Top 7 Garage Wall Mounted Vacuums (Review) – Which One Is The Best For Your Needs?

Top 7 Garage Wall Mounted Vacuums (Review) – Which One Is The Best For Your Needs?

To keep your garage in check and free of dirt and debris, you need to acquire a quality wall-mounted vacuum.

A broom or regular vacuum cleaners are ok, but they are nowhere close to a wall-mounted one. This is because it is more powerful and convenient than any other type.

However, choosing the best garage vacuum is no easy feat. You need to compare the different makes and models available on the market.

After conducting thorough research, we managed to come up with the best wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaners. Read our full review to find out.

Product Capacity Power Check Price
Bisell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum 18P03 4 gallon 12-amps Check Price
Shop-Vac 3942300 5G HP Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum 5 gallon 120-volts Check Price
Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum SL18133 Wall-Mounted Hanging Vacuum 4.5 gallon 120-volts Check Price
Vacmaster 5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum 5 gallon 120-volts Check Price
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner GUV ProGrade 5 gallon 10-amp Check Price
VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum 7 gallon 120-Volts Check Price
GarageVac GH120-E Black Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum 1 gallon 120-volts Check Price
Best Overall

Bisell Garage Pro Wall-mounted Wet/Dry Vacuum 18p03

BISSELL Garage Pro Wall Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum Blower with Auto Tool Kit

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Biselll Garage Pro wall-mounted wet/dry vacuum is the best all-around garage vacuum cleaner. It can clean both wet and dry messes in your garage and car. Besides, it comes with seven accessories that help you to tackle different floors and materials.

Due to its versatility, the Bisell garage vacuum is ideal for a person who wants a machine that can do it all. You can utilize the vacuum to clean the garage floor, upholstery, carpeting, and much more. So, you’re not just limited to cleaning the garage floor.

Product Overview

The Bisell vacuum is compactly designed for easy mounting. You don’t need to install this product as it comes with all the required mounting hardware. Furthermore, it has an extra-long hose that reaches over 32 feet. This allows the user to tidy up a larger area. Also, it has a long power cord that stretches up to 5 feet.

Besides the mounting hardware, the machine comes with an extension wand that cleans hard-to-reach areas. Together with the other six accessories, the wand helps to tackle different cleaning chores around the garage, car, and house. You can use the machine to clean your upholstery, carpet, rugs, and much more.

Featuring a 12-amp motor, the vacuum delivers great power that will suck up all kinds of dirt. What’s more, it can pick up both wet and dry messes. So, you can use it on any type of floor, whether wet or dry.

You will be happy to know that the vacuum comes with a large 4-gallon canister. This is a semi-translucent dirt tank that will hold a lot of dirt. Therefore, you won’t have to make a lot of rounds emptying the canister. Furthermore, it comes with an LED indicator that will alert you when it is full. So, you no longer have to guess whether the dirt tank is full or not.

At such a fantastic price, the Bisell 18P03 vacuum/blower is a wonderful machine that you will be proud of having in your garage. You will also get a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • It can also be used as a drawer
  • Simple to install and use
  • Features seven accessories
  • It has an LED indicator that alerts you when the canister is full
  • Powerful suction
  • Suitable for both dry and wet dirt/debris
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty


  • At 32 ft, it has one of the shortest hoses among garage wall-mount vacuums
  • It tends to clog, which is annoying to many users

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Shop-vac 3942300 5 Gallon Hp Wall-mount Wet/dry Vacuum

Shop Vac 3942300 5 gallon 4.0 Peak HP Wall Mount Wet Dry Vacuum

What We Liked Most About This Product

If you’re tight on the budget but still want a quality wall-mounted garage vacuum from a reliable manufacturer, then you will love the Shop-Vac 3942300 5 gallons wet and dry vacuum. As simple and sturdy as this machine looks, it will clean up both wet and dry messes. So, it will do the job of expensive vacuums at a lower price.

