How To Get Exhaust Popping Sound – Guide

How To Get Exhaust Popping Sound – Guide

The exhaust popping sound is becoming a trend nowadays. But have you ever wondered why race cars and motorcycles sound the way they do?

It is one of the most thrilling experiences to hear a car or motorcycle with an exhaust popping sound.

The experience is so unique that many people want to get the same experience for their vehicles.

Getting Exhaust Popping Sound

There are many different ways to get an exhaust popping sound. Some ways are more accessible and more comfortable than others.

But you have to be careful because if you are not, you may end up hurting your vehicle or yourself.

This guide will take you through all the ways to get an exhaust popping sound for your car.

How To Make Exhaust Popping Sound While Driving?

Your exhaust has a significant impact on your car’s performance. If you have a nice loud exhaust, you will be noticed right away.

You can modify the exhaust sound of your car by popping it or making it backfire. It is not an easy thing to do, though.

Furthermore, if you want to get this popping noise, you may have to install a new exhaust system and tune your car engine.

Down below, we will show you how to get an exhaust popping noise using some simple methods.

Making Exhaust Popping Sound In Latest Car Models

While it is not as easy as it seems, some latest car models can already make the exhaust pop sound as you slow them down.

In the new models of cars, the features of exhaust popping are built-in. So, before you go any further with this popping, ensure whether your car already has that feature or not.

You can do it by driving your car at a pretty high speed—let’s say, 70 mph for some time. Then slowly slow down your car.

There is a chance that you may hear the popping sound and also a backfire (possibly). Ask your buddy to make a video of that backfire and exhaust popping sound.

But let’s say your car is not already equipped with this feature. Then what?

You would have to add all those required pieces of equipment to enable your car for an exhaust popping sound and endure minimum damage.

Consider changing the exhaust port to a better and steadier one like Tomei Type 80 exhaust.

By doing this, you can reduce the damage caused by the exhaust popping and backfire in your cars.

And also, some ECUs may not let all this happen, so you might want to upgrade or replace them.

Making Exhaust Popping Sound In Older Car Models

Here you will perform some cool yet dangerous experiments on your old car. So, you must take all the precautionary measures before engaging.

Nowadays, modern cars are equipped with Engine Control Units (ECUs) designed to prevent cars from internal damage.

Their latest technology makes it easier for such cars to make an exhaust popping sound and a backfire.

Since the older cars do not have this luxury, you will need to keep this exhaust popping to a limit.

  • Now get in the car and ensure that there are no leaks inside or outside of your car, as this may cause a problem.
  • Put in the keys and start your car. You are advised to perform this task in far-off places like plain ground. Anyone watching you must be 15 to 20 meters far from you to ensure they remain safe if things go south.
  • After starting your car and keeping it that way for some time, then turn it off while putting your foot on the accelerator but be careful not to put a lot of force on the accelerator.
  • Now, time for some action! Keep your foot on the accelerator and turn the car engine on once again. As soon as the car starts, press your foot with as much force as you can on the accelerator immediately. Your car will create an exhaust popping sound and possibly, a backfire.

How To Make Exhaust Popping Sound More Intense?

There are some steps you can take to maximize the intensity of the popping sound. For instance, you alter the Engine Control Unit or remove the muffler.

Below, we briefly explain a few methods to make exhaust popping sound more intense.

Alter The Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) controls everything that happens in the car engine. From controlling the engine behavior to keeping the fuel-air mixture in check.

Warning Note

This method may not be easy for someone having little knowledge of the car’s internal systems.

In this method, you would have to alter the codings of the Engine Control Unit.

It is designed so that sometimes it prevents backfiring (there are Engine Control Units in the market now that facilitate backfiring on public demand).

How To Get Exhaust Popping Sound GÇô Full Guide

You can adjust the fuel-air mixture and ignition timings when you alter ECU’s codings.

This move will give you complete control over your car engine. But wait just a minute!

One wrong or botched code and it all backfires on you and your car. It is no surprise that not all people know about these codes, let alone adjust them according to their will.

Until you are sure about what this whole thing is and how to do it, consider reaching out to a professional to carry out this task.

Once everything goes according to plan, you could easily make exhaust popping sounds on your car whenever you want without worrying about considerable damage.

Remove The Muffler

An exhaust muffler is installed in the car exhausts to minimize the sound of exhaust popping to some extent.

It means the responsibility of keeping the car noise as low as possible falls upon the muffler.

But you don’t care about the noise (or, do you?); you want to hear that cool exhaust popping sound coming out of your car exhausts.

So, you will have to remove these muffler(s) and install a straight pipe to let the popping sound come out without interruption or hurdles.

Warning Note

Keep in mind that there is a minor drawback to this maneuver, that some U.S. states do NOT authorize driving vehicles with removed or replaced mufflers.

Try Reaching A Higher Revolution Per Minutes (RPMs)

It is recommended to use this method in manual cars only. Why?

Because in the automatic ones, it is out of control to convert RPMs according to the will. But at the same time, it is not considered a good thing to try this method in your manual cars.

We’re sharing this method just to let you know that such a method exists.

Take your manual car to a higher RPM to the extent of that redline, and suddenly take it down. You will likely hear an exhaust popping sound and possibly a backfire.

Replacing The Muffler With A Better One

Suppose you don’t want to get in trouble while driving without mufflers in a state that doesn’t authorize it. You can go for a better solution to replace your muffler with a modified one.

This modified muffler will create a pretty good exhaust popping sound in your car, possibly according to your liking.

But do ask an expert to fit this muffler in your car to avoid any error.

Is Exhaust Popping Illegal?

Yes, but it depends. Some states in the U.S are pretty much okay with this exhaust popping stuff, while others do not seem to enjoy it that much.

The best course of action would be to check whether or not it is permissible to make these sounds in your cars.

Suppose there is not an issue. By all means, enjoy your ride.

Is Exhaust Popping Sound Bad For Your Car?

It is not entirely bad for your car if you ask us. But then again, excess of anything is bad.

You can make these exhaust popping sounds in your car from time to time.

But do not make a habit of it, as exhaust popping generally occurs when the fuel burns in the exhaust instead of the cylinders inside the car engine.


It’s a common misconception that popping exhaust is a sign of bad engine health, but it can also be a sign of good engine health.

Some people like the sound because it makes their car sound better. Others don’t like it because they think it means something is wrong with their vehicle.

All in all,  it depends on what you, as an individual, think or like.

We have briefly talked about how you can make exhaust popping sounds in your car while driving, how to do it in different car models (new cars and old cars), and some other essential information.

Let us know if you have any other queries about getting exhaust popping sound.