How To Take The Governor Off A Car? (Step-By-Step Guide)

How To Take The Governor Off A Car? (Step-By-Step Guide)

The modern automobile industry ensures that speed governors are installed in vehicles.

According to recent advancements in the laws, the addition of speed governors has now become mandatory.

Therefore, most of the vehicles around you will have this feature. As soon as you exceed the speed limit, the governor starts regulating the amount of fuel and air reaching the engine.

How To Take a Governor Off a Car

Some manufacturers install adjustable speed governors. You can program them and alter the limit to take a governor off a car.

However, companies do not leave much room for reprogramming when they follow the statutory guidelines.

Nevertheless, specific aftermarket tools and techniques are available that can help you remove the governor.

Working Of A Speed Governor

The speed governor measures your speed per hour. It sends signals to the electronic control unit as the speed exceeds the limit.

The unit activates the response and restricts the fuel supply to the engine. Afterward, you cannot enhance the speed.

To take the governor off a car, you must understand its major types first.

Types Of Governors

Usually, the vehicles have two types of speed governors. These areas follow.

The Standard Speed Governor

It is the most commonly used speed governor in automobiles. It allows the user to navigate the settings and set the limit.

You can adjust the speed limit and take the governor off a car. You do not have to follow strict programming protocols to perform the process.

The Advanced Speed Governor

Most modern cars with high-power engines utilize this type of governor. The manufacturers employ challenging programming codes to set up the speed limit.

To take the governor off a car, you must reprogram it through specific devices or call a specialist.

Furthermore, these systems may also have the intelligence to adjust the governor according to the speed limit at every interval.

Therefore, you will notice a change in the limit every time you pass a speed limit sign.

The Procedure

You should follow the steps to take a governor off a car.

Determining The Car Model

The primary step that leads you on the road to take a governor off a car is understanding the car model.

All the models that came into the market during the 90s have the capacity for a governor. These vehicles either have inbuilt or manually attached governors.

However, the models ranging from 97 to 98 do not contain any governor.

At this time, the manufacturers became entirely averted to the governors because of the speeding trends during these years.

However, the manufacturers synchronized the governors to the vehicle’s programs in all the cars from 1999 and onwards.

Now, most of the car manufacturers preinstall the governor. However, some may also offer it as an accessory.

Analyze Your Abilities

The critical factor that will help you reprogram the computer and take a governor off a car is the analysis of your skills.

If you possess the required expertise to reprogram the device yourself, then go ahead. Otherwise, you can always rely on experts or third parties to complete the job.

However, you will have to provide them with a chip from your computer.

Acquiring The Right Device

To reprogram the computer, you will have to get a device from the market. There are several options available.

However, first, you will have to assess the circuit that the vehicle computer controls. All the latest cars these days have the rev limiter circuit.

Taking a Governor Off a Car

You will need a device such as DiabloSport, Predator, or SCT tuner to program the setting and take a governor off a car.

These are some commonly used devices that are readily available in the market.

After getting the devices, you must reset certain parameters to adjust the torque, horsepower, and rpm.

These tuners will override the current setting and acclimatize to the latest speed limit.

You must install the new programmer on the computer and navigate the speed governor settings from there. It is the most common method to take a governor off a car.

The programmers also have manuals consisting of the precise direction you require to complete the task.

Furthermore, the system also guides you along the way to further ease the procedure.

Contacting The Experts

At this point, you need a certain set of expertise that will help you keep the parameters accurate.

There is a high probability that you might end up ruining the parameters. As a result, a power loss occurs that is difficult to overcome.

Therefore, you should opt for a tuner company to take a governor off a car to avoid such accidental blunders.

The reprogramming requires some time, and your vehicle will be non-functional during this period.

ECU Remapping

Most experts take a governor off a car through ECM remapping. It is one of the highly efficient techniques that ensure error-free reprogramming.

The method allows the specialist to override the factory settings. Afterward, they can adjust the entire data according to your preferences.

The key is to retrieve the microchip that contains the setting performed by the manufacturer. The chip is usually present in the electronic control unit (ECU).

The ECU is the central link that effectively provides instructions for the operation of your vehicle.

After performing certain functions, these people get access to overwrite the program in the chip. It is one of the most cost-effective methods to take a governor off a car.

With ECU remapping, you can witness an improvement in your engine’s torque, horsepower, and performance.

Temporarily Deactivating The Speed Limit

Some manufacturers, such as Volvo, also provide the option for temporary deactivation of the speed governor.

These companies spare their users from the complex programming and provide them with a simple way to take a governor off a car.

You can find the button on the steering wheel. Around it, certain symbols are present that may provide you with the idea of deactivating, enhancing, or decreasing the speed limit.

After adjusting the speed limit through these buttons, you can view the changes in the speedometer.

Furthermore, some color-coordinated indications can also tell you about the speed governor status.

Manually Adjusting The Speed Limit

You can also manually adjust the speed limit through the accelerator. You can press the accelerator to activate the speed limit.

The speedometer indicates the status of the speed limit. Afterward, you must fully release it to retain the limit at the last highest speed point.

Other companies such as Nissan alter the speed limit itself. However, during this process, its GPS plays an active role.

It detects the racetracks and enhances the speed limit. Ford Mustang also allows the parents to control the speed limit.

They can lower the speed limit further to prevent any unforeseen incidents.


Readjusting the speed limit can be necessary if you drive through the night on a dark road. There are multiple ways to take a governor of a car despite your intentions.

If you possess the required expertise, you can handle the deed yourself. However, you should contact the companies specializing in this domain to take a governor off a car.

There is a high probability that you can make a mistake while reprogramming. It might affect the settings of your vehicle computer and the functioning of your car.