Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor But Still Stops

Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor But Still Stops

Have you ever noticed that your brake pedal goes to the floor when you hit the brakes? If yes, you should not ignore this sign!

It’s essential to have a firm brake pedal with quick contact with your brakes.

Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor but Still Stops

If you have to push your brake pedal all the way down to the bottom to stop your car, it should be addressed as quickly as possible.

That’s why you need to know the signs to solve this case immediately. To know more about why your brake pedal goes to the floor, let’s find the causes and solutions below.

Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor But Still Stops – Causes And Solutions

Air In Brake Lines

When you step on your brakes, the brake fluid transfers the force from the hydraulic system to the brakes through the brake lines.

But, whenever air goes inside the brake lines, the system will respond with air compression, making the process ineffective.

It will force the brake pedal not to reach the brakes since it interacts with the air.

Even a tiny amount of air can get there and become a problem.


A car should have a regular supply of brake fluid because this will flow throughout the system to make your car stop via pressure.

Bleeding the brakes is a standard process for eliminating air from your car’s hydraulic braking system.

The procedure entails opening a valve to exit the pressured air and brake fluid.

Brake Line Leaks

There are instances when your car may have leaks in brake lines which can lose pressure within the entire system.

Breaks or holes in the brake line might enable brake fluid to drain, resulting in zero pressure when the brake pedal is pressed.

It can cause your brake pedal to go further than usual. It could also damage the entire brake system, making the calipers inefficient.


If you have noticed a loss in air pressure inside your brake system, you should check first your brake line for leaks.

Finding the leaks might be frustrating, but when you do, the process of fixing them is quite straightforward.

First, you must inspect the entire brake lines from every wheel to determine if they are leaking.

When it is dry upon checking, it indicates no leak. But if you have noticed a leak, you need to address it quickly!

You should remove the wheel location of the leak source and get new ones to replace it.

Broken Master Cylinder

If your brake system is in good condition, the brake pedal will be firm upon use, owing to the function of the master cylinder through the pushrod.

It will generate hydraulic pressure, which is used to operate the brakes and directs the fluid going to the wheels.

If your brake pedal goes to the floor, you may have a problem with the master cylinder.

It is the component that increases the fluid pressure of the brake fluid. And when the master cylinder has gone off, it will allow fluid to flow into the seals internally.

This will make the whole brake system less efficient, and worst, your brakes will cut off.

Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor but Still Stops GÇô Causes and Solutions


Go through your car’s brake system and inspect the master cylinder component. Thoroughly check the master cylinder to see if it is broken.

If you can find one, then a replacement should do the trick, or you can go to a mechanic in a reputable auto shop to fix it.

While inspecting the master cylinder, check both seals since they might wear out over time and create leaks. With that, you should replace the master cylinder immediately.

Ensure that you have replaced it with a brand new one because you may never know how long a secondhand will last, and often these don’t operate as intended.

Furthermore, the cylinder must be sealed to retain its necessary function to produce pressure.

The critical counterpart of the master cylinder is the rubber seal since it prevents brake fluid from going out.

But if these seals are torn apart, the brake fluid will leak, producing a mushy brake pedal, and worse, your brake pedal goes to the floor when having stopped.

Heavy Brakes

When you go downhill and constantly use your brake, your brake system loses its efficiency.

The brakes on your car will have a decline in its force because it absorbs more heat than it can manage. If you repeatedly step on your brakes, this scenario can occur.

But once you notice that your brake pedal has gone below the usual setting, it means that you have overused your brake fluid and your brake pads are hotter than before.


Check and replace your brake fluid if you observe that your brakes can no longer do their job.

Remember that if you have overused your brake fluid, it will no longer withstand the same level of heat that it formerly did.

Also, consider changing your brake pads. Both brake fluid and brake pads are designed to withstand greater temperatures, but they could incur problems and worst accidents when thoroughly worn.

If you have suffered heavy brakes, then it is possible that the brake pads also suffered during a steep climb.


You may often step on your brakes harder than you intended to.

The longer you use your brakes, the hotter your brake fluid will become. And if they’re hot every time, they will lose their intended power.

It will make the brakes thin out. And when the brake fluid becomes thin enough, it can no more supply the necessary pressure making it ineffective.

As a result, your vehicle’s brake system will not provide the necessary power that it can give. Even if you slam on the brakes, the force will still be insufficient.


Practice safe driving and watch your step now and then. Make sure that you have maintained the brake system of your car.

Inspect it thoroughly and maintain well-defined scheduled maintenance.

Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor But Still Stops – Final Words

If you observe leakage symptoms, do not attempt to drive your car since the braking system will not function correctly and is hazardous.

You may attempt to fix the problem yourself. If you cannot do so, have your car transferred to the closest trustworthy service, where specialists will be able to solve the problem.

With that, you will no longer experience a brake pedal going to the floor. Nonetheless, give yourself a break and have safe driving every day!