Product Overview

The Shop-Vac 5 gallon HP wall-mounted wet/dry garage vacuum is straightforward to install. It also comes with all the required mounting hardware. Like the Bisell 18P03 vacuum and blower, this unit can also clean up both wet and dry messes. The only difference is that this particular vacuum is not as powerful as the Bisell 18P03.

The vacuum features a 5-gallon tank that can hold a lot of dirt and debris. As a result, you don’t have to empty the vacuum frequently. Additionally, it has a 4 peak horsepower motor that provides outstanding suction power. Therefore, you will be able to keep your garage clean with a convenient vacuum mounted on your garage wall.

Equipped with different accessories, this vacuum is fun to use as you can perform various cleaning tasks. It has an 18-foot lock-on hose, which is quite short but still covers a large area. Moreover, it comes with a 1.25-inch diameter extension wand for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Other accessories include a round brush, 12-inch nozzle with brush, squeegee, crevice tool, foam sleeve and cartridge, and collection bag. With the accessory bag, you will safely keep accessories and prolong their life.

Overall, the Shop-Vac 5 gallon wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a reliable tool that comes at an exceptional price. Nevertheless, the garage vacuum is durable and from a reputable brand. One of the challenges that you will have to put up with is the loud noise it produces. Apart from that, this is a quality unit that comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Large volume to prevent making rounds
  • Powerful suction sucks everything on its path
  • Sturdy and durable unit
  • Comes with several accessories for versatile usage
  • The accessory bag helps to keep accessories safe
  • Ideal for both wet and dry dirt pick up
  • 3-year warranty


  • The hose is quite short
  • Not as powerful as most vacuums on this list
  • It is somehow loud

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Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum Sl18133wall-mounted Hanging Vacuum

Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum SL18133,4.5 Gallon 4 Horsepower Wall Mounted Hanging Vacuum with 26 Cleaning Range Stainless Steel Tank

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Stanley wet and dry vacuum cleaner is another quality hanging garage vacuum machine. It is best suited for individuals looking for a portable unit that they can maneuver with much ease.

The feature that stands out most about this vacuum cleaner is the sturdy construction. The vacuum boasts of a 4.5-gallon stainless steel tank that is built to withstand harsh garage floor conditions.

Therefore, this is a tool that you will be using for many years to come if you maintain it properly.

Product Overview

Furthermore, it has a wall-mount design that is easy to remove from the bracket. As a result, it is very portable and easy to empty. Besides, it doesn’t take up much space in your garage due to its compact design.

And with a coverage of 26 feet, you will be able to clean a larger area. Thanks to the 6 ft power cord and 20 feet hose that it comes with.

Even though it is compact, the vacuum will perform a broader range of tasks as it features 4 different accessories. These are 2 extension wands, a crevice nozzle, a floor brush, and a gulper nozzle. Simply select the right accessory to clean spills and other forms of dirt from your floor, upholstery, or carpet.

Moreover, you will also get a mounting bracket, accessory bag, reusable dry filter, foam filter, clamp ring, and disposable dust bag. The Stanley wet and dry vacuum cleaner is sturdy and will suck all the messes along its path. This includes dry and wet messes.

So, you don’t have to purchase a separate vacuum for this task. With a 4.5 gallon tank, you won’t have to make regular trips to the dust bin as it is large enough to hold a lot of dirt.

Some of the few challenges are that this machine is loud, and it has a short-lived warranty.

The manufacturer provides a 1-year limited warranty. This is a very short period, considering that the brand is not as famous as Bisell or VacuMaid.


  • Durable construction
  • Portable unit
  • Easy to mount
  • Reusable dry filter
  • Powerful suction for outstanding performance
  • It doubles up as a blower
  • Versatile as it features multiple accessories
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • It has a short warranty
  • The vacuum is slightly loud

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Vacmaster 5 Gallon Wet/dry vacuum

Vacmaster VWM510 5 Gallon 5 Peak HP Remote Control Wall Mount Wet Dry Shop Vacuum

What We Liked Most About This Product

As sleek and compact as the Vacmaster garage wall mount vacuum looks, it is one of the most powerful units on the market.

