Why Can’t I Get All Sirius Channels In My Car?

Why Can’t I Get All Sirius Channels In My Car?

If you’re an avid listener of Sirius Radio, you know how vital subscribing to that service is. It opens you up to access various entertainment and news channels.

But have you ever clicked over to your favorite station in your car, only to find that you can’t tune in?

This article explains the reasons why and what you can do about it. Read on to find out.

I Can't Get All Sirius Channels in My Car

Reasons For Not Getting Sirius Channels In Your Car

Everyone needs a great deal when it comes to entertainment.

And it can be so down-hearting when you fail to follow up on your favorite programs in traffic jams snarl-up.

But, knowing the following problems is a step away from the solution for your Sirius channels.

Your Car Is Not Satellite-Ready

If your satellite radio signal is weak or nonexistent, you will likely not enjoy all Sirius channels.

Several different models of receivers are available from Sirius, including portable ones.

However, you may not enjoy the radio services unless your vehicle is equipped with a satellite radio receiver.


The first thing to do is check if the receiver is turned on. Most receivers have an on/off switch on the front, so that should be easy to check.

If it is off, turn it on and wait a few minutes for it to boot up. If you still can’t access the channels after turning them on, it may be one of these other problems.

You Don’t Have An Active Subscription

Sirius channels work with active subscriptions only. So unless you have renewed your subscription, the channels won’t be available for your car.

This type of radio is only available to people paying for a monthly subscription plan with Sirius.

So the channels will be automatically closed if you fail to make payment on time each month.


Check your subscription and billing status. It would be best to update your subscription if you had not subscribed earlier.

If you happen to have an active subscription, you may need further assistance from Sirius customer care.

Wrong FM Frequency

It’s like tuning your radio. If the radio is on the wrong frequency, you won’t be able to pick up that station.

The same goes for Sirius radio. If you’re not tuned, then you won’t be able to receive any audio from that channel.


Changing your Sirius satellite radio FM frequency is easy with most aftermarket receivers. If you cannot find your manual, check for any lead from the internet.

You can also contact Sirius customer service for help as well.

Bad Weather

Satellite radio signals are transmitted from space, and stormy weather can disrupt the signal reception.

Bad weather that affects the signal includes rain, snow, and other inclement conditions.


Sometimes the signal will come back on its own within a few minutes once the storm passes. You may have to wait until it breaks enough for the signal to come back.


If you are experiencing issues with the reception of available Sirius Satellite Radio channels, you may have obstructions in your vehicle.

For instance, it happens when your radio is located within obstructed paths between your vehicle and the satellites.

This obstruction eventually results in problems receiving specific channels.


I suggest moving your antenna outside of your car and placing it as high as possible.

It is also best to get an external magnetic mount antenna and place it on your vehicle.

Remove any possible obstruction from around your vehicle’s antenna. It includes any luggage or equipment blocking the signal reception part of the antenna.

Check if are any damages are done to your car’s roof where the antenna is installed. If there are any roof leaks or rust spots, get them fixed immediately.

Why Can't I Get All Sirius Channels in My Car

Poor Quality Antenna

A poor-quality antenna is also among the leading causes of channel reception in your car.

You may be using a low-quality or an old-school antenna that only tends to tune a few channels.

Such channels could be those within its bandwidth, but it could be a problem tuning to further channels.


The best solution is to go ahead and replace the antenna, but use a better one.

If you’re not sure which antenna would be best, you should consider contacting the Sirius Support team.

With a new antenna, you should place it on the center of your car’s roof on your vehicle. It will help improve the reception in your vehicle.

If you have a glass mount antenna, you should place it in an area free from window tinting.

You should also ensure the antenna is as close to the middle of your car’s roof as possible.

The Sirius satellite radio antenna should be approximately two feet away from any metal objects.

Such metal objects may include a sunroof or a moonroof to help increase the reception.

Bad Installation

The installation of Sirius satellite radio in your car is simple, and it requires a little bit of time. But the results will make you happy or sad after some time.

The reception will surely be unbearable with a poor installation, either from a power connection fault or a damaged wire.


If you want to fix it, there are two solutions. The first solution is to get out of your car and physically adjust your antenna.

You may need to do this every time you wash your car.

The second solution is to use an electrical grounding product like the Stinger Ground Loop Isolator for satellite radios.

The Ground Loop Isolator fixes the problem by connecting the antenna to the radio. The connection is in a way that prevents interference from ruining reception.

It’s a simple device, and it takes only a few minutes to install. The isolator is worth checking out if you’re having trouble with your Sirius radio.

You may also need a technical background to countercheck the entire installation for any possible hidden messes logically.

Driving Out Of Sirius Service Coverage

If your vehicle is driving outside of the coverage area for Sirius radio, then your radio will cease playing. It will display “no coverage” or “acquiring signal” on the screen.

The only way to receive Sirius signals is if your vehicle is inside the radio’s transmission wavelength.

In such cases, the Sirius satellite does not transmit a signal that you can receive only within certain areas.


You may have to be patient until you drive back to the signal-covered zone for Sirius transmissions. Similarly, the Sirius streaming service is geo-restricted.

It means it can only be accessed within the United States and select countries where the service is officially supported.

So unless you are in the US, you may not enjoy their services.

You may, however, need to confirm with the management. Specific locations that may be thought to be out of coverage may need additional subscription fees.

Your Satellite Radio Is Older

If you own an older satellite radio receiver, some channels may not be available to you. More so if some channels were added after your receiver’s date of manufacture.

Some receivers may not pick up channels due to bad signals or local buildings or structures interference.

Generally, if your satellite radio was made before 2005, it may not have the right components. So it won’t pick up all the stations on your package.


Your best solution here is to buy the latest model radio. You can visit the black market for several of them if you feel a new one is costly.

However, as much as it’s costly, you can attest that it is worth it.


There are plenty of free trial options, which means you can get most channels. All you have to do is be aware of how they work.

You must, however, make sure your subscription is continuously renewed. It happens to be the most cause of losing channels.