Remote Start in Valet Mode – All You Need to Know

Remote Start in Valet Mode – All You Need to Know

Imagine this scenario; you wake up an early winter morning excited to get to work.

You push the start button on your remote starter but don’t get the sound of a starting engine.

Remote Start in Valet Mode All You Need to Know

To check if the problem is the start key, you press the lock and unlock buttons, only to notice that they are working.

Since you start guessing your remote starter is damaged, calling your mechanic is the only thing to think about now.

Relax because it is likely that your remote starter is in valet mode. Read on to learn how to resolve this problem.

What a Remote Start in Valet Mode Means

Valet mode is a remote start feature that temporarily stops its ability to remote start the engine.

However, your remote will retain the keyless entry functions, and you can use it to lock and unlock doors. Valet mode also disables alarm functions.

Motorists put their cars in valet mode when they take them to the garage for servicing or when getting a wash.

It prohibits the mechanics from starting the vehicle and temporarily deactivates the system’s other features.

You can also activate remote start valet mode when lending the car out or when it is being used by someone unfamiliar with remote starters. 

Ways to Tell When Your Remote Start is in Valet Mode

One of the easiest ways to tell that your remote is in valet mode is if the start button does not work.

However, the door lock and unlock keys should work correctly unless your remote lacks the power door lock or if the keyless entry is not connected.

Depending on your remote starter’s brand, the vehicle might respond with three, followed by ten parking light flashes, after the key fob command.

If your remote brand lacks the feature of responding with parking lights, you won’t get the signal.

If the sidelights fail to flash once when you lock the car using the remote start and twice when you unlock it, the remote could be in valet mode.

Another way to know you are in valet mode is if there is a Z sign on your high-quality remote starter with an LED screen.


If your car’s remote starter did not switch on the engine but opened and locked the doors, there is nothing wrong with it.

The remote is probably in valet mode, and you can deactivate it. Also, note that you can accidentally press a combination of buttons and activate valet mode.

How to Deactivate Valet Mode

Since you probably are too worried about your not-working start button on the remote starter, here is a simple way to solve the problem.

However, deactivating valet mode on remotes depends on the remote starter model and type.

4-Button Remotes

  1. Slide the key in the ignition lock cylinder and turn it to the ON position without starting the engine.
  2. Simultaneously press on the Lock and Trunk keys and release the keys without holding them down.
  3. Remove the key from the ignition and use the remote to start the car.

1-Button Remote

Remote Start in Valet Mode - All You Need to Know

  1. Start the engine using the car’s key.
  2. Press and release the foot brake pedal ten times in 10 seconds.
  3. You will get a signal of two parking light flashes to indicate that you have deactivated the valet mode.
  4. Starting the engine with the remote starter.

What to Do When the Remote Starter Is Stuck in Valet Mode

Failing to get the two parking flashlights to signal that you have exited the valet mode can be frustrating. However, do not give up on trying.

First, to do the above steps successfully, note that your remote must be within the car’s range.

You must also turn off the vehicle when testing whether you have exited the valet mode, and your doors must be closed.

Therefore, check if you have met all these requirements and start again.

Reasons And Solutions for A Remote Starter Stuck in Valet Mode

A significant reason your remote starter could get stuck in valet mode is if it lost programming.

The remote starter will not recognize any commands, meaning getting out of valet mode will be in vain.  

You can solve this problem by reprogramming the remote to the vehicle. It ensures proper remote programming and helps exit your system from valet mode.  

When last did you change your remote starter’s batteries? If they are dead, your remote will stop working, meaning any attempt to remove it from valet mode is bound to fail.

Check the current batteries the remote starter uses and replace them.

A great way to know your garget has power is if an LED light illuminates when you press the buttons.

If the low battery on the remote starter was the reason it couldn’t get out of valet mode, it should work properly now.

Lastly, check if your remote starter is set in 2nd car mode.

It means that the remote only receives commands from the other car, not yours, making it hard for you to deactivate the valet mode.

You must change it to your vehicle to successfully leave the valet mode.

Once you fix these problems, repeat the steps of deactivating valet mode. If you are still unsuccessful, contact your installer.

How to Activate Valet Mode?

Now that you have probably exited valet mode and are relaxed, it is essential to know how to activate it.

  1. Insert the car key in the ignition and turn it to the ON position.
  2. Simultaneously press and release buttons I and III (the lock and trunk buttons) without holding them.

An alternative way to activate valet mode is:

  1. Enter the car and step on the brakes.
  2. Insert the car key and turn it on and off five times without touching the remote.
  3. The parking lights will flash once to show you have entered valet mode.

Remote Start in Valet Mode - All You Need to Know


You can also refer to the owner’s manual and confirm how to turn on and off the valet mode. This is an easier way because the instructions suit your remote type.

Where To Find the Valet Switch in The Car

Your car’s valet switch depends on your car’s model because the manufacturer installs it. However, the button is not available in all vehicles.

If you searched for yours unsuccessfully, it is likely the manufacturer did not install a valet switch.

Some common locations to look for your car’s valet switch are:

  • Mounting on the underside of the driver’s dashboard
  • Besides the fuse block
  • Fitted in the glove department
  • Behind the access panel or fuse block door
  • Fixed on the steering column housing
  • Placed on a glass-mounted arena found primarily on new cars
  • On the driver’s sidekick panel

If you cannot find the valet switch, contact the dealer to help you find it.


The valet mode disables the remote starter’s ability to start the car’s engine and temporarily stops the functioning of the alarms.

When this mode turns on without the car owner knowing, they can panic.

It happens when you accidentally press a combination of the remote’s buttons when it is in the pocket.

Switching off your car’s valet mode is easy, but the process depends on your remote starter’s model.

If unsure about the process, read the owner’s manual for instructions, or contact your mechanic for guidance.