How to Become a Car Tuner

How to Become a Car Tuner

Tuning cars is a great skill, especially for those who have an interest in automobiles, and it is a profession where you can make a great career.

How to Become a Car Tuner

It was once difficult to become a car tuner compared to other automobile professions because there was limited knowledge in this field.

At that time, this field didn’t have accredited qualifications in the world, thus there was a shortage of guidance and tutors.

But now, things have changed and it is easy to access information about car tuning. Therefore, if you’re aspiring to become an auto tuner, you are on the right page.

This article will give you all ideas about an auto tuner and how you can become a professional auto tuner.

What Are the Responsibilities of an Auto Tuner?

An auto-tuner specializes in modifying a car for competition, exhibition purposes, or preparing it for a race.

Some of these modifications include a body kit, bespoke part building, and general bodywork.

Auto tuners also adjust ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, spark plug spacing, engine chips, vehicle speed, fuel economy, and handling.

An auto tuner is responsible for the general performance of a vehicle.

A professional tuner can easily spot what is affecting the performance of a car they know what to do to sort out the problem.

To become an auto tuner, you must pay great attention to detail and you must have knowledge of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), this knowledge is beyond the expertise of traditional mechanics.

An auto-tuner must have good knowledge of painting and finishing. Much of a tuner’s core work is in the area of engine improvement and refinement.

This is a far-reaching area that depends very much on the vehicle being worked on.

Is Auto-Tuning the Same as an Auto Mechanic?

The job of an auto tuner is similar to that of an auto mechanic as both professions have a workshop where they operate and take care of their customer’s cars.

However, both professionals are distinctive in practice.

While an auto mechanic specializes in car repairs, general maintenance, and services, an auto tuner’s area of specialization is complete modification, engine tuning, and re-engineering.

What Training Do You Need to Become an Auto-Tuner?

Formal training is important to have a successful career in car tuning. As such, you must have technical knowledge in the field of mechanics and electronics.

Thus, having a degree in mechanical and electronic engineering is a plus.

However, if you don’t have this degree or your course of study is not related to engineering, you can still take an online course or training in this field.

How You Can Become a Professional Car Tuner

There are several phases to go through before you can become a good auto-tuner.

Thus, you must have a clear idea of ​​what to do and how to prepare to become an auto-tuning specialist.

Below are the important things you must know before you get into the business of tuning cars.

  1. Begin an online course
  2. Buy relevant books related to engine tuning
  3. Get a car you can work on
  4. Visit a tuning shop.
  5. Test your skills
  6. Open your auto-tuning business
  7. Attend tuning meet-ups and tuning events

1. Begin an Online Course

Being passionate about becoming an auto-tuner isn’t enough.

To become a professional tuner, you must go one step further by acquiring knowledge related to this profession. So begin a training course in car tuning.

The majority of the tuners today gain knowledge through online or one-on-one courses and then, they applied what they learned to their projects.

You don’t even need a big budget to do this.

Taking online courses is very important to become an auto tuner as it will help you hone your craft and improve your skills and you will be able to showcase these skills to your clients.

There are even some online courses about auto-tuning where you can learn for free. You only need to register for the course.

Another option is to find a local college online and check out the automobile courses they offer.

Select an introductory course and take note of the recommended textbooks from the online classes.

How to Become a Car Tuner

Buy the books and read them thoroughly. You are sure to learn a lot from an introductory book about cars and how it works.

This will also help you become familiar with key terms or buzzwords in the auto-tuning industry and you will know what to say when talking to experts or professionals in this field.

2. Buy Relevant Books Related to Engine Tuning

After you have learned about the general introduction to cars, you must learn about engine tuning.

The best way to learn about this is to purchase any suitable book relevant to this subject.

Don’t just go for any books, check for the ones with good reviews and are the latest edition.

This will give you knowledge about modern technologies and trending techniques.

3.  Get a Car You Can Work On

Use your car or buy one or two cars you can work on. This car does not necessarily need to be a 1000-hp build.

A low-power NA car is also perfect for practice. After getting a car, you can test all that you have learned about auto-tuning on the vehicle.

You can also search the Internet for forums of people, you can find a lot of people who are interested in your craft and want you to work for them.

Another quick way to improve your car tuner skills is to join a community of people who are good at car tuning, and they can take out entire cars apart and put them back together.

This will be a great help to your growth as an auto tuner.

4. Visit a Tuning Shop

Every person aspiring to become an auto tuner should know by heart how important this rule is. Before you start tuning cars, you should visit some tuning shops.

Depending on your location, some shops specialize in tuning cars and professional tuners who can guide you to become a tuner.

You can ask these professional tuners a series of questions and what they expect to see from potential tuners.

Even if there is no current position at the tuning shop, you can still gain a lot from their experience.

It is also important you ask them to suggest and recommend steps you must take to get to their level.

The insights you get here will boost your value in the auto-tuning industry.

5. Test Your Skills

While still practicing on your car, it is a good idea to let people know that you have good auto-tuning skills.

Begin with a circle of friends and family by customizing their vehicles free of charge.

You can also find the nearest local track and offer free help, even if it is just to help them change tires.

This can go a long way in securing a strong connection when you want to start your auto-tuning career officially, this can as well help you gain more experience in auto-tuning.

From here, it will be easier for you to start up your business.

6. Open Your Auto-Tuning Business

Once you are popular and have built strong connections around you, this may be a perfect time to open your auto-tuning business.

Most professional auto tuners you see today follow this path. Go to a place where people will value your skills and there is low competition.

Just have in mind that you should start the business with free services, you should charge your customers a minimal price or offer them discounts to gain their trust and attract more customers.

Then little by little, you will start making good money on car tuning.

When things don’t seem to go as expected. Visit your local body shop to see if an appointment is available.

It can also be a great opportunity to put together a list of contacts that will help you grow your business when you finally decide to open your business fully.

7. Attend Tuning Meet-Ups and Tuning Events

Tuning meet-ups are mostly about getting together with other auto-tuners in a tuning event.

This is different from visiting a tuning workshop, you get to meet real-time auto tuners in tuning events.

For instance, track day or major trade events are held mainly by car manufacturers and tuning companies.

With a community of professional auto tuners gathering at this tuning event, it can be a great opportunity for you to meet other auto tuners and make a name for yourself and your business.

You will have the opportunity to showcase your car on the podium and the track.

Wrapping up

This journey might not be a quick one. It might not be an easy one either. So you just have to keep putting in your best and stay consistent all the way.

The knowledge and support needed to become an autotuner are accessible. All you have to do is to tap into it.

While the steps to become a professional tuner takes some deep thought and planning, the internet has now made it easier than it used to be and following the tips given above can help make the journey even easier and faster for you.