Car Feels Like It’s Going To Stall When Stopped

Car Feels Like It’s Going To Stall When Stopped

Driving a car that feels like it will stall can send a cold shiver down your spine. It is more so when you stop the vehicle due to a traffic signal.

It can also be time-wasting and annoying in a parking space. This matter is usually due to the engine that has stopped running.

Car feels like it is going to stall when stopped

Your car’s engine can run into a mishap due to many reasons associated with the car’s components.

Below are the various issues that make your car feel like it will stall when stopped and how you can fix them.

8 Reasons Your Car Feels Like It’s Going To Stall When Stopped

1. Faulty Air Sensors

Your car comprises many sensors that send certain information to the Engine Control Module (ECM).

For instance, two essential sensors relay information to make the engine stall or keep running. They include the oxygen sensor and the mass airflow sensor.

The mass airflow sensor measures the air that gets into the engine, while the oxygen sensor measures the amount of air that gets out.

The ECM, in turn, will use this information to regulate the amount of air entering or leaving the combustion chambers.

If the sensors are faulty, they will relay incorrect information that will deprive the combustion chamber of the correct oxygen level.

As a result, the engine will get little power, making the car feel like it will stall. It is felt when you stop the car since the suboptimal power won’t power it.

Therefore, you should replace the faulty oxygen or mass airflow sensor to fix the problem.

2. Fuel System Problem

If enough fuel isn’t getting to the engine, your car will feel like it will stall, especially when stopped. Insufficient energy in the engine will cause misfires, resulting in low power.

An issue with one of the parts in the fuel system can cause this problem.

For example, if the fuel pump malfunctions, it won’t provide enough pressure to pump fuel to the engine.

Also, if the fuel filters get clogged, insufficient fuel will reach the combustion chamber.

Therefore, you should diagnose and fix the part malfunctioning in the fuel system to resolve the matter.

But to be on the safer side, make sure that you perform regular maintenance of the fuel system. You can use the car’s manual to guide you on when and how to do it.

3. An Issue With The Idle Air Control Valve

The Idle Air Control Valve ensures optimal revolutions per minute (RPM) in your engine when you stop the car. It uses the information supplied by the ECM to do so.

That being the case, if the Idle Air Control Valve gets faulty, the RPM might go below the optimal level. At this level, the car feels like it will stall when stopped.

If the Idle Air Control Valve is dirty, cleaning it will fix it.

But if it is damaged beyond repair, you will have to replace it. Luckily, getting to it is pretty straightforward.

4. Clogged EGR Valve

There is a lot of heat in the combustion chamber; hence the engine needs sufficient cooling, significantly when accelerating.

One way your car lowers the temperature in the engine is by recirculating Carbon dioxide. It is usually done by the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve.

However, since this gas should only be allowed into the chamber when the engine runs at high speed, it might cause a problem.

For instance, it can clog the EGR valve, making it stay open even when idling. It will allow a continuous flow of Carbon dioxide into the chamber, which will cause air/fuel imbalance.

Consequently, the engine will supply low power, making the car feel like it will stall.

Fortunately, you don’t have to replace a clogged EGR valve since you can fix the issue by cleaning it.

Reasons why car feels like it is going to stall when stopped

5. Failing Spark Plugs

The combustion process involves igniting the air and fuel mixture in the chamber. The spark plugs provide the charges needed for this ignition to take place.

Therefore, failing spark plugs will result in low power. It will make the car feel like it will stall when stopped.

The good news is that it is easy to identify a failing spark plug since vibrations usually accompany it.

Once you confirm that what is making your car stall is bad spark plugs, you can go ahead and replace them to sort out the problem.

6. A Problem With The Wires

The ignition system needs to be supplied with a constant and continuous voltage. But sometimes, this is not the case.

When the wires get loose or corroded, they won’t give the required voltage at the right time.

This problem is most noticeable when you stop the car since the engine will provide low power. As a result, your car feels like it is going to stall.

Therefore, if you conclude that the wires are an issue, you must replace them to avoid reencountering the problem.

7. Blown Fuse

Every electrical component in your car has a fuse that protects them from adverse electric current. It does so by blowing up, thus breaking the circuit.

So, the reason the car feels like it will stall when stopped could indicate that you have blown a fuse in one of the components.

For instance, if the fuse in the fuel pump blows up, the fuel pump will stop functioning, and your car’s engine will experience the problem described above.

Thankfully, it is easy to replace a faulty fuse. But it would be best to diagnose what has caused it to blow up to fix the problem permanently.

8. Transmission Issues

The purpose of the transmission system is to transmit power to the drivetrain. As such, if it malfunctions or operates poorly, your car will feel like it will stall when stopped.

If you use a manual car and encounter this problem, you shouldn’t worry. It is because the chances are high that you have operated the clutch poorly.

So, to fix the issue, you will have to practice how to operate it properly. However, if you experience this problem in an automatic car, you should take immediate action to resolve it.

You will realize that either the torque convertor or the solenoid is faulty. Also, the transmission may be low in fluid level.

These issues will make the engine shut off at low speeds. Like any other component, fixing or replacing them will resolve the issue.

But for the case of fluid level, you will have to top it up. But it is also vital that you find out why the fluid level has gone low to fix it.

Car Feels Like It’s Going To Stall When Stopped – Summary

Many things can make your car feel like it will stall when stopped.

They include transmission issues, faulty fuse, clogged EGR valve, faulty air sensors, an idle air control valve problem, etc.

As you can see, these are issues to do with the vital components in your car.

Therefore, you should fix them as soon as they occur since leaving them unattended will ruin your mood and affect the car’s functionality.