How To Start A Car With Bad Start Using Screwdriver

How To Start A Car With Bad Start Using Screwdriver

How frustrating can it be to be in a hurry for an important board meeting or to catch up with friends at a birthday party, only to find out that your car won’t just start?

Surprisingly, you can solve this problem with the use of a screwdriver! You might be wondering how a screwdriver can be a lifesaver.

How to start a car with a bad start with a screwdriver

In his article, we’ll explore the process of starting a car with a bad start using a screwdriver.

Let’s Get Started!

Protect Yourself

A car is made up of iron and other complicated things that might get you injured if you are not careful.

Putting on a helmet will prevent you from injuring your head while working in the car.

Moreover, this is going to be a dirty job. You need to wear gloves and change your clothes to suit a rough job.

Unscrew The Screw On The Plastic Trims Of The Steering Column

The very first thing is to get a flathead screwdriver and look for the screws that fix the plastic trims of your car’s steering column. You can find this around the ignition area.

Unscrew them gently and neatly, keep them somewhere safe, and you will need them later.

If a flathead screwdriver does not work, it means the screws for your car are different.

Remove The Plastic Trims To Gain Access To The Ignition Switch

After unscrewing the plastic trims of your car’s steering column, gently raise it off the steering column. It will enable you to gain access to the ignition switch.

If the ignition switch is filled with specks of dirt, take a duster cloth and wipe them off. You can also do the same for the plastic trims removed.

Dirt is one of the numerous reasons a car can have a bad start.

Unlock The Steering Wheel

The following action in line is to unlock the steering wheel. It is achieved by loosening the bolts between the ignition switch and the steering column.

It is vital to unlock the steering wheel as the ignition switch will not work if the steering wheel remains locked.

If the steering wheel is still locked, a warning light will be displayed in some cars.

Find The Keyhole

The keyhole is a part of the mechanical system of an ignition switch and is located within the electrical component of the ignition switch.

The electrical component of the ignition switch has a pickup coil and an ignition control module.

There are three types of ignition systems: the breaker-point ignition system, the electronic ignition system, and the distributor’s ignition system.

The first two have a distributor system, while the last one does not. The last one is the modern one, and it is peculiar in the sense that it has no spark plug wires.

The coils are also directly above these spark plugs.

Insert The Screwdriver Into The Keyhole And Turn It In The Direction You Turn Your Key

It is the most crucial part of the whole process! Carefully insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and turn it in the direction you turn your car key.

However, you must ensure that your screwdriver is easily inserted into the keyhole.

If the screwdriver is inserted correctly, the car ignition system will be turned on, and your car will be active again.

Starting a car with bad start using a screwdriver

Enjoy Your Ride

It is a simple process, and it should not take more than ten minutes to do.

Now that your car is working again, you can carefully put all the screws you removed back in place. It is why they must be appropriately kept in the first place.

Everything is now in place, and you are in for a smooth ride, free of worries!

Hey! My Car Still Fails To Start Despite This

As magical and simple as this method seem, it does not work for all vehicles because some modern vehicles come with an immobilizer that makes them move when their starters are faulty.

It would be purposeless removing their ignition locks.

In a type of situation where your car comes with an immobilizer, you can start your car, bypassing your ignition with a screwdriver.

This method comes with a few easy steps to follow if you have a screwdriver.

Get Your Screwdriver – The Flathead Type Is The Ideal

Make sure you have a long flathead screwdriver, and it must have an insulated handle to avoid shock when going through the electrical process of locating your solenoid.

Locate The Solenoid Of Your Car

Open your car hood or bonnet and locate where the starter solenoid of your vehicle is.

The solenoid is attached on the top of your starter motor while the starter motor is located between the engine and the transmission.

A starter motor looks like a metallic cylinder, and the solenoid is its miniature placed on top of it.

Find the starter motor first as it is easier to locate, and you will find the solenoid directly on top of it. The next step is to get your solenoid fixed.

Take Precautions To Prevent Your Car From Moving While You Are Fixing The Solenoid

Ensure the transmission is on neutral (indicating an ‘N’) and engage your handbrake to avoid your car lurching forward while getting your solenoid fixed.

Touch The Solenoid With Your Screwdriver While Another Person Turns On The Ignition Engine

Crank your car with the screwdriver. Place the other end of the screwdriver to the post that is joined to the starter motor.

The post is usually a sizeable black bolt with the cable of a battery.

The next thing is to allow the metal shaft of the screwdriver to touch the terminals leading out of the solenoid.

While holding the metal shaft of the screwdriver to the terminal, you should get someone to sit in the driver’s seat and turn on the ignition while you work on the car.

Keep holding on to your terminals with your screwdriver till your engine roars to life.

When your engine eventually starts, remove your screwdriver and close your hood or bonnet.

Repeat The Process When You Have To Start The Car Again

Your car is set for use, and you can now enjoy your ride.

However, it is pertinent to note that it is temporary because the moment you stop the engine, you must repeat the process to bring it back to life.


A simple screwdriver can perform miracles. No wonder it is one of the most excellent tools invented.

It was invented in the 16th century and has been a valuable tool. You can now ignite your car without a key or when your car fails to start.

It can be helpful, especially in emergencies.