How To Bypass Clutch Safety Switch – Full Guide

How To Bypass Clutch Safety Switch – Full Guide

If a car is running and you press the clutch pedal, and nothing happens, don’t panic. You can easily bypass the clutch safety switch to keep going.

In most vehicles, it’s as simple as pulling off two electrical connectors and inserting an ad-hoc jumper wire. In some cases, the entire switch assembly needs to be replaced.

Bypassing Clutch Safety Switch

Bypassing the Clutch Safety switch is not as complicated as it looks.

Still, it’s essential to understand how it works, what tools you will need, and what safety measures to consider before performing this process.

In this brief guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about how you can bypass a clutch safety switch. So, keep reading to know more.

How Does A Clutch Safety Switch Work?

The clutch safety switch is an integral part of your car or truck’s safety, whether a manual or automatic transmission.

It is connected to the clutch pedal in manual transmission cars. A clutch safety switch is also known as a clutch switch or clutch sensor.

A Clutch safety switch does not only prevent the engine from starting without pressing the clutch, but it also makes sure that the car does not accidentally start when you are changing gears.

The function of this part is to deactivate the starter when your foot is off the clutch pedal and activate it once you press on it.

You cannot start your car while in gear (which would otherwise cause an accident).

The clutch safety switch is usually installed on top of the clutch pedal assembly and is activated when the pedal is depressed.

It could also be located on or near the shift lever assembly and is activated by a spring-loaded pin that protrudes into an opening in the shifter housing.

In either case, pressing on the clutch pedal activates a plunger that moves forward to close an electrical contact inside the switch.

How To Bypass Clutch Safety Switch

Sometimes we happen to encounter a fault in our car’s clutch system. The clutch might not work correctly, or there may be a problem with the clutch safety switch.

If your car has a clutch problem, you can fix it yourself if you have the time, the auto shop is too far away, or the mechanic is busy.

A driver might also get exhausted and fed up with frequently pressing the clutch to start the engine.

However, we can avoid this issue by bypassing the clutch safety switch.

Warning Note

Before bypassing your clutch safety switch, always determine whether you need to do so or if there is another problem preventing your engine from starting.

If the problem only occurs when you have the air conditioning or heater running, you probably have an issue elsewhere in your electrical system.

Bypassing A Clutch Safety Switch — Step-By-Step Guide

There is no hard and fast rule behind bypassing a clutch safety switch. It is pretty convenient to perform this task if you have the required tools and techniques.

We would completely elaborate on the procedure and methodology to bypass the clutch safety switch.

Before looking to bypass the switch, we need to ensure the provision of all the essential tools.

Tools You Will Need

  • A screwdriver
  • A wire stripper.
  • Electric soldering iron.
  • Soldering wire.
  • Soldering paste.

Locating The Clutch Safety Switch

First, we need to find the location of the clutch safety switches in our vehicle.

It is usually located close to the clutch pedal, in a plastic box on the left side below the steering wheel. Or, it can also be located near the clutch master pushrod.

If it is located close to the clutch pedal, we will unbolt the plastic container with a screwdriver to remove its shield.

There are some other switches and wire connections along with the clutch safety switch. So it is necessary to locate the right one.

For this purpose, we will press the clutch pedal and see if the lever touches any switch. If the lever connects any button on pressing, that will be the required switch.

How To Bypass Clutch Safety Switch Full Guide

Unplug The Controller Or Switch

Once we have located the clutch safety controller, it’s time to treat it mechanically. We will unplug it from the connector.

By default, two wires connect the controller to the ignition system of the car engine.

Remove The Clutch Safety Controller

After unplugging the switch from the connector, we will remove it from both the wires. We can use a cutter to separate the clutch safety switch from the wires.

Attach Both Wires Together

We will remove the plastic coating from the ends of both wires with the help of a wire stripper.

After removing the plastic coat from the wire, we will twist the ends of both wires with each other.

After joining the wires, check whether the vehicle engine starts or not. If the engine ignites, then proceed further.

Otherwise, you might have selected the wrong switch. You can take the help of a multimeter for detecting the clutch switch.

Strengthen The Connection By Soldering

The cables attached to the clutch safety switch have quite delicate metallic wires. These wires do not connect firmly.

There is a dire need to solder them for smooth current supply between them.

We will use an electric soldering machine to join both wires together firmly.

Bring soldering wire and the fully heated soldering machine near the joint that we want to solder.

Place the soldering wire on the joint and melt it by the heated machine to form its coat.

Before that, we will rub the soldering paste over the uncoated twisted wires for a great soldered joint.

Please do not use excessive paste because it may result in a short circuit.

Bolt The Plastic Shield In Its Place

Now place the plastic shield on the respective point with its screws and tighten it by turning the screw clockwise.

Test Your Vehicle

Once you’ve placed the plastic shields on their respective points, test your car to see if everything works.

If you have done everything well, you’ll be able to get around your clutch switch and avoid having to replace it.

If something does not work as you anticipated, double-check all of your work before trying again.

Replace Clutch Safety Switch

You can also avoid all the hassle and potentially dangerous electrical work by purchasing a universal bypass module.

All you need to do is follow the instructions provided on the manual and wire it up, and then you’re good to carry on driving as usual, but with much more freedom of movement around your vehicle.

The Takeaway

The clutch safety switch is the device that stops your car from being started in any gear other than park or neutral.

It’s a unique and valuable little feature invented in the early ’90s.

If you don’t want this feature in your vehicle, or if it stops working, you may be wondering how to bypass the clutch safety switch.

If you’re mechanically minded and familiar with how these switches work and what they do, you can bypass them easily.

But if you’re not, the above guide will tell you everything you need to know about bypassing your vehicle’s clutch safety switch.

Just follow the steps carefully, and you’re good to go!