How to Use Ozium in Car

How to Use Ozium in Car

Have you been dealing with a bad smell in your car recently? Driving a car with a foul odor can be very discomforting.

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Using an air freshener like ozium would be your best choice. It is an effective air freshener and eliminates bad odors in your car.

Are you looking for ways to effectively use ozium in your car to help you eliminate those unwanted smells? You’ve found the right place; we will give you tips on how to use ozium in your car the right way.

We will also provide insights about ozium and safety measures for using it.

What Is Ozium?

Ozium is an anti-bacterial air freshener and an aerosol-based commonly known as Medo Ozium Glycolized Air Sanitizer.

It effectively removes terrible odors in cars, homes, offices, etc. It is efficient in eliminating odor caused by bacteria and smoke odors.

It also has gel base products that work the same; the only difference is the user preference which varies on the situation.

The ozium spray has the same properties as hand sanitizer, which is why it is called “air sanitizer.”

Like hand sanitizer, ozium has active ingredients, Triethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol, that kill bacteria and effective sanitizers.

Many products in the market claim to be excellent in sanitizing your car, but Ozium is the best air sanitizer and kills 100% of germs and odor-causing bacteria.

It cleans the air and eliminates unpleasant odors, not just masking them.

Two Types of Ozium

There are two types of ozium, the spray, and the gel. Both work the same and are very effective in eliminating odors. The only difference is how to use it.

Ozium Spray

It is more efficient when it comes to quickly cleaning your car to eliminate the odor immediately. Due to its aerosol can, it is not ideal for keeping inside your car as it is flammable.

If you prefer less effort in removing unpleasant odor in your vehicle, then ozium gel suits you.

Ozium Gel

It is best to use anywhere and everywhere. The gel works on eliminating odors by simply opening the container and placing it anywhere you want.

Unlike the spray, it is ideal for keeping in the car without worrying about its explosive nature.

It is good, especially if you smoke in your car; it eliminates those smelly smoke. As it is gel-based, it does not limit you from bringing it anywhere.

How to Use Ozium in Car – Step-by-Step Guide

Ozium Spray

There are two ways to apply ozium spray in your car to eliminate bad odors. Choose what works best or the ways that make you comfortable doing it.

Spray Inside Your Car

You can spray ozium inside your car if you don’t want to start your car.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure your car is unoccupied.
  2. Clean your car first. Wipe down everything inside your vehicle, and use a microfiber towel and interior cleaner. Remove unwanted dust and dirt, or use a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Get the ozium spray and shake the can well to let the ingredients mix to prepare for use.
  4. Hold the spray in one hand, hold the nozzle points, and ensure it is away from pets or people within the vicinity.
  5. Press nozzle points and spray inside your car for 30-60 seconds.
  6. After spraying, shut your car doors and wait for at least half an hour to let the ozium circulate in your car.
  7. Make sure to leave your car at least half an hour as ozium ingredients can irritate your respiratory. Also, to complete the ozium sanitation cycle.
  8. After half an hour, open your car doors and windows to let the spray dissipate before you drive again.
  9. Drive your car with an open window when your car is newly sprayed with ozium to ensure your safety.

Spray in Your Car’s Fogger

Another way to use ozium in your car for sanitation is to spray it on your car’s fogger. It is an effective way of sanitizing your vehicle as your car’s AC will help ozium to circulate better inside your car.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Leave your car unoccupied.
  2. Remove dirt and debris by vacuuming them.
  3. Use a microfiber towel and interior cleaner to clean grease and grime on your car.
  4. Start your car.
  5. Turn on your car AC and set the fan high to help ozium circulate well in your car.
  6. Make sure to close all the windows.
  7. Place your car’s fogger in the center as much as possible.
  8. Get ozium spray and shake it well to let the ingredients mix.
  9. Point the nozzle away from anyone, including you and press it and spray on the fogger.
  10. Close your car’s door after spraying and let it settle for 15 minutes to let ozium circulate inside your car.
  11. After 15 minutes, turn off your car.
  12. Leave your car door and windows open for another 15 minutes to let ozium remnants dissipate entirely.
  13. Get a new microfiber towel and glass cleaner to wipe your car’s grease on windows after spraying.

Ozium Gel

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Ozium gel is best if you want to carry it anytime inside your car. It is safer than the ozium spray as it is not flammable due to the aerosol can to avoid incidents.

Here’s how to you do it:

  1. Unscrew the cover and remove the inner seal of the ozium gel container.
  2. After removing the inner seal, tighten the cap and place it anywhere in your car.
  3. Keep it upright to avoid staining and contact with eyes and skin.
  4. Leave the gel and let it remove foul odors in your vehicle. The gel will last 1-2 months, depending on temperature.
  5. Enjoy your odor-free car!

Safety Warnings While Using Ozium

In any product, reading manual instructions is always a must for safety purposes. The same goes for using ozium; you should use it properly to avoid any incidents. It can affect your health and ruin your assets if not used properly.

Here are safety warnings for using Ozium:

  • If you have medical issues like bronchitis, asthma, or allergies, consult your doctor before using it, especially in an enclosed space.
  • Avoid any contact in your face and skin with the ozium formula. If it touches your skin, ensure to run warm water on it immediately for at least 15 minutes. Then let it dry.
  • Do not let it get to your eyes; if it happens accidentally, wash it immediately with cold water and call a doctor for further safety advice.
  • Do not inhale the formula, as it is a toxic chemical in your respiratory system.
  • Never use ozium spray directly on your bedding, clothing, or furniture.
  • Keep it out of reach from children and pets to avoid incidents.


Dealing with bad odors in your car is annoying; good thing there is an effective product to eliminate them, which is ozium.

Ozium spray and gel kill bacteria and germs, causing an unpleasant odor adequately, not just masking them and making you worry-free about those unpleasant odors.

Knowing how to use ozium spray and gel properly will help you achieve a 100% odor-free car.

The following steps will ensure that ozium works appropriately and that the safety warnings prevent any harm to your health and assets.

Enjoy your odor-free car today by using ozium as your air sanitizer and odor eliminator!