How To Remove Blind Spot Mirror – Guide

How To Remove Blind Spot Mirror – Guide

A blind spot mirror is a useful gadget attached to the side mirror of a car for extending the visible area. Sometimes, it is called a fish-eye mirror.

Most times, blind spots are placed on the side mirror’s surface by using an adhesive. The addition of a blind spot improves your safety by providing you with an extra view of parts of the road that the convectional side mirror won’t show.

How to remove blind spot mirror

However, adding a blind spot in the wrong place can provide an adverse effect. When you notice that you have added the blind spot in the wrong location, you have to remove it. Unfortunately, the removal process can be tricky.

Today, we will provide you with simple methods that will help you remove the blind spot without damaging the side mirror.

How To Detach Blind Spot Mirror From Your Vehicle

Getting rid of the blind spot mirror is quite challenging. Besides detaching the mirrors, the adhesive on the back can leave behind a residue, challenging to remove, for some, utilizing a razor blade to separate the adhesive from the side mirror.

We’ll look at the various methods used to get rid of the blind spot mirror.

Removing Blind Spot With The Help Of Fishing Line

To complete this process, you need scissors, fishing line, soft cloth, and spray (water -displacement type). When you have the entire materials you need, take the following steps:

  1. Cut 12 inches long fishing line. Apply the spray on the edges of the blind spot mirrors.
  2. To give yourself a better angle for control, wrap the ends of the fishing line around each hand.
  3. Place the fishing line above the mirror, slowly move it back and forth until it gets to the back of the mirror. Continue to move the fishing line, apply your spray sparingly or as much as you need.
  4. With care, tug the fishing line downwards until you succeed in removing the mirror efficiently. Afterward, use your soft cloth to eliminate any residue left behind by the adhesive or any remaining solution. Make an effort to move in small circles until the entire deposition is entirely off.
  5. If you encounter difficult residue because of the adhesive, use the WD-40 to eliminate it.

Removing Blind Spot Mirror With Dental Floss

The material you need includes floss, soft cloth, and adhesive remover. After getting the above materials ready, you should follow the process:

  1. Place the floss behind the blind spot mirror.
  2. Using the same technique with which you apply the floss to your teeth, work with the adhesive. The application of pressure is necessary to remove the glue.
  3. Keep applying the floss until the blind spot mirror is removed.
  4. Remember to wipe the residue the adhesive leaves behind. You can utilize the adhesive remover.

Using A Heat Gun

To remove blind spot mirrors through the use of a heat gun, you need a cloth, dental floss, windshield wiper spray, and a heat gun. When you have the necessary materials, you should take the following steps:

  1. Get a heat gun
  2. You should ensure that the heat applied is approximately 5 inches away from the side of the blind spot mirror.
  3. Give the glue a few minutes to become movable. The best way to test if the blind spot mirror is ready is to try twisting the attachment to see if it can move.
  4. Apply some fishing line or floss, but before then, cover it with WD-40. You can use a wiper spray for this too.
  5. Afterward, hold the line or floss. Ensure that it is securely wrapped around your hands. Next, slide it to the back of the blind spot mirror.
  6. Move the line or floss slowly from left to right until the glue is broken.
  7. Spray on some of the windshield wipers and wipe the residue off. Also, for stubborn residue, use WD-40 to wipe them off.

The Right Place To Add Your Blind Spot Mirrors

Although it is easy to install a blind spot mirror, you can’t put it anywhere you want. They must be placed with a strategy so they can function the right way. Placing the blind spot mirror in the wrong way will make it obstruct the driver.

Placing the blind spot mirror in the upper corner of your side mirror will ensure you get the best view. For those who need the blind spot to help them park their cars, you should install them on the lower corner of the side mirror. This is the way to have a clear line of sight to the parking line and curbs.

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Simple Tips To Help You Eliminate Blind Spot Mirrors

The process of removing blind spot mirrors is not the easiest one out there. Hence, it will be beneficial for you to learn simple tips to make the process less complicated. Some of the tips are listed below.

  • Those who are using a heat gun to soften the adhesive should do it quickly to avoid causing damage to the mirror.
  • Apply a generous amount of pressure when you are attempting to work your way through the glue. The reason is that the glue can stretch. Hence you need a high amount of force to work through.
  • Ensure that spray is used in all blind spot removal processes because it makes the adhesive hold softer.


Blind spot mirror removal is necessary when you place the mirror in the wrong part of the side mirror. To remove the blind spot mirrors, you can use any of the processes discussed above. We have also included tips to make the processes easier for you.