Car Bogs Down When Accelerating – Top Causes

Car Bogs Down When Accelerating – Top Causes

If your car does not ignite the engine instantly and bogs down, the chances are that there is a problem with the fuel or the carburetor.

It usually takes the vehicle a few seconds before it starts.

The time is used for the fuel to reach the combustion chamber, mix with air and ignite with the spark.

Car Bogs Down When Accelerating Causes & Solutions

The process should be efficient and quick for the engine to start. However, specific issues with the engine can stall the overall procedure.

In some cases, the vehicle may start after a short delay, but it can also take up a considerable amount of time which can be pretty annoying for the driver.

Causes Of Car Bogging Down When Accelerating

Following are some of the reasons why the car bogs down when accelerating.

Insufficient Fuel Availability

One of the most prominent issues that cause a car to bog down when accelerating is the low fuel supply to the engine.

The engine requires an optimal level of fuel mixed with air to work. The combustion of this fuel is necessary to ignite the engine instantly.

The entire fuel system functions to send an appropriate amount to the engine.

The fuel pumps are primarily responsible for moving the fuel. These ensure that fuel reaches the destined set points despite the terrain on which the car is going.

When these pumps are broken, they can restrict the fuel supply, and the car bogs down when accelerating.

Moreover, in some cases, your fuel tank can be dirty. The accumulated dirt and debris prevent the fuel from reaching the chambers.

Over time corrosion impacts the tank’s structure, and it may also contaminate the fuel present in it.

The tank walls may also have the fuel remnants sticking to them.

Consequently, the fuel pumps receive a limited amount of gas, leading to a low spark, and the car bogs down when accelerating.

Broken Air Filter

Air filters are necessary to provide the fuel with a suitable amount of air as it is essential for the burning of fuel in the engine that allows it to ignite.

Therefore, it must be available in the required amount. Air filters clean the air from debris, dust, or pollutants present.

Removing them is necessary for the efficient mixing of air and fuel. Air filters are also responsible for providing an inlet for the outside air in internal combustion engines.

Air filters are also susceptible to contamination. As time passes, they are likely to accumulate the waste they filter from the air.

It may lead to corrosion and blockage within the filters.

In some cases, it may also affect the structural integrity of the filter, and it may break down.

Rust often accelerates the process and intensifies the degree of damage endured by these filters.

Defects within the air filter will cause a car to bog down when accelerating but may also impact its performance.

Check engine lights, poor mileage, and emission of black smoke are also signs that may start appearing.

Issues With The Carburetor

The carburetor is the mechanical structure that effectively mixes fuel and air. It is the part responsible for the steady functioning of your vehicle.

It is directly linked with the intake manifold. Therefore, it supplies the mixture to it, and the manifold, in turn, feeds it into the combustion chamber.

As a result, your car starts immediately.

Several issues may occur with a carburetor causing your car to bog down when accelerating.

Carburetor float is one of the parts that release the air-fuel mixture into the internal manifold. It controls the fuel supply to the other regions.

By floating, it monitors the fuel passage. If it becomes stuck within the compartments, it can stop the fuel supply.

The engine may get only a tiny amount of fuel, and your car bogs down when accelerating.

Moreover, in some situations, carburetor jets may become worn out. These promote the process of mixing by pumping the fuel through tiny holes.

The mechanical damage can be due to contaminated air or fuel passing through the carburetor for a prolonged period.

A faulty carburetor can be a potential reason your car bogs down when accelerating.

Car Bogs Down When Accelerating

Faulty Accelerator Sensor

An accelerator sensor measures the force with which you press the gas pedal.

It sends signals to the engine unit, increasing or diminishing the fuel supply into the combustion chamber.

Consequently, your car’s speed may vary according to the strength of the signal.

Faulty sensors within the system may cause your car to bog down when accelerating.

They may send intermittent signals to the control unit, which may not provide the car with enough output to work according to the acceleration.

When you push or release the pedal, the vehicle does not respond.


Following are some of the measures you can take to solve the problems that cause the car to bog down when accelerating.

Ensuring Optimal Fuel Supply

A car bogs down when accelerating due to the limited fuel supply. There are some methods you can employ to mitigate this issue.

It can be pretty tricky and may require some expertise to pinpoint the exact problem within the fuel system.

However, taking additional measures after a short period will not let a car bog down when accelerating.

Thoroughly cleaning the gas tank can remove any blockage in the initial supply. Afterward, you can check the fuel pumps too.

If you notice a leakage or a broken piece, you will have to replace the parts.

Maintaining The Air Filters

It is necessary to replace the air filters after a specific time. It would help if you also used durable filters to enhance your car’s performance.

To clean the filters, you will have to remove them.

Once you take them out, you must clear the dust and debris through a clean cloth. Afterward, you can use a cleaning solution to get rid of any rust accumulated.

In the case of an oiled filter, you must let the filter dry before lubricating it with the oil.

If the vents in the filter are broken or damaged, you will have to replace the whole part.

Fixing The Carburetors

In some cases, adjusting the carburetor does not let a car bog down when accelerating. You can remove the carburetor to find out the specific defective part.

If the problem lies in float, you can quickly readjust it. However, if the jets show any sign of damage, then you will have to get them replaced.

These are nozzle-like and can be instantly detached. You must find the right size jets and attach them to the carburetor.

You can also rebuild the carburetor in some cases, but the cost is usually higher than the investment you can make on a new one.

Resetting The Sensor

Recalibrating the accelerator sensor can help you if your car bogs down when accelerating.

You must turn off the switch and press the pedal until full-throttle acceleration.


You must briefly assess the possible faults in your engine system if your car bogs down when accelerating. You can solve most of the issues with efficient techniques.

However, if the problem lies beyond your skills, seeking help from professionals is a suitable option.