Ford Falcon BF Fuse Box Diagram + Explanation

Ford Falcon BF Fuse Box Diagram + Explanation

Imagine this, you take a quick drive to the woods on a hot afternoon with your sunroof fully open.

Soft music is playing in the car, then suddenly, it stops, and you don’t know why because you just replaced your battery.

Since you don’t want frustrations, your first thought is to call your mechanic.

But do you know that your radio going quiet could be due to the vehicle’s system malfunctioning?

How much do you know about your Ford Falcon BF fuse box? If you are experiencing this, we will take you through the parts in the fuse box and their functions.

The Ford Falcon BF Fuse Box Diagram

Ford Falcon Bf Fuse Box Diagram

Ford Falcon BF Fuse Box Parts

2- Ig Coil

The ignition coil on the Ford Falcon creates the high voltage required to produce a spark at the spark plug.

It converts low current from the car’s battery to high voltage to start its engine. The blue fuse protects this coil from burning when there is excessively high voltage.

3- Airbag

Brown fuse #3 is the airbag fuse that electronically controls the Secondary Restraint System (SRS). However, disabling this fuse will not affect the airbag.

Most vehicles store enough charge to enable the airbag to protect the driver and passenger if an accident happens.


Check if your Ford falcon has power storage for SRS. Cars without power storage for SRS will have disabled airbags if the fuse blows.

4- Reverse Lamp

The reverse lights, Sonar, HIM, and Navigation, are protected in fuse #4. The reverse lights are mounted at the car’s rear and signal other drivers about the car’s movement.

The lamp lights up when you are reversing.

A car’s sonar is an ultrasonic sensor found inside the front and rear bumper. It estimates the distance of obstacles near the vehicle and alerts the driver when they get too close.

The sensor is used to prevent collisions. If your sonar is not working, check fuse #4.

5- Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

The Ford Falcon’s ABS fuse is found on fuse #5. ABS helps the driver steer to safety in emergencies. It prevents wheels from locking up and restores traction to the tires.

If the ABS fuse fails, there will be an improper supply of electricity, which can increase the braking distance.  

6- Icc-Ign

If your radio suddenly goes off even with a good signal, the problem could be the ICC fuse.

7- Stop Lamps/Lights


A stop lamp or brake light signals when the vehicle is about to stop and is controlled by a blue fuse #7. The lights should illuminate both sides of your car’s rear.

10- Wipers And Washers

An electric motor powers the car’s wipers. The motor is protected by a yellow fuse which blows if there is an overload, to protect it from damage.

If it happens, the wipers and washers will not move.

12- Navigation

The navigation system on your car communicates with the Global Navigation Satellite System through a microwave to show the car’s location on a map and to help you reach where you are going.

It is protected from destruction by electric current by a red fuse #12.

14- Mobile Phone

The mobile phone fuse on Ford Falcon is blue.

15- Cigarette Lighter

The cigarette lighter in a car is used to charge devices like phones that use less than 10-15 amps.

The green cigar lighter fuse heats up and melts, breaking the circuit if there is high electricity voltage through the cigar lighter to protect your devices from damage.

16- Amplifier

A falcon ford amplifier gives the low-level audio more power to create a louder sound.

The yellow amplifier fuse protects the amplifier from damage if there is an extreme voltage. When it blows, the amplifier will not function.

17- Hazard Lights

 Hazard lights flash on and off to indicate that the vehicle is a potential hazard to other drivers.

They are helpful if the car is not working correctly or if you pack on the roadside to change a tire. The blue hazard lights fuse blows if there is a short circuit in the system.

19- Mirror, Radio

Vehicle mirrors are controlled electronically, so they need a fuse for protection if there is an electric surge. The radio also has a fuse to protect it from electrical issues.

If too much current is in the audio system, the brown #19 fuse blows to disconnect the circuit and cut the electricity flow.

It is a primary reason your car’s music will stop when driving.

20- Body Electronics Module, Interior Command Center

The red fuse #20 on the Ford Falcon communicates with other systems in the car to control load drivers.

These systems are helpful when locking the doors or dimming the overhead lamp. If there is a problem with the electric current, the fuse blows to cut the circuit.

21- Mobile Phone

The ford falcon’s #21 brown fuse protects the mobile phone.

22- Door Lock


The car’s doors are the main security element. Pressing the buttons sends a relay signal to the power door lock actuator to open and close the doors.

A large electric circuit blows a green fuse, breaking the circuit. This makes it impossible for the door lock system to work.

23- Tail Lights

The car’s tail light signals other drivers of its presence and protects it from being hit from the back.

The blue #23 tail lights circuit could blow if moisture enters the lens or is due to burned-out bulbs.

25- Interior Lights

The interior lights describe all the different types of lights in and around the car, including dome lights, map lights, dashboard lights, and stepwell lights.

A blue interior lights fuse protects these.

26- Trailer

The pink trailer fuse on Ford Falcon protects your vehicle’s trailer lights from burning if there is a circuit overflow.

The fuse will burn and melt to cut the current and stop electricity flow to the bulbs.

27- Cluster

Fuse #27 on Ford Falcon is red and protects the instrument cluster, EEC, HIM, and Navigation.

The instrument cluster has critical gauges like the speedometer, odometer, oil pressure gauge, and fuel gauge.

The Electronic Engineer Control (EEC) draws power from the engine alternator to get data like fuel flow, temperature, and pressure which can be used to measure engine conditions.

28- The Interior Command Center

If your interior command center in your Ford Falcon BF has a problem, check the blue fuse #28.

It protects the systems that command the doors to open and close and light and dim the overhead lamp.

29- Instrument Cluster

The fuse for the instrument cluster on the Ford falcon’s ignition is red. It protects the speedometer, oil pressure gauge, odometer, and fuel gauge if there is a power surge.

30- Injectors

Fuse #30 on the Ford Falcon car protects the fuel injectors by preventing high battery voltage from reaching them.

Since the fuel injectors control and command the amount of fuel to the engine, when the fuse blows, there will be a sudden loss of engine power.

31- Front Power Windows

The #31, #32, and #33 pink fuse protect the front and rear power windows and the sunroof.

The fuse connects the car’s windows and the electrical system. When there is a problem with the electrical circuit, it blows to cut the electricity supply to the windows.


Sometimes your car lights, doors, or music have problems because of a loose wire in the fuse box.

You must read the owner’s manual to understand each fuse’s role and how to troubleshoot the problem.

However, some issues need fuse replacements which are best when done by a professional mechanic.

Kindly NOTE: The unincluded fuse numbers, like numbers 8 and 9, have dashes on the diagram.