How To Remove Wiper Arm Without Puller – Guide

How To Remove Wiper Arm Without Puller – Guide

Changing car wiper blades is a walk in the park. But what about removing a stuck wiper arm?

An uphill battle, you may say. Wiper arms should quickly come off by adding release oil, wiggling, and lifting them out.

How to remove wiper arm without puller

But due to tolerance and rust accumulation between the joint threads, they get jammed.

For this reason, you will need to use additional force to release the wiper arm. So, what do you do if you can’t get access to or can’t fit a wiper arm removal tool?

Continue reading to learn more on how to remove wiper arms without pullers.

Here are six ways you can use to remove the wiper arm without a puller:

Wiggle And Oil With A Bit Of Pressure

Your first attempt to remove the stuck wiper arm is first to soak the joint in lubricating oil. The oil can sit on the wiper arm for a day or more to achieve the best results.

The next step is to wiggle the base of the arm until it pops out.

As you wiggle the wiper arm, you can also apply pressure with your hand by pushing down and pulling it up harder.

A Pivot, A Prying Tool, And A Hammer

For this technique, you will need a pivot (block of wood or foam block) and a prying tool (chisel, wrench, or large prying bar) to remove the wiper arm without a puller.

If you wish to avoid scratches on your glass or paint, it is best to wrap the tools with a soft cloth before applying pressure.


  • First, remove the dust cap to reveal the retaining nut.
  • Next, you will loosen and remove the retaining nut.
  • Place the prying tool underneath the wiper arm.
  • Using the wooden piece as a pivot, apply pressure to the pry bar as you gently tap on the upper side of the wiper arm joint with a hammer.
  • Continue tapping until it comes off.

With this method of removing the wiper arm without a puller, you risk damaging the cowl panel.

If you do not wish to damage the threads, put back the nut without exposing the spindle head.

But, again, proceed with caution if your prying tool has to face the windshield.

In this case, try as much as possible to use angled wrenches so that they are not facing the windshield.

Use a rubber mallet to hit the joint to avoid damaging or scratching the surrounding components.

Using Retaining Nuts, A Hammer Or Rubber Mallet, And Lubrication Oil

Another technique you can use to remove the wiper arm without a puller is the retaining nut and a hummer.

To make it a bit easier, you can use some lubricating oil, silicone lubricant, or release oil to help break the corrosion bond.

If you do not have penetrating oil, you can use the oil from the engine by using the dipstick.


  • First, you will need to remove the dust cap to reveal the retaining nut.
  • Spill a thin film of lubrication oil and let it sit for at least 20 minutes so that it penetrates the joint.
  • Screw the nut halfway through the spindle thread until there is a reasonable gap between the nut and base.
  • Using a hammer, strike the top part of the nut gently, ensuring that you do not spoil the nut.
  • As you hit the nut with the hammer or rubber mallet, pull the wiper arm upwards, creating enough pressure to break the corrosion.

If you intend to use the oil from the engine, make sure that you clean the dipstick with a clean cloth to prevent any dirt or dust from getting into the machine.

Also, wiper arms with high plastic covers are at the risk of cracking.

When using this technique, make sure not to hammer too much. Otherwise, you will damage the retaining nut, making it difficult to pull out.

However, you may be done in four hammer taps or less if you do it right.

Prying With A Wrench Or Spanner And Lubricating Oil

This technique requires a wrench tool big enough to grip the base of the wiper arm and lubricating oil to loosen the joint.

The wrench you use will depend on the dimensions of your wiper arm.


  • First, you will have to remove the dust cap and then loosen and remove the nut retaining the wiper arm.
  • Then add some penetration fluid to the joint and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.
  • After adding the fluid, put the retaining nut back on.
  • Pry gently using a wrench with one end on the retaining nut and the other under the wiper arm.

Most car owners recommend soaking the wiper and spindle joint with WD-40 or blaster PB. The choice of penetrating fluid depends on what is available to you.

