How to Get Gum Out of Car Carpet

How to Get Gum Out of Car Carpet

One of the worst things that may get into your car carpet is gum. Gum is a sticky substance that is hard to get off most surfaces, especially those with fine fibers like carpet.

How to Get Gum Out of Car Carpet

Finding gum attached to a recently cleaned car carpet is the most annoying thing you can ever imagine.

Since you know how difficult and time-consuming it will be to remove the gum, regardless, you will face this issue regularly, especially when you have kids.

But don’t be alarmed. In this article, you will learn simple and fast methods of getting gum out of your car carpet.

The following are DIY steps to remove gum from your car carpet. These steps are easy and fast!

Freeze the Gum Off the Carpet

Step 1: Get the Area Ready

Get a little piece of paper or cardboard, and then cut a hole that resembles the size of the gum.

For instance, if the gum size is big, the hole should be big, but if small, the hole should also be small. Cover the area where the gum is with paper or cardboard.

While you remove the gum, this piece of cardboard serves as a guard to protect the unaffected carpet.

Step 2: Freeze the Gum

Put a reasonable amount of ice in a plastic bag. Then, place the plastic bag right on the gum spot.

Keep it there until you can see the gum starting to grow stiff. After the gum solidifies, it will be much simpler to remove.

Because the bag is sealed with a zipper, the melting ice cannot escape into other areas.

Step 3: Scrape off the Gum

When the gum has sufficiently hardened, carefully scrape it out with a silicone kitchen scraper, a dull knife, or a spatula. Follow the next steps if there are still a few obstinate bits or a stain.

Step 4: Remove Any Residual

Apply lacquer thinner to the last bits of gum using a sponge. The leftover pieces of gum should be gently scraped or blotted until they are gone.

Given that lacquer thinners are combustible and can produce toxic fumes, you should abide by the safety instructions on the product.

You might also experiment with citrus-based adhesive removers like De-Solv-It or Goo Gone.

Step 5: Rinse the Area and Pat It Dry

Finally, rinse the area with a small amount of water and dab the excess moisture with a towel until the area is dry.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the above guide, here is another simple step you can follow.

Use WD-40

Step 1: Spray the Wd-40 on the Gum

Spray a considerable amount of WD-40 onto the gum. This product will help dissolve the gum polymers, which will result in them being less sticky and easier to remove from the carpet.

Give the spray a few minutes to work its way into the stain before proceeding. Because it works immediately, there is no need to wait an hour or more for it to take effect.

Step 2: Scrape off the Gum

When the gum becomes hardened, scrape it off the carpet with a fork, a dull knife, or a tiny scrub brush. Be sure to scrape the stain in the same direction throughout the entire process.

Pick either the left or the right side to clean, and make sure to maintain scrubbing in the same direction using simple, rapid motions.

Be careful not to damage the carpet by stepping on it too heavily. If you are extremely rough with it, there is a possibility that it will become damaged.

When you are finished scrubbing the carpet, continue to apply additional WD-40 to it.

Step 3: Use a Vacuum for Any Residual Pieces

There may be some little fragments of gum attached to the carpet fibers, making removal difficult. Suck up these tiny particles with a vacuum.

In a few minutes, the gum will vanish if you follow these steps. Your carpet will be spotless and revitalized, with no indication that there was a gum stain there just a few seconds ago.

Do not stop reading! Do you know there are some other proven methods aside from the ones mentioned? Here is another method you might want to give a try.

Remove Gum Using Oils

Step 1:  Test the Oil’s Effectiveness

You can use oils like olive or eucalyptus oil. The oil lessens the gum’s stickiness, allowing it to come loose from the car carpet easily.

However, before using any of these oils, you need to test their effectiveness on a small patch of carpet.

Test a small area for discoloration with the oil, then check to see whether you’ve aggravated the stain. Some oils can bleach or discolor fabrics.

Step 2: Apply the Tested Oil

Using a cloth, apply oil on the gum. Do not pour the oil straight on the gum but rather on a cloth.

This will allow you to more precisely control where the oil goes. Apply oil to the gum repeatedly with the cloth until it is soaked.

Step 3: Scrape Off the Gum

Carefully use a dull knife to scrape the gum off. Use the knife to scrape the gum off the carpet in the same direction each time.

If you rub back and forth on your carpet, you could damage the fibers and do more damage to your floor.

Additionally, to prevent the gum from being reapplied to the carpet after each pass, wipe the gum off the knife blade.

Lastly, do you know your hairdryer or vinegar can perform magic? The last step in this post is how you can also use a hairdryer or vinegar to get gum out of your car carpet.

Using Your Hairdryer

How to Get Gum Out of Car Carpet

Step 1: Point the Nozzle of Your Hairdryer at the Gum

As soon as you notice the gum on your car carpet, point the nozzle of your hairdryer directly at it.

Be sure to keep a close eye on the gum, as prolonged exposure to high temperatures might cause the carpet’s fibers to melt.

Step 2: Scrape off the Gum

You can use a plastic bag and a scraper to remove the gum as soon as it melts. Due to the fact that the gum has melted, it will easily cling to the bag, and it will not be difficult to remove.

Keep doing this until the gum stain on the carpet of your car is completely gone.

Using Vinegar

Step 1: Combine 1/2 teaspoon dishwashing liquid and 1/4 cup white vinegar in a solution.

Step 2: Apply a very small amount of the solution to the stain with a soft-bristled brush.

Step 3: After ten minutes, use a clean rag that has been dipped in plain water to wash down the solution.

Step 4: Blot the area with a clean rag until no solution or residue is transferred to the cloth.

Step 5: Allow the carpet fibers to dry entirely before vacuuming the carpet.

Wrapping Up

Have you been having an issue with gums on your carpet? Or are you looking for a fast and easy way to get gum out of your car carpet?

This article is for you! This article has provided various ways to get gum out of your car carpet.

When it comes to getting gum out from your carpet, the key to success is to do things slowly and carefully. Take your time and make sure you’re following the process correctly.