Here’s How To Get Car Accident Police Report Online

Here’s How To Get Car Accident Police Report Online

Filing a police report is imperative after a car accident. It gathers information that is requisite to acquire decent recompense.

However, if you’ve never suffered a car or truck accident before, you might want to know how to register an accident report.

how do i get a car accident report online

Some specific departments and agencies get involved in every car accident case. The police department is one of those that has ingress into the incident place and collect the evidence about the accident.

After collecting evidence and checking the accident line and length, police officers produce a report known as an incident report or crash report.

What Is The Importance Of A Police Report?

This formal document encompasses all the accident information, for instance, location, vehicle number, details, and possible information about the passengers and drivers.

It describes what happened and the possible causes of the accident.

The officer who wrote the report assigns a unique 6-digit number to this report, referred to as CCN (Criminal Case Number).

And it’s better to keep this CCN close as it might come in handy in the future. Police play as a neutral party, so the police report is considered an authentic source of information about the accident.

Why Do You Need A Police Report After The Accident?

If you have never experienced a traffic accident, perhaps you don’t know what to do in a situation like that.

Usually, after a car accident, people run off calling the insurance companies, arranging doctors’ appointments for the injured, and some try to take off from work to get a better grip on the situation.

But the one thing you must do first is to get a copy of the police report.

A police report incorporates all the essential information about the accident scene, causes, and consequences. It includes the name and contact information of the parties involved in that accident.

Further, it determines the exact location of the accident, position, and directions of the cars involved in that accident, and how it occurred.

In fact, without this report, you cannot prove your story. To win fair compensation from the insurance companies, a police report is a prerequisite.

How Do I Get A Police Report?

You can acquire a police report by three methods:

  • The comfortable and less time-taking method is that you pick it up yourself. This can be gained from the police or other law enforcement agencies that are mainly concerned with that accident.
  • You can order it online.
  • Ask your accident lawyer to collect it for you.

In accident cases, most people go and pick up the report themselves. It involves a minor toll, generally $5 or less, and you can get the report.

However, before collecting the report, consult the relevant police station, sheriff, or the patrolling police about your specific crash incident to verify the timings and other details.

If you forget which department responded to your accident, it can be challenging to get the report verified. Keep in mind that it takes several days after the accident to ensure the report’s availability.

How Can I Get My Police Report Online?

Many people avoid going to the police station personally. Instead, they prefer the online method for obtaining the police report of their car accident.

To get the report online, you can visit the website This website allows you to purchase a copy of your car accident report.

They charge a nominal fee of $5 per report. It is not a government-owned website but a private website that offers report purchasing and other legal aids to handle accident cases.

In some states, to get the police report online, you must visit the official police department’s website. There you fill out an online form incorporating your information and submit it.

The police department asks you to wait for six weeks from the date of submission of your request.

What Information Do You Need To Get A Police Report Online?

What information do you need to get a police report online?

To look up your report on this website, one requires some basic information about the case that includes the date of the accident, the location of the accident, the six-digit CCN number, and some other details.

In some cases, the vehicle identification number is also needed.

However, applying online requires you to submit a set of information. This might include the CCN, your name, the date and time of the accident, and the VIN.

What If You Didn’t Call The Police For An Accident?

Keep in mind that if you didn’t call the police or the police didn’t respond to the accident, the police will not complete the accident report.

The insurance companies usually benefit from such a situation and accuse you as faulty to avoid any compensation.

Therefore, you must file the report after the accident and hand it over to your accident lawyer.

Prepare the report about what you saw when the accident happened and give it to your accident lawyer. Government agencies mostly do not take personal reports.

However, this report can be used as evidence to deal with indemnity firms. Also, your accident lawyer can cope with insurance companies for the damages.

What Is The Alternative Method For Getting The Police Report?

The alternate method for obtaining a police report is to consult an accident lawyer.

As it is a routine matter for them, they can quickly collect your report without wasting any time. It is a part of gathering evidence for your case. Therefore, they won’t charge you any extra fees.

Summing Up:

Facing a car accident leads to many difficulties, from injuries to car damage. Luckily, those who have never had a car accident might find report-filing challenging.

This article demonstrates the quick and trouble-free method to acquire an accident report. You can collect the report personally, but it requires a scheduled appointment with the district police officer.

An alternative to this is to consult accident lawyers to help you get the report. Or you can request a police report online, which usually takes six weeks from the date of submission of your online request.

However, in all cases, it is better to avoid any such situation. Therefore, if you love your family and friends, drive safe and be safe.