Getting Car Towed From Apartment Complex – How To

Getting Car Towed From Apartment Complex – How To

Towing is one of the essential services that a car owner might need at some point. In case of an accident, towing services are essential for evacuating the involved cars.

Getting Car Towed From Apartment Complex – How To (1)

Sometimes at home, your car might have developed a severe mechanical problem, and you might need it taken for a mechanical check-up. Towing services will be handy.

Apart from mechanical issues, imagine leaving your apartment late and finding an unfamiliar car occupying your parking space.

Maybe it has stayed there for a while. In such a case, you will need to tow it. This guide will give you the necessary information about getting a car towed from the apartment complex.

Reasons for Getting a Car Towed From Apartment Complex Through Towing Companies

Apartment complexes are some of the most common types of houses. You will find people living in apartments everywhere.

Most apartments have contracted towing services that come in handy for poorly parked cars. Why does the apartment complex contract towing services? Here are some of the reasons.

The Services of Contracted Local Towing Companies Are Relatively Efficient

Usually, local police and the fire department do the work of towing cars, but if they tow your car, you will need to pick it which is hectic for most car owners.

On the other hand, a contracted private towing company will pick up your car and deliver it back to you. So you will not have to spend time following up on where your car is taken.

If a contracted towing company tows your car, you will not be worried, and you will carry on with your daily activities.

Enhances Organization

Apartment complexes usually have several residents, and some of them are ghost residents.

The ghost residents park their cars illegally on property that does not belong to them to avoid paying for a parking permit.

In such a case, the contracted companies will tow the car to charge a fine to the owner. If this happens, the car owner might incur many expenses to get their car back.

The tenants, on the other hand, will respect and park their cars as per the spelled laws, reducing conflicts resulting from poor parking.

Helps the Complex Apartment Residents to Avoid Tickets for Parking Illegally

Getting a ticket from the police is not something you can wish to encounter. If such a scenario happens to an apartment complex with a contracted towing company, the contracted service provider will tow your car instead of leaving you with the ticket.

Contracted Companies Can Tow Your Car in Any Condition

If your car gets towed by such companies, never worry because they can pick up or drop off cars in any condition.

It means they will come for your car if it is illegally parked on private property or has severe mechanical issues making it difficult to drive to the nearest mechanic.

The Contracted Towing Companies Are Always There to Help Residents

If you need towing services, consider looking for contracted companies with an apartment complex. Such companies will offer 24/7 services and tow your car at no extra cost.

Is It Legal to Get a Car Towed From an Apartment Complex?

All apartment complexes have unique rules regarding parking. Mostly they have slots where tenants can park their cars, and guests have unique parking slots.

Most complex apartments have designated parking areas. Such areas are stated well in the leasing agreement.

If you violate them, then the towing company will come for your car. Here are some possible reasons that can lead to legal car towing.

  1. Every apartment has areas marked for parking, and all tenants and guests are expected to park their cars in such areas. If you park outside the park parking zones, then your car will be legally towed.
  2. Every apartment has fire assembly or fire-marked zones, which are expected to be free of any object. If you park your car in fire marked lane, it will be legally towed.
  3. Particular areas are only designated for authorized vehicles. Your car will be towed if you are not authorized to park in such areas.
  4. Every parking has particular areas for people with physical disabilities. Parking in such spaces is illegal if you are not a minority.
  5. If your car obstructs other vehicles from accessing the apartment
  6. If your car is leaking dangerous fluids that are harmful to the environment or is experiencing mechanical issues,

It is legal to tow a car from a complex apartment, but remember, you will not receive any notice if it was illegally parked.

In case of towing under such circumstances, the contracted towing company, police, or fire truck will take up the responsibility.

Does a Tenant Have the Right to Tow a Car?

If you are living in a complex apartment, you not only have the landlord to deal with but other tenants who are not happy with the way you park, especially if you take their slots or prevent them from accessing the apartment.

Residents of a complex apartment who decide to park where they are not assigned are subject to towing.

A resident is only authorized to park in the assigned space; if you violate, your car will be subject to towing.

If you are a tenant of a complex apartment and wish to have a specific car towed, consider checking the leasing agreement or the rules regarding parking before taking action. Blind towing can result in severe consequences.

Getting Car Towed From Apartment Complex – How To

Can a Landlord Tow Your Car?

A landlord is the sole owner of the complex apartment, and it is their responsibility to ensure orderliness where their tenants stay.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to restore order by towing a car that is inappropriately parked.

A landlord can tow a car from the apartment complex with or without informing the car owner.

But this depends on where you reside. Signage has to allow a landlord to tow your car in some places.

The parking signs in complex apartments usually include the contact of the local police department and the contacts of the contracted towing company.

If no parking sign is required, law enforcement will first ticket the car before being towed.

In any of the above, the owner will incur the towing expenses, and the car may be impounded until the owner pays the fees.

In some areas, the landlord must contact the local police department before having the car towed.


Complex apartments have several tenants that require adequate spaces to park their cars. Towing services are necessary for a complex apartment.

Such services come in handy when a tenant’s car develops major mechanical issues and needs to be taken to the nearest mechanic for a check-up.

Parking in the complex apartment can be chaotic without specific rules. Most landlords have a leasing agreement that spells out rules regarding how tenants park their cars.

Every apartment has particular designated areas for parking that each tenant should know.

And also, the guests are always slotted for parking areas. Failure to park correctly can lead to your car being towed without your knowledge.

For convenience, most complex apartment owners contract private towing companies to assist in towing when the need arises. Such companies are prompt as compared to local police or fire department.

You have learned all you need to know about getting a car towed from the apartment complex.