Exhaust Pipe Broke Off Muffler – How To Fix

Exhaust Pipe Broke Off Muffler – How To Fix

If you are a car owner, you can agree that the exhaust system plays a vital role in your vehicle. The exhaust system controls harmful gasses emitted from the engine.

Moreover, it has a muffler component that reduces any noise produced during the fuel combustion process.

Are you experiencing loud noise coming from your exhaust system? Perhaps it’s the exhaust pipe that has a broken muffler.

Exhaust Pipe Broke Off Muffler

When the muffler breaks, a hole in its inner part or a crack causes loud noise while driving.

If you wonder how you can fix this issue, you are at the right place.

Below are the ideal ways of repairing it, the cost you will incur when mending it, and the risks of not fixing it.

How To Fix An Exhaust Pipe That Has Broken A Muffler

Cover The Affected Area With Epoxy

Epoxy bond is an ideal solution when fixing an exhaust pipe with a broken muffler.

But, before applying this binder to the affected area, you should ensure the surface is clean.

This preliminary step is vital as it increases the power of epoxy adherence. Hence, sticking well.

Therefore, once you are done cleaning the surface, you can start by applying the epoxy on the area with the leak while spreading it gently.

Then, give it some time to cure before starting the engine.

Wrap It Using A Muffler Sealer

If you are dealing with a more extensive leak, muffler tape is an ideal product for you.

Wrap the sealing tape around the hole, ensuring its covers a few inches more around the leak. Also, you can use double tape to cover the part for better results.


Ensure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the muffler sealer before jumpstarting the fixing process.

Use A Suitable Repair Patch

An aluminum patch is the perfect self-adhering material to fix a broken muffler. The best thing about this repair patch is to cover any hole sizes on the muffler.

The first step to go about this process is by cutting a small patch that can fit the area well and cover the affected part.

After covering the aluminum around the surface, ensure to dab over it multiple times for effective sealing.

Remember, using a second layer of aluminum will produce a positive outcome than wrapping it with a single film.

Therefore, to ensure no leakage at any point of the affected area, use a thicker layer.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Muffler?

You might be asking yourself how much it will cost you to fix a muffler.

Well, the price of mending a broken muffler varies, and it depends on the amount of damage the muffler has.

For instance, for severe breakage, you might incur higher costs, unlike smaller ones.

Moreover, if your muffler has more extensive damage, you might replace it instead. Replacement needs labor, a new muffler, and time; all these will cost you.

If you are on a budget, you can agree with your technician to fix it for you at a fair cost.

Let’s Look At A Cost Estimate When Replacing A Muffler

For a standard price, an exhaust muffler replacement ranges from $810-$830. So, you should have approximately $900 to restore your muffler.

Moreover, the labor cost differs from this budget as you should expect its price between $70 and $90.

However, these values do not include the taxes and fees because it depends on where the car is.

So, ensure that you are well prepared for the cost, as you might incur additional costs due to other repairs that come along with the replacement process.

What Are The Risks Of Not Fixing It?

Most people tend to ignore damaged parts in their cars and continue their daily driving routines.

A broken muffler is one thing you should not assume because you might be exposing yourself to great danger.

It is always prudent to repair the damaged muffler as driving with it will cost you much more. Fixing a broken exhaust pipe muffler is the only safe bet.

Exhaust Pipe Broke Off Muffler How To Fix

Here are some of the risks of not fixing your broken muffle:

Exposing Yourself To The Toxic Gases

It would be best if you never drove with a broken muffler as far as your health is concerned.

Since the muffler tends to leak fumes that contain carbon dioxide, this gas will spew towards the entire car cabin, and you may start experiencing dizziness or headaches.

In addition, as the gas continues to leak from the exhaust, it produces toxic fumes that will cause breathing problems once you inhale them.

If you are a sensitive person, this smell can make you sick and eventually incur costs for medications.

You wouldn’t want to be distracted while driving from such a smell, right? You should always avoid long drives with broken mufflers.

Unpleasant Sounds May Affect You

Noise is one of the air pollutants as it induces hearing loss. Most people love to drive peacefully without distractions, whether in or out of the car.

Therefore, when the muffler fails to function, it may produce strange noise in a rumbling manner that may damage sensitive parts of your ears.

Also, you may face the law as noise pollution is illegal in some states, as you will be violating the rules and regulations against vehicles.

So, the best way to keep safe is by stopping your vehicle and getting it inspected whenever your exhaust pipe has broken the muffler.

It Affects The People Surrounding You

A malfunctioning muffler exposes you to danger and poses a significant risk to the people around you.

Since the work of a muffler is to reduce the air pollution from your vehicle, a leakage will emit these toxic fumes outside. Hence, distressing people while driving.

The Efficiency Of Your Exhaust System Decreases

Whenever a car’s exhaust system part has broken, the chances of the vehicle functioning well become low.

In turn, you might experience problems while driving as the engine may fail to perform whenever you apply pressure to the gas pedal.

Moreover, your vehicle might experience overheating after long drives. If your engine’s temperature rises, there are issues with the exhaust system.

The cause of this heat may be due to a blockage which in turn loses its power efficiency and eventually results in abnormal heat.

You Might Incur More Costs For Fueling And Gas Filling

As mentioned, the role of a muffler in the exhaust system is to mitigate the noise produced during the combustion engine process.

So, if you fail to fix a broken one, your car might have higher emissions hence, losing fuel.

Moreover, you might find yourself trapped in expenses like filling the gas often as its consumption rises whenever damage occurs.

Final Words

Whether your car has a broken muffler or a leakage occurs in the exhaust system, you should always find a way of fixing it.

You can replace the damper if the damage is extensive or correct it at the comfort of your home using the methods we have mentioned above.

The cost of fixing these issues will also vary with the type of damage your vehicle has on the muffler.

Enjoy your drives peacefully by ensuring your exhaust pipe has a muffler in good condition.

With all these parts in place, you can avoid noise air pollution and incur more repairs. Keeping all these guidelines in mind can be worth saving your money.