This is thanks to the 2-stage motor that delivers up to 8.5 amps using 120-volts. Also, it has 5 peak horsepower, which means that it does a great job of sucking dirt and debris from your floor garage.

The most exceptional feature of the Vacmaster 5 gallon wet and dry vacuum machine is its 20 feet power cord.

Even though it comes with a short 21 feet hose, the device will cover a large area as the power cord is long.

In total, you will have 41 feet distance to cover. Besides, you can remove the vacuum of the mounting bracket if you want to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Product Overview

The Vacmaster 5 gallon wet and dry vacuum cleaner is sturdily made of polypropylene material. This means that it will last for a very long while. Additionally, it is compact in design, which makes mounting easy. Besides, you won’t have to struggle to empty the vacuum cleaner as it is portable.

Furthermore, you can easily carry the machine from one corner of your garage to another if you want to access hard-to-reach places.

With various attachments included in the purchase, you will be able to conduct multiple cleaning tasks such as cleaning floors, upholstery, and carpet.

The attachments are two nozzles with a brush, a car nozzle, two extension wand, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush. Always use the right accessory when performing different cleaning tasks.

What’s more, the vacuum is simple to use as it features a remote on/off switch. However, you will have to put up with the loud noise that the vacuum produces.

Also, the hose is short, which means that you may have to lift the wall mount vacuum from its mounting bracket and maneuver with it as you clean the garage.

All-in-all, this is a dependable machine that you can rely on to clean both wet and dry floors effectively. The strong suction will pick up all kinds of dirt, such as sawdust and much more. With a 2-year warranty, this is an excellent investment.


  • It is very powerful with the 2-stage motor
  • Compact and portable machine
  • Versatile to use as it comes with different accessories
  • Long power cord ensures that you cover a larger area
  • Strong suction power
  • It can be used as a blower
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use with the remote control on/off switch
  • 2-year warranty


  • It has a short hose
  • It is loud

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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Guv Prograde Garage Wall Mounted Vacuum L2310

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner GUV ProGrade Garage Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum L2310

What We Liked Most About This Product

Hoover is one of the most popular wall-mount garage vacuum cleaners on the market. It is made of heavy-duty steel that ensures the unit lasts for many years. Apart from that, it comes with a broader range of features that make using it to be fun and easy.

The most outstanding feature of this vacuum is the powerful 10-amp, 120-volt motor.

This delivers powerful suction but operates quietly. As a result, you won’t create a lot of attention from passers-by or neighbors as you clan your garage, carpet, or even car.

Product Overview

The Hoover vacuum cleaner Guv ProGrade wall-mount garage vacuum is easy to install and compact. So, it won’t take up much space but allow you to clean your garage whenever you need to.

It is also a bagless machine, which means you won’t have to undergo the cost of buying dust bags. However, emptying the 5-gallon dust tank will be a chore and may not be suitable for asthmatic people.

Since it comes with a long 30-feet hose, cleaning your entire garage will be easy and fast. You won’t have to maneuver with the vacuum around the garage.

Therefore, you will take less time to clean the entire garage because of the convenience that it brings. Besides, it features a lifetime filter.

Because of this, you will no longer have to spend so much on replacement filters.

Additionally, the Hoover GUV L2310 vacuum is very versatile as it comes with seven different attachments for performing various chores.

It has two extension wands for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, one upholstery nozzle, two crevice tools, a dusting brush, and a floor nozzle. Every tool has its purpose, and it should be utilized appropriately.

The Hoover GUV wall-mount garage vacuum is exceptional in performance, but it also has a few setbacks.

The first setback is that it gets hot fast. Secondly, emptying the unit is somehow challenging, as it may get messy. Finally, the vacuum cannot be used to clean wet dirt or liquids. It is only limited to dry debris and dirt.


