How To Find Lost Remote Car Key – The Ultimate Guide

How To Find Lost Remote Car Key – The Ultimate Guide

Your remote car key is one of the items that can easily get misplaced due to its small size.

Losing it can be annoying, especially when you are in a hurry. Most people always end up toeing their car to the mechanic to change the car door locks when they can’t find it.

How to find lost remote car key guide

Therefore, it is essential to understand how to find it within the shortest time possible without losing your patience. Here is what you should do to find a lost remote car key.

1. Avoid Panicking

Panicking is the first feeling you get when you realize that you have lost items that facilitate your day-to-day activities. You might also start hating yourself for not being careful when storing it.

But this won’t solve the issue at hand. Once you do so, you start forgetting your previous steps and where you might have misplaced the remote car key.

So the best thing to do is to calm yourself. It will make your thoughts clear and your search more systematic.

Therefore, you will end up locating the keys within the shortest time and with minimal stress.

2. Think

After calming down, you can start thinking about how you might have lost the remote car key.

You can do so by closing your eyes and taking your mind to the moment when you alighted from the car to the moment you realized you had lost the key.

By doing so, you might remember someone you met along the way who could help you remember where you might have misplaced it.

Also, you might remember the places that you visited in your home after parking the car. It will give you a clue on the areas to search.

However, it would help if you tried as much as possible not to overthink since you will introduce false information in your mind that will interfere with the search.

3. Retrace Your Steps

Once you have established the areas you visited in your home, you can revisit them since the remote car key you lost will mostly be found in one of them.

Therefore, at each place, scour every part systematically. Also, don’t try to concentrate so much in more tidy areas since if you cannot spot that key there, you did not bring them there.

4. Check Your Valuables Locker

Still can’t find the lost remote car key even after retracing your steps? Don’t worry; you can find them in your valuables locker.

Almost every home has a locker to keep valuable items such as home keys, car keys, house leasing certificates, etc. Your home, too, may have it, and you might have put the car key in it.

So go and check; the chances are high that you will find your car key lying on its surface!

5. Put On The Lights

Have you ever wondered why cars are fitted with red reflectors on their backs? These reflectors are intended to reduce accidents by reflecting light, thus enabling drivers of back vehicles to spot the front car.

You can also use this idea to find your lost car key. All you have to do is put on the lights in your room.

Although it may sound unrealistic, your remote car keys may be in specific colors that will reflect the light, thus enabling you to spot them easily.

For instance, your remote car key may have a blue or red color that will glow when the light rays hit them.

6. Check Inside Your Car

Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you might forget your remote car key in your car. Therefore, you should also consider checking it.

For instance, your car key can be found under the driver’s seat or next to the steering wheel.

How to find lost remote car key

Of course, you can only do this if you have not locked the car, but you can use a torch to illuminate the vehicles inside if you have done so.

If you still can’t find the remote car key inside the car, then you should try searching the ground next to the car doors since you might have dropped it while descending.

7. Use The App Tracker

Are you searching for an easier way to find a lost remote car key? You can try the app tracker.

This technology enables you to find the location of the remote car key with the least effort. However, it can only work if you have already installed a tracker on the remote car key.

The tracker will send signals to its app installed on your mobile phone or laptop. You will click on the app and start tracking.

However, the app also comes with its challenges. For example, for the app to work, you must be within the specified range.

Therefore, you will have to walk from one area to another to detect the tracker signals. It can be pretty challenging, especially when you are tired.

Also, certain weather conditions such as rain can affect the tracker signals.

But these cons should not make you hate the app tracker since, at the moment, it is the most advanced technology used to locate lost remote car keys.

8. Use A Metallic Sensor

If you have run out of the methods to locate your lost remote car key, you can use a metallic sensor. It is a device that has been designed to detect metallic components.

Security agencies usually use it to detect weapons made using metals such as knives, guns, or grenades.

But since your remote car key also has metallic components, you can use a sensor to find it, especially if you have lost it in the grassy ground.

All you have to do is move the sensor from one area to another while listening to its sound. Once the sensor detects the lost remote car key, it will produce a sound that increases as you move closer to the key.

The most significant disadvantage of this method lies in how it works. Unlike the app tracker requiring you to be within a specific range, the metallic sensor can only work when you are close to the lost key.

Therefore, it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Also, the sensor has only been designed to detect metallic components and not precisely the car key.

The sensor will make a sound every time it comes near a metal which can be irritating and tedious.

What You Should Know

There are many ways you can find a lost remote car key. However, most of them have to do with controlling your emotions and taking time to think.

But there are two specific tools that you can use to locate the lost remote car key. They include using an app tracker and a metallic sensor.

The app tracker works by sending the location of your remote car key to your phone or laptop, while the metallic sensor works by detecting the metallic elements in the key.

So whenever your remote car key gets lost, you shouldn’t worry so much since you can use these methods to find it.