Nissan Security Indicator Light – Ultimate Guide

Nissan Security Indicator Light – Ultimate Guide

The security indicator light is one of the critical measures car manufacturers use to keep your car safe.

It is usually one of the most apparent signals you get when your car is faulty, indicating that your automobile is functioning correctly and fit for a ride.

Nissan security indicator light

It’s also the emergency alarm light that keeps your automobile safe from theft.

Paying meticulous attention to the security indicator light is very important as it helps you properly maintain your car.

Nissan Security Indicator Light Blinking

You must have seen a red light flashing continuously in your Nissan car, and you are probably worried.

Does it signify an impending fault in your Nissan automobile? No, it’s not!

The flashing red light in your car appears when your car is locked or when the key has been removed from the ignition lock.

It signifies that the immobilizer system of your automobile is functioning correctly. Most modern cars are manufactured with an immobilizer system.

The immobilizer system is an electronic security device that prevents a car’s ignition without its specific correct key, known as the smart key.

It is a breakthrough in the automobile industry that has reduced the rate of car theft globally.

The security indicator light might also flash briefly and go out due to the “bulb check.” The bulb check is to assess if the indicator light is functioning correctly.

It happens whenever you insert the key into the ignition lock and turn the ignition to start your engine.

The light appears for seconds and disappears. There is no cause for alarm as this is also normal.

However, there are some instances in which you need to be a bit worried.

If the light fails to appear when you remove the car key from the ignition lock or if it appears continuously without blinking, you might need to take it to a service station for an auto mechanic to have a look at it.

The most likely reason for this is a malfunctioning of the anti-theft immobilizer system of your car, which leaves your car at the mercy of thieves.

Another likely reason could be a fault with the wiring or the switches. An auto mechanic can help solve this problem.

How To Reset It?

You must first understand that there is no way you can bypass the car security system. However, you can reset it.

If you notice that your car fails to start, your appropriate first line of action might be to reset the immobilizer system.

You might have also mistakenly pressed the panic button, which might be responsible for the failure of your car to start.

Here are simple ways by which you can reset your Nissan automobiles.

Lock And Walk Away

The easiest and most typical way to reset your car’s immobilizer system is to ensure the windows are rolled up, exit the car and lock all the doors.

Walk away from the car and ensure that the distance between you and the car is within the range of ten to twelve feet.

You can get a coffee to drink or relax in a pool or do something else for about fifteen minutes before coming back to the car. You then unlock the door, and you are good to go.

Use The Right Buttons

To reset the immobilizer system, you might need to hold down the panic button for four to five seconds.

It is vital if the previous step does not work or if you observed that your car failed to start because you mistakenly pressed the panic button.

You can then lock the car just as the first method by pressing the lock button twice.

nissan security indicator light guide

Move ten to twelve feet away from the car and wait for about fifteen minutes before coming back to your car. Press the unlock button twice, and you are good to go.

The signal that your immobilizer system has been appropriately reset is the flashing of the security indicator light.

Failure to receive this signal signifies that your car immobilizer system is not reset. You can now start your car.

Leave The Ignition On

If the first two methods fail to work, you might need to insert your key into the ignition lock and turn the ignition to start your engine.

Let the ignition be on for about fifteen minutes and wait for the security indicator light to flash briefly. When it flashes, remove the key and wait briefly (about 7 to 10 seconds).

You can then repeat the process and keep doing this for about 5 minutes when the immobilizer system would have been reset.

Remove The Car Battery

Most drivers practice this a lot whenever they have any car issues. It doesn’t work for most car problems, but it works in this case.

Remove your battery and let it be for about ten to fifteen minutes. You can then reconnect the battery and start the car.

What If It Blinks And The Car Won’t Just Start?

Usually, the security indicator light should blink for seconds before it disappears. However, there are instances when the security indicator light will blink, but the car won’t start.

The security indicator light can also stay permanently on instead of just blinking, indicating something is wrong with your car.

The most likely cause is that you have probably inserted the wrong key into the ignition lock. Recheck your key and ensure that you use the right key.

If the key is inserted in the right keyhole, the problem might lie with the immobilizer system, and you might need to see your auto mechanic.

You can also reset your immobilizer system using the methods described above.

Why Does It Flash Despite A Dead Battery?

It is also expected to sign that your car alarm and immobilizer system are still working. A small image of the key forms as part of the indicator light, particularly peculiar to Nissan automobiles.

It will happen the moment the car ignition is switched off.

However, if your battery is not good again, the computer programming of the security indicator light might malfunction, and the indicator light starts blinking rapidly.

You might need to see an auto mechanic or your dealer fix it.


The Nissan security indicator light is a blessing to Nissan automobile drivers, and it is good to know the signals it gives to ensure that the car is maintained correctly.

Do the bulb check and watch out for the signals the security indicator light gives every time you enter the car.

Ensure that you insert the appropriate car key into the ignition lock and that you do not have a flat battery.

You might need to follow this summarized process if you notice any abnormal signal.

Check the key and ensure it is the appropriate key. If it is, insert again and check the signal.

If the signal is still abnormal, check out your battery if it is good and working. If the battery seems good, reset the immobilizer system.

However, if you have tried all this to no avail, inform your auto mechanic.