How To Make Your Car Sound Like A Gunshot

How To Make Your Car Sound Like A Gunshot

Since the past few decades, people have been witnessing a significant rise in cars that produce gunshot sounds.

How To Make Your Car Sound Like a Gunshot

To make your car sound like a gunshot, you must subject the exhaust and engine to a specific set of alterations.

Car enthusiasts are applying these modifications to their cars despite the model age.

Ways To Achieve The Gunshot Sounds

Today, we’ll have a look into how you can make your car sound like a gunshot.

Classic Method

In the late 1900s, when automobiles were taking over the masses, launching gunshot sounds from the exhaust was quite mainstream.

People used to opt for a specific method that guaranteed the production of gunshot sounds.

To make your car sound like a gunshot technique was viable and prevalent during the early 80s or 70s.

Therefore, if you still have a model of those years, you can make the gunshot sounds using the same technique.

To make your car sound like a gunshot, you must first find a track to drive the car without any traffic or obstacles.

As you drive on the track, you will have to turn off the switch. You must ensure that your car remains in gear during the entire process.

Afterward, you can turn on the ignition. Throughout the process, do not apply the brakes.

You will witness fierce gunshot sounds, and your car may even emit flames through the exhaust. The procedure enhances the concentration of unburned fuel in the exhaust.

If you have the latest model car, you can detach the O2 sensors and follow the process.

Straight Piping

Straight piping is the most common method for granting heavy sounds to your exhaust and making your car sound like a gunshot.

The automobile mechanics can lend you their services for straight piping. This procedure replaces the inbuilt exhaust pipe with a straight one.

The pipe does not have mufflers or catalytic converters because these are the instruments that can lower the exhaust sound. All the burnt fuel and other gasses are released from this pipe.

The exhaust manifold transfers them to the straight pipe. As a result, you can hear a roar as the exhaust emits gasses.

Furthermore, you may also witness an intense cloud of smoke.

Straight piping is not a similar process as removing mufflers or catalytic converters. It is typically an insertion of a straight pipe without any exhaust subduing elements.

The upside of having a straight pipe is that your engine will get a high horsepower.

It decreases the pressure on the engine. Consequently, the gasses have a higher chance of emission rather than remaining trapped within the engine.

Moreover, installing straight pipes is a cheaper process than other exhaust modification methods, and it will cost around $200.

You can also find more minimal prices if you dig around the market.

Turbo-Back Exhaust System

These systems are more suitable for SUV vehicles. Also, if you have a cat-back exhaust, you can replace it with a turbo-back.

The turbo-back exhaust system produces a louder and more robust sound than the cat-back system.

Furthermore, this system is an upgrade from the cat-back in the other aspects of an exhaust pipe.

In this system, you must replace the tailpipe and the central piece that connects the pipe to the fume outlet to make your car sound like a gunshot.

Making A Car Sound Like a Gunshot

At these points, the experts install the turbo back. You will have to get most of the exhaust parts replaced with the turbo for this exhaust system.

Therefore, it may take more time and monetary investment than the cat-back exhaust system.

This system also grants your engine a high horsepower because more gasses have the opportunity to expel out.

However, if you intend to install the entire system yourself, you will face some inconveniences. Therefore, it is more appropriate to involve a skilled mechanic in the process.

The exhaust sound will increase as you hit the gas with more pressure. The retreating sound will mimic a muffled gunshot as soon as you remove your foot.


Downpipe is one of the most efficient ways for allowing your exhaust system to produce a loud noise and make your car sound like a gunshot.

The downpipe will channel the exhaust fumes into a turbine housing. It is connected with the exhaust outlet through which you can witness high fumes and loud noise.

The system provides your engine with an effective way to discharge more gasses.

The exhaust fume will release any fume buildup without any inconvenience. There will be a negligible chance of trapped fumes within the engine.

As a result, your engine becomes capable of generating more horsepower. You will also get to experience a more powerful engine performance.

In some vehicles, installing a downpipe is also termed the stage-2 exhaust upgrade. The downpipe in your automobile can be with or without a catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter will filter out the stench of the fumes.

However, there are chances that it will decrease the integrity of the exhaust roar and impede your efforts to make your car sound like a gunshot.

Therefore, the insertion of a catalytic converter is dependent on your preferences.

Furthermore, before incorporating this stage-2 tune into your car, you must recalibrate the O2 sensors.

These sensors are susceptible to catalyst inefficiency threshold. Therefore, you have to reprogram them through a computer.

Burble Tuning

The method of burble tuning is an accurate way to make your car sound like a gunshot, and it utilizes the concept of engine control management (ECM).

The process is contemporary to the classical way of firing gunshots from the exhaust. In the procedures, the experts control the time of ignition.

It allows them to monitor the burning of fuel in the engine ultimately. The fuel usually combines with the air.

Therefore, we get to observe the fumes through the exhaust. By adjusting the time, you get a chance to ignite the unburned gasses in the chamber.

When this happens, you will likely get to observe the burble effect that produces noises like popping, crack, or gunshot.

You can burble tune the stage-2 cars only. Those cars that use the regular exhaust pipes straight or cat-back piping are not suitable for these modifications.

The powerful reactions between the air and fuel followed by their pre-adjusted combustion make your car sound like a gunshot.

Furthermore, your exhaust pump will also release flames. The Burble Tuning is more appropriate if you omit the catalytic converter from the system.

The converter can cause impediments in the fumes, and the resulting burble effect may also damage it.


You can utilize numerous methods to make your car sound like a gunshot. However, the car model and engine are essential factors that require consideration before such modifications.

To make your car sound like a gunshot, you can employ straight piping first. Afterward, you should install the downpipe.

At this point, your vehicle reaches the stage-2 tune. Then you can utilize the technique for burble tuning to make your car sound like a gunshot.