BMW Software Update Not Working – How to Fix

BMW Software Update Not Working – How to Fix

Updating your BMW’s software is as important as servicing your car.

BMW Software Update Not Working How to Fix


Software updates increase the car’s life by improving engine performance, ensuring efficient fuel use, and reducing security risks.

The updates also come with better features to make your cruising easier.

But what happens when your BMW software update is not working? This can be frustrating to the drivers.

If you just got into a similar situation, do not worry because we have the cause of the problems and a solution.

Reasons Your BMW Software Won’t Update and How to Fix

It takes bout 20 minutes to install or update the BMW software.

However, sometimes the update could fail if your computer has a problem supporting the BMW page, there is a problem with the BMW site, or you are using the wrong BMW software update page.

Here is a deeper explanation of why BMW software updates can fail to help you understand better.

The BMW Website Has a Problem

 Big companies experience website downtimes, and BMW is not an exception.

These issues slow down many operations on the site, and others cause the sites to stop responding.

Network congestions, faults, power outages, and server hardware failures cause website downtime.

Updates and other changes to the BMW website or security attacks could also cause site downtime.

If the BMW software update fails due to slowness with the manufacturer’s site, you can contact customer care for assistance.

Another option is to keep trying or wait until the downtime is over and try updating.

Your Computer Is Blocking the BMW Software Update Page

Sometimes, the reason your BMW software update is not working could be your computer.

BMW Software Update Not Working How to Fix

If you are getting a “site can’t be reached” message, it could be because of a notorious antivirus program.

To know if your antivirus is the problem, try opening the BMW website on another computer or in private mode.

If you open it successfully on another device, you should troubleshoot your browser.

Disable the browser extensions, or reset it to the initial settings. You can also clear cookies to see if it works.

Another way to solve the problem is restarting the computer or disabling the antivirus program.

You can try opening the BMW software update browser after rebooting the device or removing the antivirus.

If it does not open, contact the manufacturer’s customer care for a solution.

Wrong BMW Software Update Page

BMW has a software update page that allows the driver to use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to update their software.

However, some drivers use other voluntary websites to update their cars’ software. The software update will fail if you use the wrong software update page.

This is because these pages are not supported to update BMW software. Therefore, check what you are using before the process.

If you don’t have the original BMW page, get it from a certified dealer, or contact BMW customer care to help you.


BMW software update is free on the manufacturer’s site. One way to know you are on the wrong website is if they ask you for money.

What If the BMW Software Update Is Not Suitable for Your Car?

Your BMW software update will not be successful if it is not suitable for your car.

It happens mainly to old vehicles made with different technology. Therefore, you must ensure your BMW is compatible with your desired software.

You can know this by talking to your experienced mechanic or contacting BMW. Also, research the cars the software update supports.

Alternatively, you can purchase aftermarket tech upgrades to make your vehicle compatible with new technology and updates.

Other upgrades you can get from aftermarket tech upgrades are Bluetooth receivers, dashcams, head-up displays, and rear backup cameras.

How to Fix BMW Software That Is Not Working?

 Most BMW owners will first contact the dealer when something is not working in the car.

BMW Software Update Not Working How to Fix

You can try other ways of updating the software, like checking your browser and ensuring the vehicle is compatible with the new software.

Different ways to fix hard-to-update software are:

Update via USB

If you cannot directly download the new software on your vehicle, you can download it onto a USB and load it onto your car.

To do so,

  1. Open the BMW website and download the software update onto a USB drive.
  2. Connect the USB drive to your car by inserting it into its USB port.
  3. You will see prompts on the screen. Follow the instructions to update the software successfully.
  4. Restart the car to enable it to pick up the new software and enjoy the drive.

You must have a USB drive compatible with your car to update your BMW software successfully.

Ensure you also use a BMW-approved software update and follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Also, the BMW Operating System allows car owners to update their vehicle software.

Some BMW models enjoy free software updates if they are still under warranty or if BMW issues a safety recall.


Although it is possible to update BMW software via USB, it takes longer than updating directly from the site.

The site updates take 30-40 minutes to complete while downloading the software into the USB can take up to two hours.

Try the New BMW Remote Software Upgrade

You can update BMW software without visiting the service center using the BMW ConnectedDrive website.

It is a convenient remote software upgrade that saves you time and money. 

BMW remote software upgrade is done using the iDrive system, My BMW App, or the vehicle SIM.

You will get a prompt to update the software if your car supports the new update.

Once it finishes updating, restart the vehicle. Always ensure you have working internet in your car.

It prompts the vehicle to download any updates which come with new features, maintaining good performance.

However, you will need to manually update the software if you don’t have an internet connection.

Use the BMW Mobile App

Another way to update your BMW software is by using your phone.

Download the BMW Smartphone App and connect it to your vehicle. Follow the instructions on the screen, and restart your car.

However, your phone must be able to download the BMW app. If not, upgrade the mobile phone or use another device.

Why Are You Getting a Software Update VIN Error?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit code that identifies every automobile.

A BMW car will display a message of VIN error during the software update of the number if not being read correctly.

Although a VIN error can cause worries among drivers, it is easy to correct.

Update the software and try again. You can also contact BMW customer care for assistance.


Your BMW software update might fail to work if your browser does not support the software update, the BMW page is experiencing downtime, or your device is outdated.

While these can be a considerable cause of concern for many drivers, they are easy-to-fix problems.

Update your device or browser to download the updated software.

You should also check if the update is compatible with your vehicle and if you are on the right BMW page.