Best 6 Garage Oil Absorbing Mats (Review) – How To Protect Your Floor?

Best 6 Garage Oil Absorbing Mats (Review) – How To Protect Your Floor?

A good garage oil absorbing mat will protect your floor from damage by absorbing the fluids released from your old car and garden equipment. Additionally, your floor will remain clean as you won’t have spillages to clean after working on your car.

Unlike normal floor mats, garage oil absorbing mats are particularly made to absorb oil and other fluids from your car, motorcycle, cart and garden equipment.

But since there are many garage oil absorbing mats on the market, choosing the best is never easy. After conducting thorough research, we managed to come up with the best garage oil-absorbing mats. These are as follows:

Table Showing The Best Garage Oil Absorbing Mats

Product Size
Drymate OSM2936C Oil Spill Mat 29” x 36” Check Price
Olsa Tools Garage Floor Oil Spill Mat 30” x 60” Check Price
Shield Family Floor Protector – Premium Absorbent Oil Mat 60” x 96” Check Price
New Pig Oil Mat – Heavyweight Oil Absorbing Pads 15” x 20” Check Price
Drymate AAOSM3060C Armor Oil Spill Mat 30” x 60” Check Price
Kalasoneer Oil Spill Mat 36” x 36” Check Price
Best Overall

Drymate Osm2936c Oil Spill Mat

Drymate OSM2936C Charcoal 29 x 36 Oil Spill Mat, Premium Absorbent Pad Contains Liquids

What We Liked Most About This Product

The OSM296C mat is thick and durable, which makes it the best garage floor mat for epoxy garage floors. Things like stains on the floor will be forgotten when you use setup this mat on your garage floor.

An outstanding feature of this oil-absorbing mat is the durable polyester fiber. This is a durable material that is not only waterproof but as well as exceptional at containing oil spills and other fluids. On top of that, it will wick away moisture.

Product Overview

The Drymate oil spill mat is also slip-resistant to keep the mat in place.

However, it is not the best oil mat for windy places, as you may have to tape it down. Some of the fluids that this mat absorbs are oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid.

Moreover, the mat is easy to clean and can be reused. After soaking with oil, dirt, and other fluids, clean this mat using soap, hose it off, and dry it.

This is an eco-friendly mat as it is made free of Phthalate and BPA. With such outstanding functions and a favorable price, the Drymate OSM2936C is one of the best garage oil absorbing mats on the market.


  • It is excellent at absorbing spills and leaks
  • It is durable and thick
  • It can be reused
  • Simple to clean
  • It is truly waterproof
  • Protects the surface
  • It is Phthalate and BPA free


  • It is quite light, which means that you will have to tape it on the floor
  • The mat is small; thus, you may need more of them to cover a larger area

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Olsa Tools Garage Floor Oil Spill Mat

Olsa Tools Garage Floor Mat, 30 x 60, 1pc | Oil Spill Mat | Floor Protection

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Olsa tools garage floor oil spill mat is a perfect product for individuals who want a multipurpose mat for their garage, driveway, or even or even parking.

This absorbent mat will help you to forget about the greasy jobs, stains, oil change, and other tasks that mess with your floor garage.

It is durably made of compact and thick fabric that does a wonderful job of absorbing water, oil, coolant solvents, and other fluids.

However, the most outstanding feature of this garage oil absorbent mat is fireproof material.

This material prevents the mat from burning instantly, which makes it perfect for hot climates.

Product Overview

The Olsa tools garage oil absorbing mat is constructed with high-quality polyester fiber, and it can hold any form of spillage.

Also, it is wear and tear-resistant with ultra-fine wear-resistant bottom layers for increased friction.

With the leak-proof absorbent fabric, you can count on this mat 100% to protect your floor from spills and leakages.

You will no longer have to scrub stains on the garage floor as it will absorb moisture and oil, thus preventing them from leaking to the floor.

The best part is that this garage oil absorbent mat is reusable and straightforward to clean.

So, you will protect your floor for some time before having to purchase a new garage mat. Also, it is favorably priced, which makes it ideal for garage, driveway, and maintenance shops.


  • Compact and thick fabric to absorb all kinds of spills
  • It is durably built to last long
  • It is waterproof as it prevents oil and water from leaking through
  • Simple to clean
  • The mat is reusable
  • Quality fabric that doesn’t wear and tear
  • Fireproof material prevents it from burning instantly
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The mat is not wide enough
  • You may have to use adhesive to hold it down in windy environments.