Removing wiper arm without puller

Using Standard Locking Pliers Or A Pair Of Vice Grips


  • What you need to do first is remove the dust cap.
  • Hook the upper jaw of the standard locking pliers under the wiper arm and the lower part at the center of the thread.
  • Adjust the pliers until their jaws are tightly held at the center of the retaining nut and lock them.
  • At this point, there are two options. You can either move the wiper arm up and down, back and forth, or tighten the locking pliers adjuster.
  • If you are using a pair of vice grips, you will need to clamp tight for the wiper arm to pop off.

If you prefer using the adjuster, placing a coin between the plier’s jaw and the nut will prevent further damage.

For this technique to work successfully without damaging or scratching anything, you’ll need to make sure that you leave enough clearance between the nut and the wiper arm to pop it loose.

Heating With A Gas Torch

You can use this method as the last option on your list of ways to remove the wiper arm without a puller.

It involves using heat to expand and contract the joint to break the rust seal.

This technique is the last resort because you might end up welding two dissimilar metals together or melt the plastic cover if you are not careful.

You can use an oxy-acetylene or propane torch for this kind of job.


  • Put a wet cloth around the wiper arm to cover all surfaces that can’t withstand heat.
  • Using a gas torch of your choice, heat the nut and the stud.
  • Concentrate the heat on the metallic components in the wiper arm joint.
  • When red hot, Immediately cool down the heated component.

The most tricky part about removing the wiper arm using a torch is that you might melt the plastic cowl.

Additional Considerations

A Screwdriver Can Remove A Wiper Arm

If it proves too hard for you to get pliers, you may consider a screwdriver because it will still do the same.

You will have an easy time because a screwdriver will provide a better grip. Everything is now more accessible because you only need to place it on the blade’s sides.

You will then twist and pull the blade till it falls off. In most cases, you may need to get a better grip to place a cloth over the screwdriver to help you get a better grip.

You Can Bend The Wiper Blades

The goal here is to remove the wiper arm even if you do not own one of the pullers. So, most drivers will bend the blades backward slowly until it snaps off.

It is not a simple task and may not work on all the blades, so hopefully, it will work with your car.

If you have a type of car with a straight middle blade, the trick might work for you. You can use a screwdriver to bend the blades.

Here you will have to exert a lot of pressure because the blades won’t easily bend without force.

A Rubber Band May Also Help Remove The Wiper Arm

Having some few tools should not be a reason to have issues removing the wiper arm.

Yes, the majority will miss the puller, but if you have the rubber band, it is as good as you have a puller because it will serve the same function.

Place the rubber bands around the blade and fix them tightly until it reaches the underneath arm.

When the rubber band is closely fixed, you can start pulling it in your direction. You will keep doing this until the side breaks off.

The intention is to remove the blade, so keep pulling until the blade pulls off.

Seek Guidance From An Expert

In most cases, if you have no idea what should happen without a puller, you may seek help from friends or experts with better tools.

Do not be so mean because some service providers will do it for you. Let off some dollars, and you will accomplish the whole task in less than a minute.

You May Use The WD-40 If You Want To Loosen The Blade

Removing the wiper arm is easy, provided that you found a way to remove the blades.

It is always a challenge to get a good grip around the blades, so if you find some WD-40 tool, you can be sure to do it quickly.

Begin by spraying either side of the blade, and you ought to give it around 30 seconds to take effect. You will then begin pulling and twisting.

Keep doing it until one of the blades starts falling off. Ensure that you are generous when spraying with WD-40 for the blades to pull out easily.

Do Not Forget To Turn The Arm Upside Down

Yes, you are trying to remove a wiper arm, and you must never leave even the basic things. You can try turning the arm upside-down to ease the blade removal.

But it won’t be easy because you may not get a good grip when you use your bare hands. Turn the blade upside down to help you quickly reach out the wiper arm.


You should know how to remove the wiper arm without a puller. These techniques are simple, and some take less than a minute to remove the wiper arm.

However, vehicles are different, so the suitable method for you will depend on the availability of tools, access to the windshield arm joint, and the level of corrosion inside the wiper arm joint.