  • Straightforward to mount
  • Ruggedly constructed for longevity
  • It delivers powerful yet quiet suction
  • Convenient to use with the lifetime cleaning filter
  • Versatile as it features 7 cleaning accessories
  • Easy to use and empty
  • It has a long hose that covers a wider area
  • 3-year warranty


  • It cannot be utilized to clean up wet dirt or liquids
  • Getting rid of dust can be quite challenging and messy
  • It becomes hot after some time of use

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Vacumaid Gv50pro Wall Mounted Garage And Car Vacuum

VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum with 50 ft. Hose and Tools

What We Liked Most About This Product

As the saying goes, “save the best for last,” the VacuMaid GV50PRO wall-mounted garage and the car vacuum cleaner is our best choice.

This cleaning machine has all the features that you can desire in a quality, powerful, and durable vacuum.

However, its best feature is the HEPA-style bag that traps most of the dirt and prevents them from re-entering into the atmosphere. As a result, it is the best option for asthmatics and allergic individuals.

Product Overview

The VacuMaid GV50PRO garage wall-mount vacuum cleaner is equipped with a big 5.7-inch Ametek lamb motor that delivers 75 percent more power when compared to traditional wall mount garage vacuums.

As a result, this unit can pick up all sorts of dirt, from sawdust to food particles and even wood pieces.

Fitted with a 50 feet hose, cleaning your entire garage is made easy. You will have an easy time cleaning your garage as you don’t have to move the vacuum.

Furthermore, the wall mount vacuum cleaner is compact and easy to remove from the mounting bracket when it’s time to dispose of the dirt.

You will love the versatility of this vacuum as it literally performs all the tasks of other conventional vacuums and much more.

Thanks to the included accessories such as the extension wand, long-reach hose, car care attachments, floor tools, and storage accessories. These make sure that you’re able to clean your car, hanger, upholstery, and bare floors.

If you want to prolong the life of this vacuum, never leave galvennealed steel and powder-coated 7-gallon dirt tank to fill to capacity.

Always ensure that dirt doesn’t fill beyond the recommended line. Besides, the vacuum is simple to install and comes with the required mounting hardware.

As with any vacuum, the VacuMaid wall mount garage vacuum has a few setbacks as well. First of all, it’s quite expensive, and not every person can afford it.

Also, this particular vacuum is not ideal for cleaning wet surfaces or liquids.

Overall, this is a quality and durable wall-mount vacuum cleaner. Also, it comes with one of the best warranties, which covers 5-years. If you work in a busy garage that requires regular cleaning, then you can’t go wrong with this wall-mount vacuum.


  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile as it features different cleaning attachments
  • It has a powerful suction that cleans perfectly
  • It comes with a HEPA-style bag to trap most of the dirt, debris, and dust
  • Large dirt tank for ease of use
  • It has a 50 ft long hose that covers a large area
  • Well-built for long-lastingness
  • 5-year warranty


  • It is quite expensive
  • It cannot be used to clean wet surfaces or liquid

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Garagevac Gh120-e Black Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum With Accessory

GarageVac GH120 E Black Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum with Accessory

What We Liked Most About This Product

If you suffer from allergies and want a garage wall-mounted vacuum cleaner that is perfect for you, then the GarageVac GH120-E will be an ideal choice.

This is a compact and sturdy machine that will help you to clean your garage without sacrificing your health.

One of the notable features of this product is its Hypoallergenic filtration. The patented design of the chambers prevents the bag from collapsing, which then enables it to fill without losing any suction or polluting the air. So, no allergens are released back into the air during cleaning.

Product Overview

The GarageVac GH120-E black wall-mounted garage vacuum is sleek and compact for ease of installation. Since it is small, I won’t take up much space on your wall or garage. However, it still performs exceptionally well, just like other top garage wall mount vacuum machines.

The unit is very convenient to use as it features a 40 feet hose that overs a considerable area.

