Engine Degreaser Vs. Brake Cleaner – What Is The Difference?

Engine Degreaser Vs. Brake Cleaner – What Is The Difference?

Engine Degreaser

Let us have a look at what an engine degreaser is and how it works before comparing its performance to that of a brake cleaner.

The difference between an engine degreaser and a brake cleaner is not that big. They slightly differ because they are both used for cleaning purposes.

Have you ever spotted the accumulated thick grease and grime in your car’s engine? These thick layers of grease and grime present in your engine should get rid of through an engine degreaser as an alternative to bug steam cleaner. 

This is because the engine degreaser makes the grime and grease easy to remove.

Types of engine degreasers

Just like brake cleaner, engine degreasers are available in two types. They are based on either petroleum or water.

Each of these types of degreaser has pros and cons. You should carefully weigh each of the available types and find which will work in your case.

Petroleum Based

Most likely, this type of engine degreasers is cheaper as compared to water-based degreasers.

This is because petrol is a natural cleaning agent and does not require more time to prepare as a cleaning agent. They are relatively robust. However, they can mess you when they come into contact with painted objects, plastics, aluminum, and chrome.


This is quite different from a petroleum-based degreaser because it’s gentler and very mild. This type of degreaser is highly enhanced in its formulation that will get down the grease with ease as compared to petroleum-based.

Water-based degreasers are also environmentally friendly and do not need more attention while using them since they will not react so much with the objects it comes into contact with, such as plastics and metals. 

The only drawback of this type is that they are costly.

There are several types of engine degreasers in the market. Your choice will depend on your preference and that engine degreaser that is available in your area.

Here are some of the available engine degreasers:

  • Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Degreaser
  • Chemical Power Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Purple Power Industrial strength Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Simple Green Crystal Industrial Degreaser
  • Meguiar’s Super Degreaser
  • Oil Eater Original Degreaser
  • Super Clean Tough Task

Brake cleaner

Have you heard about a brake cleaner from your friends or workmates who love vehicles?

Just as it goes by the name, brake cleaner is used for wiping away brake fuel, breaking layers of grease, oil, and other several contaminants within a short time without leaving behind any residue.

Whenever you decide to have your brakes cleaned, you improve your car’s performance significantly since your car will move more smoothly and flexibly, thus promising more safety while driving.

The brake cleaner will fight the presence of grime and perhaps debris from accumulating in your brakes while driving, thus making your car safer as compared to other motorists.

What are the benefits of using brake cleaner?

Here are some of the things you are likely to enjoy if you decide to use brake cleaners for your car:

Simple and easy to use

Brake cleaner will demand minimal measures to put in place. In a real sense, no preparation is required at all. Another added advantage is that this automotive degreaser will take a very short to evaporate, leaving no residue behind.

External Use

Did you know that you can use your brake cleaner to find leaks present in your car’s vacuum hoses?

Brake cleaner will help you easily located the leaking points in your car without causing harm to the crucial internal parts.

You can also use your brake cleaner as an alternative to an automotive degreaser in other metallic moving parts.

Multiple uses

Brake cleaners can be used in cleaning all parts touching braking systems such as drums, pads, discs, cylinders, springs, CV joints, and linings.

Again, brake cleaner can also be applicable when cleaning parts that are not related to the braking system, such as clutch parts, calipers, fuel pumps, engine carburetors, and oil parts.

Types of brake cleaners

Did you know that there are two types of brake cleaners? Here are the two kinds of brake cleaners:

  • Chlorinated brake cleaner
  • Non-chlorinated brake cleaner

Chlorinated brake cleaner

Many motorists use this type of brake cleaner. It is also the one that has lasted for a very long time in the market since it dries up so quickly and is not flammable.

However, this type of brake cleaner is banned in some countries because it contains chlorinated atoms. California is one of the states that using chlorinated brake cleaner is prohibited.

Non-chlorinated brake cleaner

This type of brake cleaner lacks chlorinated solvents in its contents. A significant drawback of this type of brake cleaner is that it often contains substances harmful to the environment.

It usually is not as fast drying as those of chlorinated brake cleaner and is also flammable.


Do not use engine degreasers servicing your brakes since it will leave behind an oily residue that is harmful to your brakes.

If you continuously use the engine degreaser on your brakes, they may end up getting contaminated hence reducing their affectivity. It would be best to use a brake cleaner for your brakes and an engine degreaser for your engine.