What Causes Car Air Conditioner Blowing White Mist?

What Causes Car Air Conditioner Blowing White Mist?

At times you may notice your car air conditioner blowing white mist.

In such a case, you instantly check the AC system for any short circuits or burnt wires only to realize that they do not have any problem.

Causes of air conditioner blowing white mist

What would be the source of the white smoke?

Whenever this happens, passengers in the vehicle may raise safety concerns over the smoke, thinking it could break into a fire.

Do you want to know why & how the steam builds up? Here are the two leading causes of the car air conditioner blowing white mist:

Air Conditioner Blowing White Mist – Causes

First, you should not be worried about the car air conditioner blowing white mist as long as it does not emit any odor.

It does not have any immediate side effects or accidents for the most part. All the same, it can be a significant concern for some people.

White smoke omission from the air conditioner is a rare event. It is more likely to occur during humid and warm weather.

Experts say that the vapor from the AC does not mean substantial concerns. Car air conditioner blowing white mist is a minute inconvenience.

The smoke can be steam from the vents in the heater box where excess water builds up. If that’s your case, it can indicate that you ought to clean the drain hole.

Yet, this challenge is more likely to happen in older cars.

Higher chances are that older cars often result in a steam build-up within the ventilation system.

Such vehicles do not feature modern AC systems to help absorb the steam. Some other common causes of the car air conditioner blowing white mist include:

Excess Water In The Heater Box

The white and odorless smoke or steam from your air conditioner can be due to the excess water present in the heater box.

Car air conditioner blowing white mist often indicates that the drain hole is blocked and cannot get rid of the steam anymore.

The drain hole helps to collect the vapor through condensation and release it.

The best solution in such a case would be to conduct the best HVAC professionals. HVAC professionals will help you investigate the matter and identify the steam source.

Hence, they will help you pump the excess water from the heater box and clean up the drain hole.

Cold Dry Air Hits Warm Air

It is logical for white smoke to accumulate anytime warm air hits cold air. If the temperature falls below the dew point, it forms moisture and water vapor.

The combination of the water droplets and condensed air forms fog or smoke.

If the humidity within the interior is higher than the room temperature, the smoke may worsen.

Clogged air filters and a low-speed fan with dirt build-up can worsen the situation.

The cold will get exposed for an extended period to the moist air when the airflow reduces. This condition results in denser smoke.

If a car air conditioner is blowing white mist resulting from a clogged drain hole, the challenge won’t cost a lot of time and money to fix.

Forty-five minutes would be enough for you to unclog the drain hole.

On the other hand, running the fan continuously can be another option to help the system dry out.

If these initial procedures do not work, consider consulting a specialist. They can help investigate further.

Car air conditioner blowing white mist

What Causes The Odor?

It would be best to mention that it is crucial to identify if the smoke has an odor.

If the problem involves mold growth within the ventilation system, it would be best to seek professional help as soon as possible.

The reason is that inhaling air with mold components can result in serious health issues. The condition may be worse for allergies and asthma patients.

Although molds developing in the ventilation systems are rare among vehicles, you should not ignore them.

You must ensure that the specialist you pick is qualified enough to provide quality services and results.

For that reason, it would help if you opt for experts offering solutions such as:

  • Air conditioner vigilant inspection.
  • Improving your air conditioner speed to ensure it delivers better results.
  • Cleaning up the air filters frequently.

The most common causes of poor air conditioner functioning or broken results are compressor issues and leaks.

Some complications that can impede the functioning of the car air conditioner include radiators faults, cooling fan issues, and a clogged filter.

Besides, if your air conditioner is undercharged, it will not deliver the results.

Other Common Causes

It would be best to remain proactive and charge your air conditioner before it experiences challenges.

Recharging the air conditioner is not a standard requirement, but you must do it several times in a few years.

If the air conditioner does not deliver the results even after topping it up, it would be best to check for leaks or clogs.

The air conditioner is more likely to overheat and burn out during scorching seasons.

It would be best to mention other minor issues that may impact its normal functioning.

They include an obstruction within the air duct, blown a fuse, a wiring fault, a stuck valve, or a broken switch.

It is simple to figure out when to recharge your car’s air conditioner. In any case, recharging is vital when the conditioner pumps air instead of cold air.

It implies that the refrigerant does not function fully and it cannot deliver results even with minor leaks.

Thus, the ac system may produce lukewarm air instead of cold air.

Underperforming Car Conditioner

Several problems may result in the underperforming of your air conditioner. They include electrical problems, air conditioner compressor issues, and wear & tear.

Therefore, improving on these aspects will help to improve your conditioner’s results.

Generally speaking, a car air conditioner blowing white mist results in critical health issues. Thus, it would be best to seek a solution as soon as possible.

Luckily, numerous companies venture into car air conditioner repair. They can be an excellent help point for you.

Yet, the procedure to choose the right technicians is not simple.

In any case, there are several companies to compare. Therefore, it is somewhat complicated to know the one with exclusive and most beneficial services for your case.

However, checking on reviews and suggestions from previous customers will help you choose the best company.


Most importantly, it would be best to select a company with a manageable budget to attain your expectations.

All the same, you should prioritize quality over cost since it will help you save more money.

The air conditioner must remain in a suitable position to help keep your vehicle’s interior comfortable.

The bottom line is that the air conditioner is crucial for keeping your car temperature cool.

Yet, the conditioner is most likely to fail over time or produce reduced performance sometimes.

The reduction in performance can result from malfunctions and wear & tear. Thus, it would be best to seek help from professionals to help you repair it.

These experts will help you identify the parts you need to replace to get better results.