You can stretch the hose from the garage to the driveway to clean your car or even use it to clean the kitchen floor. Apart from that, it is incredibly versatile and can be utilized to clean the garage floor, upholstery, carpet, and even the car.

Thanks to the additional accessories such as the crevice tool, adjustable steel aluminum wand, dashboard brush, and 24-inch flexible crevice tool. These accessories allow you to clean the entire garage and other parts of the house.

Besides, the GarageVac GH120 features a 1-gallon canister that utilizes refillable bags for getting waste.

Some of the challenges that you will face are emptying the dust bags quickly, and you will also have to incur the cost of buying the bags. Apart from that, this is a quality garage wall-mount vacuum that will help to tidy your garage and have a clean environment.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It features a hypoallergenic filtration
  • Simple to install
  • It has a built-in tool caddy that keeps accessories safe
  • Covers a huge area as it has a 40 ft hose
  • Versatile as it can be utilized to clean a wider range of surfaces


  • The dust bag fills quickly; thus, you may have to empty them more often than usual

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What Is The Best Capacity For A Wall Mount Vacuum Cleaner?

It depends on your garage’s size and the amount of dirt and dust you’ve to deal with. If you have a large garage, then you’re better off with a large vacuum. But if your garage is congested or small, then you will need a small vacuum cleaner.

A convenient wall mount vacuum should have at least 5 gallons of storage space or bag. This will avoid frequent emptying as it can collect a lot of dirt.

Why Select A Wall-mounted Vacuum Over The Regular Home Vacuum Cleaner?

Even though you can use wall-mounted vacuum cleaners to clean your garage floor, it will not be as effective as a garage wall-mounted vacuum. This is because garage wall mount vacuum machines are more powerful than home or shop vacuum cleaners.

Also, garage vacuum cleaners feature a bigger storage space, which means that you won’t have to empty the dust bin after a short time of use.

Besides, they are mounted on the wall; thus, you don’t have to pull them around in the crowded garage. In short, they take up less space but cover a larger area.

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Should I Pick A Bagged Or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

This is one of the most asked questions by new buyers. Both bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners perform their job well but have some setbacks as well.

For instance, the bagged vacuum cleaner is ideal for asthmatic people and those who suffer from allergies.

On the other hand, the bagless vacuum machines are cheap, as you don’t have to buy bags.

The challenge is that bagged vacuum cleaners are costly as you dispose of the bag after it has been filled. Also, bagless vacuum cleaners are a mess to deal with as they can expose you to allergens if not well-disposed.

Is The Hose Length Important When Choosing A Wall-mounted Vacuum?

Yes, it is. The hose’s length is vital as it determines what extent of your garage floor you can cover. The good news is that most garage wall vacuum cleaners feature long hoses that measure at least 40 to 50 feet long.

This is great for most garages. Apart from that, most wall mount garage vacuum machines come with a long power cord to help you help reach far-off places.

How Do I Properly Maintain My Vacuum For Longevity?

If you want your garage wall-mount vacuum to last longer, you should do several things. These include empty the vacuum’s canister or throwing away the bag when it is full. A good number of dust canisters feature a marked line that shows when the bag or bin is full.

Secondly, you should remove blockages from the cleaning head of the vacuum. Last but not least, you should keep all the vacuum attachments away after cleaning.


Now that you know what to expect from the best wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaner, you should take your time and select a vacuum that meets your needs and budget.

The vacuum machines that we’ve highlighted are some of the best, with a proven track record.

When choosing a garage vacuum cleaner, always consider your garage size to ensure that you’ve enough mounting space.

Also, you should pick a cleaner that can handle the volume of mess in your garage. The vacuum should have powerful suction, a long hose, and additional attachments for performing extra tasks.

If you consider all the vital features, you will end up with the best wall-mounted vacuum for your garage. Also, find the brand that you’re buying from, as not all brands are reliable. We wish you all the best as you choose your next wall mount vacuum machine.