Radar Cruise Control Unavailable – Meaning & How To Fix It

Radar Cruise Control Unavailable – Meaning & How To Fix It

Cruise control refers to a supportive automobile feature that has been in use since the 1950s.

Nonetheless, the device has not been a fundamental component in most old vehicles. In any case, cruise control can make your experience on the road enjoyable.

Radar Cruise Control Unavailable Meaning & How to Fix It

However, cruise control can fail to work in some cases. Driving can be more involving and irritating whenever radar cruise control unavailable issues occur.

For that reason, you might be concerned about what causes the cruise control to fail. Here are the leading causes of radar cruise control unavailable problems:

Damaged Mechanical Components

Older car brands come with mechanical cruise control options.

Although suchlike automated systems are simple, they are prone to regular radar cruise control unavailable challenges.

The automated cruise system features a cable connecting the vacuum actuator to the throttle.

For the most part, the vacuum actuator can adjust the cable liable to the setting of cruise control.

If any of the components in the system get a radar cruise control unavailable issue, or the vacuum actuator starts leaking, it won’t work.


The cruise control feature can be helpful for long-distance drivers since they won’t struggle with the fatigue of stepping on the gas pedal throughout the journey.

Besides, it can help save fuel since experts say that the car consumes less energy to travel at a constant speed.

Any damage n any of these parts can stop it from working. Luckily, modern cars now have adaptive cruise controls that feature intelligent tech.

Blown Fuse

If your car features an electrical cruise control system, it has a fuse somewhere.

The work of the fuse is to disconnect the system if any part develops a problem to help avoid further electrical damage.

For that reason, it can be an excellent idea to replace the fuse first and check out the results.

Nonetheless, you may still require additional checks if the system works and fail again after replacing the fuse.

It implies a severe problem in the cruise control system that needs expert repair.

Damaged Speed Sensor

The speed sensor is responsible for detecting if your vehicle’s speed is fast or slow.

If it provides inaccurate readings to the cruise control, the system will not work well. Besides, a damaged speed sensor may also result in issues with the speedometer.

Thus, it is crucial to check it out and ensure it works well to avoid radar cruise control unavailable issues.


The cruise control utilizes some sensor inputs that the transmission applies. Thus, it can impact standard transmission.

The cruise control will not maintain a steady speed if the transmission slips. The type of cruise control on your car will determine how it functions.

While cruise control is a popular feature in most modern vehicles, it is not suitable for constant use.

The fact is that applying cruise control all the time will endanger your life and others. In simple terms, it can result in accidents due to reduced concentration.

Faulty Brake Pedal

Generally, the brake lights must turn on whenever the driver steps on the brake pedal since it comes with a switch.

Experts say that the brake pedal switch will not affect the lights alone. It also helps to stop the cruise control from working.

In simple terms, the cruise control will stop working and switch back to the manual control if you step on a faulty brake pedal switch.

If the fault on the brake pedal is intense, it will not allow the cruise control to boot at all.

The worst part is that the fault does not just impede the lights and not radar cruise control unavailable alone.

It also makes it dangerous for you since other drivers won’t receive the signal whenever you step on the brake. Thus, it can result in deadly accidents.

Radar Cruise Control Unavailable


Although it might not sound crucial to go for the cruise controller repair, hiring an expert to check it out is vital.

Generally, the defect with the cruise control can also affect other aspects of performance. For instance, it can result in issues with the speedometer and acceleration.

Thus, it is vital to get the repair as soon as possible.

For instance, adaptive cruise control can utilize the engine brakes to reduce its speed.

For the most part, it uses engine braking to increase throttle to boost speed and downshift to reduce speed. Thus, you ought to repair the brake pedal immediately.

Damaged Cable, Hoses, Or Vacuum Actuator

The old cruise control has frequent concerns with the cable connecting to the throttle and the vacuum actuator.

Any fault on the actuator or vacuum hoses can result in a radar cruise control unavailable issue and a damaged cruise control altogether.

It would be best to mention that the cruise control comes with an electronic system that comprises various components.


Thus, it can be an excellent idea to check on the harness and the connectors within the cruise control.

Besides, you ought to confirm that the electrical source supplies enough voltages to the entire system.

In any case, even a minor fault in the system can stop it from working. Therefore, check on the buttons and cruise control lever to see if they are engaging.

Right now, the cruise control does not maintain the speed alone.

It also helps improve safety on the road using its adaptive sensors to detect any cars incoming from the front.

Unlike regular cruise control, the driver must take over to slow down if another vehicle approaches.

Repairing The Cruise Control System

In general, the amount you will spend on repairing the cruise control system will depend on the cause of the issue.

For instance, you may pay $125 to $350 on replacing the brake switch or the entire cruise control system. This amount covers the labor and spare parts charges.

A significant fault like the actuator will result in a higher repair bill.

For that reason, some vehicles may require up to $700 to get the cruise controller repaired.

For the most part, people with luxurious cars pay more money since it is somewhat tricky to get spare parts.

On the other hand, repairs like replacing the fuse can take a few minutes and a few dollars.


Slow driving speeds such as high traffic conditions and slow-moving traffic are not suitable for cruise control.

The cruise control won’t suit you when you need to stop and restart the car regularly. You may end up hitting other vehicles.

For the most part, cruise control requires fuel. Yet, this option is fuel-efficient and can help you save on costs.

Since it features the option to maintain a continuous speed, it can help you save 7-14 percent on gas.

On the other hand, the frequent change in deceleration and acceleration can consume more gas.

The cruise control can be a helpful feature for your car. However, it incurs wear & tear and radar cruise control unavailable issues.

Thus, it is most likely to develop malfunctions over time. It would be best to seek professional help to ensure you get the best results.