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Shield Family Floor Protector – Premium Absorbent Oil Mat

Shield Family Floor Protector Premium Absorbent Oil Mat – Reusable Durable Waterproof

What We Liked Most About This Product

If you’re ready to spend to get a slightly larger and more durable garage oil absorbent mat, then this is the mat for you.

The Shield Family floor protector is made with high-quality materials for longevity. It does a great job of preventing liquids from leaking through the mat to the floor.

The best feature of the Shield Family floor protector premium absorbent oil mat is the impermeable membrane.

The membrane, which is bonded with a layer of woven high-tech microfiber, prevents liquids from leaking through.

Product Overview

The Shield Family absorbent oil mat provides a large area for maximum absorption. As a result, it can be installed below cars, motorcycles, yard equipment, ATVs, golf carts, and much more.

The mat is simple to install and lightweight. Furthermore, you can vacuum it to save time and hose it outside using a garden hose.

The high-tech mat will ensure that your garage floor remains clean all the time, regardless of the types of fluids that spill on it.

Liquids like water, gasoline, and coolant will be absorbed to prevent them from reaching the floor. Besides, this is a strong and reliable brand as it is based in the country.

For those who have been looking for a durable, reliable, reusable, and versatile garage oil absorbing mat, the Shield Family floor protector will be a perfect fit for you.


  • Sturdy construction
  • It is reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof material prevents liquids from leaking through
  • It is versatile
  • It is lightweight for easy transportation


  • It is lightweight. Hence, it may need to be taped and held firmly on the floor

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New Pig Oil Heavyweight Garage Floor Mat

New Pig Oil Mat Heavyweight Oil Absorbing Pads 28 Ounce Absorbency

What We Liked Most About This Product

The New Pig oil heavyweight garage floor mats last longer than the competition. This is thanks to the eight layers of 100% polypropylene material that are thermally bonded for durability. As a result, this garage oil absorbent mat won’t tear or even rip.

The fascinating feature of the New Pig Oil heavyweight garage floor mat its unique ability to absorb oil and repel water.

The mat can absorb and retain oils and oil-based fluids, but it won’t absorb any water.

Product Overview

What’s more surprising is that the mat can float on water and absorb oil only without taking in any water. Since it features a bright white color, it is easier to see the absorbed oil.

Also, you can tell the saturation level during the spill response. The best part is that the oil won’t remain on the surface, but it will be absorbed in the layers.

Hence, there will be no residue left behind after absorbing the oil. It absorbs all kinds of oil, with the inclusion of fuels and lubricants.

The New Pig Oil garage floor mat is also flame resistant. Besides, it won’t tear easily, and it lasts even two times longer than typical garage oil absorbing mats.


  • It is robustly constructed to last longer
  • Absorbs oils and repels water
  • It is heat resistant
  • The bright white color shows absorbed oil clearly
  • It doesn’t leave behind residue after absorbing
  • Easy to clean


  • They are lightweight and can be blown away easily used outdoors

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Drymate AAOSM3060C Armor All Oil Spill Mat

Drymate AAOSM3060C 30 x 60 Armor All Oil Spill Mat, Absorbent Waterproof Garage Floor Protector

What We Liked Most About This Product

A garage is a hectic place that needs to be taken care of. With this oil mat, all liquids that spill on the floor will be absorbed, hence, prolonging the life of your floor.

One of the most outstanding features of this garage mat is its absorbent fabric that prevents moisture and oils from leaking through to the floor.

This is thanks to the waterproof backing that contains the liquids that seep through the mat. Some of the common liquids that the waterproof material stops include coolant, oil, gasoline, and brake fluid.

Product Overview

The Drymate material not only holds leaks and spills but also has a slip-resistant backing that helps to keep the mat on the floor.

However, this is more applicable inside the garage than outside. Depending on where you live, you may have to hold the mat firmly on the floor using adhesive.

Additionally, this garage oil absorbent mat is made from 80% recycled fibers, making it eco-friendly. Aside from that, it is free of BPA and Phthalate.

And when it comes to cleaning the mat, this shouldn’t be a problem as it is simple to clean.

All you need to do is to scratch the messy dirt using soap and hose. Afterward, you can dry it off by hanging it in the open air.


