Honda “Keyless Start System Problem” – Explained

Honda “Keyless Start System Problem” – Explained

Your Honda has a keyless start system that enables you to save time when starting it.

This system also reduces accidents when starting the car since you must press the brake pedal for it to work. However, like any other system, it can also run into problems.

Honda keyless start system problem explained

For instance, it can start showing a” keyless start system problem,” which implies that one of its essential components has malfunctioned.

This issue can be infuriating, especially when you don’t have your keys.

So, what are the reasons behind this problem, and how can you fix them? Let’s go through them below.

The Key Fob Battery Is Faulty

The key fob is what instructs the keyless start system to operate. Therefore, it needs sufficient voltage to work.

If its battery is dead, it won’t send signals to the system. Also, if the battery no longer supplies the correct voltage, the signals might be weak.

The sensors will not pick a weak signal; hence the keyless start system will have a problem.

So, whenever you run into a Honda “keyless start system problem,” you should check the condition of the key fob battery.

You can do so by measuring its voltage using a voltmeter and comparing it with the required voltage indicated in your car’s user manual.

If the battery voltage is below the stipulated voltage, you should replace it with a new one to sort out the problem.

The System’s Sensor Is Not Working

As you already know, the sensor needs to receive signals from the key fob and instruct the system accordingly. But the sensor can also encounter an issue.

For instance, due to accidents, it can malfunction. Also, dust may accumulate on its surface, thus preventing it from detecting the key fob signals.

Therefore, whenever you encounter a Honda “keyless start system problem,” you might want to check the condition of the sensor.

If it is covered by dust, you can use a cloth to clean it. However, if it is damaged, the only way to fix the issue is by replacing it.

A Problem With The Brake

As mentioned above, the keyless system can only work when you press the brake pedal. But sometimes, you fail to press it correctly.

Hence to solve the problem, you should apply more pressure on the brake pedal.

But there are also instances where the brake lever gets loose; hence you will be required to exert a lot of force. In this case, you will have to tighten it.

Luckily, it is easy to do so. You will only have to access the brake pedal and tighten its cables using an Allen Key.

Faulty Battery

The keyless start system needs sufficient voltage to start. Therefore, if the battery goes faulty, it won’t power the system.

Fortunately, you can quickly check the battery’s condition using a voltmeter.

If the battery voltage is below 12V, you have a bad battery; hence you will have to replace it to eliminate the Honda “keyless start system problem.”

But if you can’t get a new battery immediately, you can try jump-starting the car using a jumper wire or another car’s battery.

But you should note that this is a temporary solution that needs to be carried out by an expert.

The Starter Is Bad

A keyless start system that comes on and off indicates a faulty starter. To know if the push-button starter has gone bad, try to jump-start it directly.

If it still can’t start the engine, you have a faulty starter. This starter can go bad in many ways.

For example, ignition components such as the return spring can break, resulting in less contact.

Honda keyless start system problem

Therefore, you will have to open it and examine all its parts to identify the one that has gone bad.

Once you establish the bad component, you must repair or replace it to eradicate the Honda “keyless start system problem.”

But if you find this to be a tedious job, you can replace the entire push button.

Software Issue

Do your encounter a keyless start system problem when you press the push start button many times? If so, it is due to a software glitch.

Since the keyless start system relies on software to function, a software glitch can make it temporarily malfunction.

Thankfully, this is usually a temporary problem that goes away on its own. However, if it persists, you may have to restart the system.

One way of restarting it is by using the key fob to exit and re-enter the vehicle.

The Fuse For The Keyless Start System Is Blown

Since the keyless start system uses voltage to operate, it has a fuse placed between it and the battery.

If the voltage goes beyond a certain level, the fuse will blow up to protect the system. The keyless start system won’t receive the voltage it needs; hence, it will not function.

You will have to get into the fuse box and examine the fuse wire to find out if the fuse is blown. A gap will usually exist in the fuse wire, indicating that the fuse is burnt.

So, you will only have to replace it to fix the Honda “keyless start system problem.”

Faulty Wires

If you don’t hear a cranking sound from the engine when you push the start button, you may have an issue with the wires.

As noted above, the keyless start system needs a continuous voltage to work. If the wires that supply this voltage get worn, the system will not work.

Therefore, you should thoroughly check the cables. By using a voltmeter, you can know if they supply voltage.

If the cables are bad, they will supply little to no voltage.

Cold Weather

Did the keyless start system encounter a problem after driving in cold weather? Well, the issue may be a result of cold weather.

Although it may sound crazy, cold weather can also cause the Honda “keyless start system problem.”

It is because cold weather will inhibit the chemical reactions in the battery.

It will, in turn, lower the amount of voltage supplied, and as you already know, the keyless start system needs enough voltage to function well.

The exciting news is that this problem usually goes away on its own as the car starts to warm up.

However, if it is a cold season, you can minimize the problem by parking the car in a covered area.


The keyless start system in your Honda makes driving easy and safe.

But like any other technology, it can run into a problem that may ruin your mood and even make you curse yourself for not carrying the key.

However, by understanding what causes the keyless start system problem” and how to solve it, you will be more than ready to face it when it happens to you.

In general, a problem with the keyless start system is usually caused by a faulty key fob battery, software issue, faulty car battery, bad sensor, ruined fuse, etc.

So, by examining and repairing these components, you will eradicate the problem and safeguard your moods during driving.