ignition interlock device, which is sometimes called a car breathalyzer, usually costs between $80 and $150.

The cost of the interlock device will usually be between $100 and $200 at first, and then the driver will have to pay about $70 per month to rent the device.

Additional monthly costs of between $60 and $80 might be incurred due to calibration and maintenance of the device.

2. The Quality

While the vast majority of breathalyzers for cars are accurate and will provide you with the results you want, you should be aware that some of these devices are fake.

Before installing any sort of breathalyzer in your vehicle, you should always have a conversation about your choices with a trustworthy auto mechanic.

3. The Type

There are three e known breath alcohol testing equipment, each of which can be purchased for a different price and comes equipped with its own unique set of characteristics.

Semiconductor Breathalyzers

Because these breathalyzers use semiconductor sensors, which use less power, they are relatively cheap and accessible. This type of breathalyzer for cars is particularly cost-effective.

Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

The fuel cell breathalyzer is the one that the police and other authorities, like police stations, use most of the time.

It is often used because it gives the most accurate and precise readings, which is one reason why it can also be used in court as legal evidence.

Spectrophotometer Breathalyzer

This type is the biggest and most expensive, and you can usually find it in a police station.

It is able to produce accurate and highly precise results during the time of breath testing and examining breath samples for alcohol level.

Is It a Good Idea?

A car breathalyzer is a device put in a vehicle that tests the driver’s blood alcohol level before starting the vehicle. The car will not start if the driver’s alcohol level is higher than the legal limit.

This breathalyzer is a good idea because it utilizes a breath sample to estimate blood alcohol concentration or to identify viruses or diseases and it can help avoid DUI-related accidents.

On the other hand, a breathalyzer can find alcohol in your system up to 12 hours after you’ve had one drink.

When compared to blood testing, scientific studies demonstrate that breathalyzers have a 50% margin of error.

A breathalyzer’s measurement of blood alcohol content (BAC) is affected by many things, such as age, gender, rate of drinking, drugs, and emotional state.

In addition, breathalyzers do not directly assess blood alcohol content or concentration, which requires a blood sample to be analyzed.

Instead, they measure BAC indirectly by measuring the amount of alcohol in the breath.

There are pros and cons to having a car breathalyzer, which we will discuss in this article. Some believe it is a good idea since it can reduce drunk driving. Others consider it an infringement of privacy.

How to Install a Breathalyzer in Your Car

For your breathalyzer to be installed successfully, it must be installed at a service center by a licensed interlock device supplier.

You will need to schedule an appointment with your technician and then bring your vehicle in at the agreed-upon time and date.

When you bring your vehicle in to have the breathalyzer device installed, a technician will assist you with the installation of the device.

However, before you go, the technician will provide you with some hands-on instructions on how to use your breathalyzer so that you may be comfortable with its operation.

The make and model of your car may affect where your breathalyzer is located. Therefore, you should confirm this information with your provider before scheduling your appointment.

It is essential to have a professional install your breathalyzer to make sure it works properly and because you will have to come back for recalibration at set times, which will be decided at your arraignment.

Also, the law says that you have to have it installed by a professional at a service center.

Members of the program are not allowed to install or remove their own devices. Because of these laws, you cannot install or remove your own breathalyzer. The reality is that there is no way to avoid this rule.

Installing Breathalyzer in Car – All You Need to Know

How to Use a Breathalyzer?

Now we know how to install a breathalyzer, using it is simple. While the driver exhales, the gadget constantly checks the expired air with an infrared cell.

As a person breathes out, the amount of ethanol in their breath increases. Once the amount of ethanol has stabilized, a breath sample is taken and tested.

If you want to use a breathalyzer, attach a mouthpiece to the breathalyzer, then push and release the power button.

After that, let the device warm up to the best test settings until the display says “blow,” then blow for about 4 seconds into the mouthpiece.

A lengthy, continuous beep will be heard when you begin to blow. You must not stop blowing until you hear this beep.

The equipment will then analyze your breath sample. For roughly 15 seconds, the test result will be displayed. As simple as that!

Now, here’s how a car breathalyzer works; people who have an automobile breathalyzer installed must do the following before starting their vehicle:

  • Simply turn on the breathalyzer
  • When the device shows that it is ready, you should submit your breath test using the blow-inhale-blow breath pattern.
  • Simply wait for the results and once you have passed, you can be able to start your car
  • You will be unable to start the car until you pass the test, and the device may lock you for a period of time before permitting a retake.

Pros and Cons of Using Breathalyzer

In this section, a table will be used to highlight the pros and drawbacks of having a breathalyzer. Some people are irritated by it while others find it fascinating. It’s up to you to analyze it and knows what’s best for you!

The car breathalyzer is simple to use Some individuals may find it frightening or unpleasant to use, particularly if they have panic episodes or a history of seizures.
It provides an accurate reading for you. It must be professionally installed at a service center, which may be costly.
It has resulted in fewer accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. Breathalyzers get less accurate the more they are used.


It is crucial to have a basic understanding of how breathalyzers operate and the many types of systems that are available if you are thinking about having one installed in your vehicle.

However, as stated in this article, putting a breathalyzer in your car may be a rather simple operation. If you follow these instructions properly, installation should be a joy.

Because breathalyzers have the potential to enhance both one’s safety and quality of life, it is important to do one’s research on the many available options before making a purchase. Thanks for reading!