Car Pulls To The Right When Accelerating – Causes Explained

Car Pulls To The Right When Accelerating – Causes Explained

It is pretty frustrating if your car starts to pull to the right when accelerating. When this happens, it might cause the driver to lose control over the car on a difficult road.

It can also be dangerous as you may hit other cars or objects.

Car pulls to the right when accelerating

If you’re facing such a problem, you are not alone. There are various causes for this issue which we’ll discuss here. So, let’s get started:

9 Reasons Why A Car Pulls To The Right When Accelerating

1. Tire Conicity

A tire tends to roll away from the center of the wheel. In other words, the outside edge of the tire wants to move towards the outer side of the rim.

It is called “conicity” caused by uneven wear patterns on the tread. Manufacturing defects can also cause conicity.

If the tire conicity is too high or low, it could cause the car to pull to the left or right when you accelerate. A higher conicity results in more traction but less stability. A lower conicity results in less traction but better stability.

To reduce tire conicity, use a good quality tire that has been properly inflated. Also, check the alignment of the tires

2. Misaligned Wheel

Wheel misalignment is the common reason why a car pulls to the right. It is one of the most common problems in driving and can lead to loss of control of the vehicle.

Misaligned wheels tend to steer to one side or another. It can be caused by worn tires, damaged suspension components, and other issues.

To correct this problem, check the wheels’ alignment using a tool such as an aligner. Make sure the wheels are aligned correctly.

 3. Complications In The Brake System

Brakes are essential to safe driving. The Brake system is responsible for stopping the car when you press the brake pedal. The brake system consists of several parts, including:

  • The master cylinder converts the force applied to the pedal into hydraulic pressure
  • The caliper contains pads that make contact with the rotor
  • The rotors are attached to the wheels
  • The brake fluid passes through pipes and hoses to the brakes

A faulty brake system could cause your car to pull out to the right when accelerating. It could include Brake fluid leaks, Faulty master cylinder, collapsed brake hose, Faulty caliper, faulty drum brakes, or a lousy brake pedal.

Have your mechanic inspect the brake pads, fluid level, and brake lines to fix this issue. Then, he’ll make sure everything is working correctly.

4. Torque Steer

Torque steer affects primarily front-wheel drive vehicles. It is experienced when a car pulls to the right due to hard acceleration. This experience is quite scary, especially if you are a beginner at driving.

Torque steer happens when an engine has too much torque and does not have enough power to move the wheels at high speeds.

It can be caused by worn or damaged drivetrain parts, such as driveshafts, axles, differential gears, loose steering elements, damaged motor mount, or excessive motion in a ball joint.

Because several components cause this issue, it would be best to take it to a garage. The mechanic will have to replace all the affected parts to fix the problem.

5. Weak Wheel Bearing

If your car begins to pull to the right when accelerating, you might have weak wheel bearings. These are the small metal pieces inside the tires that allow them to spin freely.

Weak wheel bearings can lead to tire wear and eventual failure. Have your mechanic check the wheel bearings, and Then he’ll install new ones.

Wheel bearing replacement is a simple procedure that involves replacing the entire wheel assembly. To replace the wheel bearing, have your mechanic remove the wheels. Afterward, he’ll put everything back together.

What causes a car to pull to the right when accelerating

6. Worn Out Suspension System

If your car has pulled to the right when accelerating. Make sure all the suspension components are working correctly. The worn suspension system can make the car’s wheels not in contact with the ground as they should be.

There is no grip between the tires and the road surface, making the car start pulling to the right. The suspension system consists of springs, shock absorbers, and ball joints.

If any part of these parts wears down or breaks, the whole suspension system becomes faulty. Suspension systems need replacement throughout the car’s lifetime because worn suspension parts may cause pulling problems.

7. Tire Pressure

One of the common reasons your car pulls left or right when braking or accelerating is the uneven air pressure in the tires.

When one or more of your tires has lost air on one side, it will have different heights, causing the wheel alignment to shift.

Inflated tires have high resistance to roll, which amplifies steering pull making the car pull to the side.

When your car begins to pull to the right, it is advisable to check the tire pressure. Also, inspect the rear tires as low rear tire pressure will cause wheel misalignment creating a steering pull.

You will need to consult a technician to check the air pressure in all four tires. They will then adjust the pressure as needed.

8. Bad Transmission

If you notice your car pulling to the right when braking, accelerating or turning, your car’s transmission may be damaged. Transmissions transfer power from the engine to the drive shafts.

They also control how fast the gears turn. If the transmission isn’t working correctly, the car may start to pull to the side, especially when braking or accelerating.

To fix this, your mechanic should check the transmission fluid levels, transmission mounts, clutch cable tension, and other transmission parts.

9. Memory Steer

Lastly, your car might be pulling to the right because of the memory steer. A memory steer occurs when the front wheels lose traction while driving at speeds above 30 mph.

It happens when the driver turns the steering wheel sharply without releasing their hands from the wheel.

When the vehicle starts moving again, the car’s front end tends to want to swing toward the direction the driver was going before the sudden change in direction.

It’s important to note that memory steer doesn’t happen every time the driver turns the steering column. But if it does happen often, it could mean that something is wrong with the steering mechanism.


Many things can cause your car to pull to the right. Some are very easy to fix, but others require professional help. It would be best if you never tried to fix a problem yourself unless you’re an expert.

Always seek help from professionals like mechanics who know what they are doing.