No Dash Lights When Turning The Key – Reasons

No Dash Lights When Turning The Key – Reasons

It is always concerning when your dash lights don’t turn on after turning the key. Driving without seeing anything on your dashboard is quite risky.

No Dash Lights When I Turn The Key

If you find that your lights aren’t working, get your car fixed as soon as possible to avoid an accident.

Causes And Solutions For Your Dash Lights Not Working

In this post, we’ll look at why your dash lights won’t turn on once you turn the key, as well as possible fixes.

Battery Is Dead

Your battery may be dead when the dash lights don’t come up when you turn the key. Try to remember the last time you charged your battery; if not recently, the best thing would be to charge it first.

If fully charged and the dash lights still won’t light, check the battery connection.

Give the cables and the posts a twist and see whether the dash indicators will light. Leave the key on and the radio to alert you when you touch the problematic cable or post.

The radio will make noise once a cable makes the correct connection.

If the lights go on but immediately go off when you start the engine, the problem is corrupted clamps or cables or a discharged battery.


Charge the battery if dead or replace it. If the battery has no problem, clean up the cables.

The Fuse Has Blown

A blown fuse is often the case if the dash lights don’t light when you turn the key. Replacing a fuse is not hard, and you can easily do it yourself.

However, when the new fuse blows, a more significant electrical problem should be checked by a professional.

When too much current exceeds the fuse’s capability, it will blow off the fuse. The fuse will go off to protect the other components from damage.

Old age can also make a fuse blow. You can ensure that the dash lights won’t turn even after inserting the key when all this happens.


Replace the old fuse and take the car to a professional if it turns out the new fuse has also blown.

A Break In The Electrical Circuit

When you drive your car frequently, it will suffer many vibrations and bumps on the road. The rodents may also get to the wires for the dash light.

The dash lights will not go on when you turn the key if the cables have a problem.

There could be a loose connection, causing a break in the electrical system. No dash lights will work even after turning the key.


A problem with the electrical circuit can be hazardous. The experts recommend you take your car to a professional who can diagnose the exact problem and offer a solution.

The Headlights Have Are On

Most modern cars have a feature that reduces dash lights’ power when switching the headlights on. You have turned the key but no dash lights; check if your headlights are on.

A faulty alternator or a dead battery can also cause the headlights to overshadow the dash lights.

When the alternator doesn’t produce enough electricity, the more powerful headlights take up all the power.

The battery may also lack power for all the LEDs in your car. You can know this when the headlights go on, but the dash lights go off.


If the dash lights dim automatically, adjust the light button so that the dash lights can be visible. When the problem is the battery or a faulty alternator, it would be best to fix them.

Reasons For No Dash Lights When I Turn The Key

You Have Turned Down Dimmer Switch

The dimmer switch regulates how bright your dash lights will light. If you have accidentally touched the dimmer lights, you might have turned the levels down.

Check the dimmer switch if your fuse is okay, but the dash lights won’t light after turning the key.


If you have accidentally brought the dimmer lights down, put them back on.

Faulty Alternator

An alternator converts energy produced by your engine into electricity powering the electrical components, your dash lights being one of them.

When the alternator becomes faulty, it will not deliver electricity to the dash lights.

With no electricity getting to them, your dash lights will not work when you turn the key.


When you confirm that your alternator is faulty, take it for replacement.

Dash Bulbs Have Burned Out

When your car is an older model, it will often have small incandescent bulbs.

These are the light bulbs that are behind the illumination of the dashboard. Eventually, over time these bulbs will burn out.

For newer cars, you will have LED lights that are underpowered instead of bulbs. These lights never burn out and may never need replacement.

However, when the dash lights don’t turn on after turning the key, then you have a problem.


When they burn out, you need to replace the bulbs for your older model. For your newer model, consult your mechanic if the rest of the car is working but the lights are not.

The Taillight Is Out

Nowadays, the two lights share the same circuit and fuse in most vehicles.

When there are no dash lights when you turn the key, your taillights may have also gone off.


Check the taillights after confirming that the fuse is working and the dimmer switch is not the problem. If they are not working, you need to fix them.

What If None Of The Above Is The Problem?

You have looked at every possible cause we have suggested, but none of them is the problem. No dash lights when you turn the key; you need to ask for help.

Your car has so many parts that it might be challenging to determine which one impacts the other.

Still, performing a DIY inspection to determine why the dash lights aren’t working may lead to further issues. You can accidentally mess up with other parts while trying to figure out what’s wrong.

It is always advisable to involve an expert and ask for their opinion.

Final Words

If no dash lights come when you turn the key, you may be worried as it can be a safety hazard.

It is essential to know what might be causing your dash lights not to work. Some are not very complicated, and you can quickly fix them yourself.

For more complex issues, it is recommended you visit your mechanic.

You can identify and address many problems when taking your car in for routine maintenance. Check out our other articles for more information about car problems and solutions.