“Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle To Reset” – Explanation

“Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle To Reset” – Explanation

When winter is in full swing, it’s not very appealing to go out on a frosty morning and start your vehicle.

Remote start, in this scenario, is the best thing to save yourself from winter’s wrath.

But what about when you get the message: remote start disabled start vehicle to reset?

Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle To Reset

Nothing is more frustrating than a remote start disabled message in the morning.

Here, we’ll explain what this message means, its causes, and what you can do about it.

What Does Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle To Reset Mean?

Remote starting your vehicle comes in handy when you want to start your engine remotely, probably due to cold weather.

With this feature in your vehicle, you can start it and warm up the engine before driving it.

There are various times when remote start can be disabled. Let’s discuss these issues and their probable solutions.

Signal Issues

An issue with tachometer signals is one of the most common causes your remote start turns off in seconds.

These voltage signals identify when a car has started and is fully operational.

If these signs aren’t working, your tachometer is likely malfunctioning.


Signal issues with the tachometer you can swiftly resolve.

All you have to do now is relearn the tachometer. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Turn on the engine.
  • Maintain a firm grip on the foot brake.
  • Press and hold the wireless start button for three seconds while holding down the brake; the parking lights will blink once.
  • Restart the automobile with the remote control after turning it off.

Faulty Hood Sensors Or Switches

A defective or missing hood switch is another common cause of your remote switching off after a few seconds.

The hood switch is positioned under the hood of your car and prevents the vehicle from starting when the hood is up.

As a result, it ensures that those operating in the engine are safe.


You can inspect your hood pin switch by lifting the hood of your car. If it’s still there, make sure it can move about freely but isn’t too slack.

If you think it’s not in the right place, you can adjust it.

If it’s rusty or missing, you’ll need to replace it on the other end. After installing it, remember to treat it with a rust inhibitor regularly.

That way, your remote start won’t cut off after a few seconds in the future.

Battery Issues

When the remote start keeps going off after a few seconds, many individuals don’t bother to check the batteries.

The problem that got you here could be caused by some battery-related difficulties, such as:

Weak or Dying Batteries

Weak or dying batteries will reduce the range of your controller.

Wrong Battery/Isolator Placement

Placing batteries improperly or disconnecting insulators can cause the remote to malfunction.

Wrong Batteries

If you use the wrong batteries, your remote start will shut off after a few seconds. If you use low batteries, you can anticipate the same results.


If your remote isn’t working, the first thing you should do is replace the batteries. When the cells are dead or failing, most remote functionalities are unreliable.

You may find the kind of batteries it requires on your remote control.

Replacement batteries are available for almost all major car brands from auto parts stores or large retailers.

If a battery change doesn’t solve the remote start problem, look into obtaining a new smart key.

Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle To Reset Explanation

Location Of Key

Your vehicle’s key could be another simple explanation for your remote to start shutting off after a few seconds. The car will not start if the fob is in it.

And, as simple as it may appear, this is a genuine issue.


To begin, remove the vehicle’s key. After that, press and hold the lock and remote start buttons for at least one or two seconds.

If your remote start continues to turn off after a few seconds, repeat the procedures until you conclude.

This time, hold down the wireless power button until the car starts.

Your Vehicle Is In “Park”

The engine will not start while you are in the ‘Drive’ or ‘Reverse’ modes as a safety precaution.

Your remote start would turn off after a few seconds if your car is in these modes.


Restart your vehicle after disengaging and re-engaging ‘P.’ If you’re still having problems, try the other options below before going to the auto shop.

Oil Pressure Issues

It’s possible that your engine is to blame for your remote start shutting off in a few seconds. The engine fluid and oil pressure are the perpetrators on the inside.

Your remote start system will be disabled if the former is too high or the latter is too low.


Check the coolant and oil levels in your car. If you’ve just finished driving, give it 10 minutes to cool down before verifying these readings.

Fill them up if necessary so you can get back on track.

Hazard Lights Are On

Hazard lights alert other vehicles that your car is stopped and may trigger a temporary traffic snarl.

Your remote start may shut off after a few minutes if they’re on.


This problem has a straightforward solution. Turn off the hazard warning lights before activating the remote start device.

It indicates you should push and hold the lock button first, then the remote start button.

Engine Lights Are On

If the ‘Check Engine Light‘ or Malfunction Indicator Light is illuminated, your remote start may cut off after a few seconds.

It is yet another critical element to maintain driver safety.


Before you get too worked up, make sure the Check Engine Light is turned on. If that’s the case, check to see if your gas cap is loose.

Re-seal the cap and start the automobile if this is the case. After that, press and hold the lock button once, then press the remote power button until the vehicle starts.

Faulty Programming

Your remote starter system’s programming may be at fault if your remote start switches off after a few seconds.

A data module is included in the remote starter system that makes connecting with the vehicle’s computer system easier.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to tackle this on your own. You’ll need to drop your car off at the dealership so that the system may be reprogrammed.

Thankfully, this shouldn’t take long, and you’ll soon be driving again.


‘Remote start disabled start vehicle to reset’ is a frustrating message when it’s super cold and you want to get going.

You may be getting this message, including signal issues, battery issues, faulty sensors, oil pressure issues, hazard lights on, engine lights on, and much more.

This article has given solutions to the issues mentioned.

However, if you’re unable to comprehend the issue or can’t solve it on your own, it is better to get professional help.