  • Slip-resistant for firm installation
  • Durable construction
  • Straightforward to clean
  • It protects the surface
  • Reusable
  • It is safe to use as it is free of Phthalate and BPA
  • It features waterproof backing


  • It doesn’t hold down to the surface. Thus, you will need to tape it down
  • It is best suited for small vehicles and not large ones

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Kalasoneer Oil Spill Mat

KALASONEER Oil Spill Mat,Absorbent Oil Mat Reusable Washable,Contains Liquids, Protects Driveway Surface,Garage or Shop

What We Liked Most About This Product

If you’re looking for a versatile garage oil absorbent mat for your maintenance shop, garage floor, or even driveway, the Kalasoneer oil spill mat is the perfect fit for you.

The feature that wows us most about this product its heavy-duty construction.

Unlike most garage oil absorbing mats, this mat is quite heavy, which makes it stable on the floor. On most occasions, you won’t have to tape it down. However, this can be a disadvantage when you want to transport the mat.

Product Overview

The Kalasoneer garage oil spill mat features a particular waterproof layer that prevents different fluids from seeping through the mat to the floor.

So, fluids like oil, water, coolant, and gasoline will be prevented from penetrating the mat and damaging your garage floor.

Also, cleaning your garage floor will be much easier as you won’t have to scrub the stains on the surface thoroughly.

Apart from trapping oil and water, the compact and thick fabric will also hold dirt and other substances from passing through the mat to the floor.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mat as it is straightforward. The anti-wear and anti-tear fabric will last for a very long while. Simply cut the right size to fit the area that you want.


  • It can absorb both liquids and oil
  • It is non-slip for firm use
  • It is waterproof to prevent water and oil from passing through to the floor
  • It can be used in a wide range of places
  • Durable construction for longevity


  • It is quite challenging to clean
  • It is difficult to transport as it is heavy

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Garage Oil Absorbing Mats – FAQ

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Garage Oil Absorbing Mat?

If you want to get the best garage oil absorbing mat for your garage, there are several things you need to consider.

To begin with, the material the mat is made of is very crucial. You cannot compare a garage floor mat that is made of a thick layer of fabric and one that features high-quality foam. In this case, a mat made of thick material will do a better job at absorbing fluids than the foam mat.

Size also matters. Some mats cover a small area while others a larger area. However, the larger the mat, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Also, the environmental conditions in the area you live in will play a massive role in the type of mat you use. Cold environments with snow need a thick mat that can absorb well, while hot climates require a heat-resistant mat.

What Are The Different Types Of Garage Floor Mats?

There are two main types of garage floor mats. These are the roll-out mats and interlocking tiles.

The roll-out mats are the standard mats and the most durable. They usually feature a robust and thick layer of fabric created to absorb almost any kind of fluid. The material can hold the liquids and prevent them from rolling onto the floor.

On the other hand, the interlocking tile mat is common in gyms and yoga workrooms.

These mats are usually made up of durable, high-quality polymer foam. They are also bendable and can be interlocked with different mats to create a unique style. Besides, they are also simple to carry, unlike most roll-out mats.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Garage Oil Absorbing Mat?

A garage floor mat helps to protect your floor from being damaged by chemicals, such as gas, oil spills, and many other fluids that come from your car, garden equipment, or even motorbike. Also, garage floors provide cover to the ground.

As a result, you can lie on the floor as you work on your car without worrying. Another advantage of the garage floor is that it keeps your garage clean.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Garage Oil Absorbing Mat?

With so many garage oil absorbing mats on the market, identifying the best one is vital. If you’re in a dilemma and know how to differentiate the best garage oil spill mat from the rest, here are the things that you should look at.

The garage mat should stick in place so that you don’t have to hold it in place.

Also, you should look at the aesthetics of your garage. If possible, get a mat that blends with your floor design and garage theme.

A good mat should be leak-proof so that you don’t have double work to do. Apart from absorbing oil, a good mat should also absorb coolant, water, gas, and solvents.


When picking a garage oil absorbing mat, consider the environment that you live in so that you choose the right mat. If you live in a cold environment with snow and ice, then you should pick a very thick mat for absorbing oil and water.

And if you live in a hot climate, get a heat-resistant mat so that it doesn’t deteriorate quickly.

Apart from that, get the right size so that it covers the entire car and avoid risking damage to your precious floor.

Note that the garage oil absorbing mat is not meant to be used over a more extended period, as you will have to dispose of them at some point.

However, you should get reusable mats that you can clean with much ease. Those who live in windy areas ensure that you acquire a heavy mat so that it is not lifted away when a strong wind blows.

All of the garage oil absorbing mats that we’ve talked about are outstanding in performance, and it all depends on your needs and budget.