Guide On How To Protect Car From Falling Acorns

Guide On How To Protect Car From Falling Acorns

Oak trees bear fruits in late summer and ripen in time from September to October. After the acorns are ripe, they begin to fall off the trees. Oak trees are one of the most common trees found in North America, Mexico, and Asia.

7 Effective Ways to Protect Your Car from Falling Acorns

People living in environments surrounded by oak trees must protect their cars from falling acorns. The most obvious preventive measure is to park your car away from an oak tree. Unfortunately, this option will not be available for someone with limited parking space or no other choice.

Hence, if you have oak trees around and cutting them is not an option, how can you protect your car from falling acorns? This article provides seven effective ways to protect your car from acorns.

7 Effective Ways To Protect Your Car From Falling Acorns

Use A Protective Car Cover

The impact of falling acorns on your car depends on the size of the fruit. Acorns’ sizes vary from specie to specie. Regular-sized acorns are light and will have no destructive impact on your car when covered.

A simple car cover can protect your car from falling acorns. Use a waterproof car cover for protection against falling acorns, saps, hail, rain, and snow.

Although car covers can help prevent your car from scratches, they may not prevent dents impacted by heavy-sized acorns. Moreover, oak trees have seasons for bearing fruits. Car covers can be removed when acorns are not in season and used in their seasons.

Build A Garage

A garage is a safe place to keep cars, not only from falling acorns but also from other elements that can damage an automobile. An attached garage is a safe place to protect vehicles, especially when you have a limited space to build one.

Also, they are more assessable than detached garages since they have a joint entry path with the house.

On the other hand, if you have more space and cars to protect, a detached garage is a better option. Additionally, even when your car is packed in the garage, use a breathable plastic car cover to protect it from dust, dents, or minor scratches.

Prune The Oak Tree

Oak fruits cannot damage your car unless they fall directly on it. Therefore, you must protect your car from the falling acorns by cutting the overhanging branches with a chainsaw.

If you decide to prune yourself, use a ladder to climb the tree and cut the branches within arm’s reach.

Pruning a very tall oak tree with thick branches is dangerous. Professionals use cherry pickers to prune tall trees.

How to Protect Car from Falling Acorns

Build A Carport

Pruning is a temporary protective measure and a tedious process; branches will regrow, and there will be a need to prune again. Therefore, a more convenient way to protect your car from falling acorns is to park it under a carport.

Protecting your vehicle with a carport is more convenient than pruning or building garages; they don’t require much space and are semi-permanent preventive measures. Moreover, they don’t need walls or many materials for its construction.

The fruit that falls over the parking area will fall directly on the roof panels of the tent instead of your car. You can either build a carport erected against a wall or erect a portable carport above your vehicle.

Park Under A Car Canopy

A car canopy is similar to a carport. The difference is that a carport can be erected on two supports and against a wall, while a car canopy is erected on four supports. Moreover, carports have a roofing panel while car canopies are covered with cloth.

Canopies will give your vehicle the protection it needs from dents and scratches caused by falling acorns. Erect the canopy directly under the tree or any other place to protect your car from falling acorns and harsh weather conditions.

Protect Your Vehicle With A Car Umbrella

The most portable protection you can provide your vehicle is to use a car umbrella. They are attached to the roof of a car as a shield from falling objects. Apart from protecting your vehicles in your home, car umbrellas can be carried around and used as protection again falling fruits when you are outdoor.

For instance, while camping or on a picnic, you can use them when you notice oak trees around your parking space. Besides, they are waterproof and can protect your car from excessive heat and rain.

Practice Preventive Measures

If you are outdoor camping and without a car umbrella, prevent the fruits from falling on your car by parking away from oak trees.

Also, at parking lots, stay away from spaces close to oak trees. If you have no choice but to park your car under oak trees, do not keep your car there for too long, and wash the vehicle immediately you get home.

Car waxing is necessary to protect the cat coat for situations where your vehicle is exposed without covering. Car wax absorbs the damage such as dents, scratches, and stains, and surfaces that have minor scratches can be waxed again.

The Best Protective Measure

All the measures provided will protect a car from falling acorns. However, the most permanent measure is to build a garage for the safekeeping of your car. Carports and car canopies can offer as much protection as a garage against falling acorns. However, carports are more durable than car canopies.

Pruning the oak tree by oneself is stressful, but it is the most cost-effective measure. Using a car cover does not offer as much protection as the others and is the least recommended. Lastly, take your car umbrellas with you whenever you are going for outdoor protection when needed.