Jeep Renegade Sunroof Won’t Close (Solved!)

Jeep Renegade Sunroof Won’t Close (Solved!)

It can be frustrating when your Jeep Renegade sunroof doesn’t want to close. The sunroof will not budge at all after pressing the movement button.

At some other times, the sunroof responds to the movement button and moves slower than expected.

It may even stop halfway or go back to its initial position while you are still pressing the movement button.

Jeep renegade sunroof wont close

The problem may be intermittent at times, coming and going. It can become a permanent thing if unresolved, making you completely unable to control the sunroof.

Check below for the cause of the problem and tips on how to resolve it.

Why The Jeep Renegade Sunroof Will Not Close

Check For Obstruction

Jeep Renegade My Sky roof problem is relatively standard, but the causes differ from one person to another.

You may not worry about this problem if you love to drive the Jeep Renegade with an open roof. However, this can get messy if you have cause to drive in the rain.

When the problem happens, never delay finding a lasting solution.

The Jeep Renegade sunroof may not close if it gets stuck. If you have used it recently on off-road tracks, this may be the reason for the failure of the roof to close.

Some dirt and twigs might have obstructed the rail, preventing the sunroof from moving.

If there is garbage in the corners, the sunroof will never respond to the control button.

Something might also have hit the bar, preventing a smooth movement of the sunroof along its track. It should be straightforward to detect.

Check the Jeep Renegade sunroof track for any obstruction or dent. The dent may set the Jeep Renegade sunroof off track, preventing it from closing.

Age Also Matters

As the Jeep Renegade sunroof gets older, their responses to control will reduce. There is no particular age to expect such a malfunction, however.

If you are in the habit of pressing the Jeep Renegade sunroof button indiscriminately in the past, it may also cause you not to respond to your promptings.

Indiscriminate pressing can damage the control, leading to the Jeep Renegade sunroof not working.

Wiring Problems

The Jeep Renegade sunroof is controlled electrically. It will, therefore, not respond when you press the button if the wiring system is faulty.

Old age is one of the major factors responsible for wiring problems in Jeep Renegade. Flooding can also be responsible for this problem, like rodents invasion.

Have you taken the vehicle for a repair recently, with the Jeep Renegade sunroof misbehaving following the repair service?

The technician might have tampered with the sunroof wiring or mechanical part while repairing.

You can prevent this from happening in the future by allowing only trained experts to handle your car repairs.

Water and other elements can negatively affect the functioning of the sunroof control.

The wrong calibration of the sunroof is yet another factor that can prevent the Jeep Renegade sunroof from closing.

Helpful Solutions

When the Jeep Renegade sunroof refuses to close, the problem can be either mechanical or electrical. No matter what it is, you can resolve it without much ado.

If the problem is too advanced for you, hire a reliable technician to resolve it.

If you notice any obstruction on the Jeep Renegade sunroof track, you can put the problem under control by removing the obstruction.

To remove the debris and garbage effectively, you should use an air blow gun on the rails.

If the garbage is stuck to the rail, the air blow gun will get rid of it, clearing the way for the Jeep Renegade sunroof to move.

When cleaning the rails, focus on the top and bottom for a more effective solution.

Lubrication Can Help

You can also lubricate the rail to make for easy gliding of the sunroof. White lithium grease will lubricate the track and get it working again.

Focus more on the rear track since it is the more common culprit. If the problem is old age, you can overhaul the entire Jeep Renegade sunroof and install a new one.

A trained technician can help you in this regard.

Jeep renegade sunroof wont close Causes

Handling Wiring Issues

Wiring problems require the expertise of a trained technician. It may require that the technician dismantle the control to check for faulty or disconnected wires.

However, resolving the problem can take some time, depending on the technician’s expertise.

Proper Sunroof Calibration

If the Jeep Renegade sunroof refuses to close after following the tips above, it may be due to a calibration issue.

Press the Fully Closed position to close the Jeep Renegade sunroof and leave it closed for about 30 seconds.

It will give it adequate time to close the section by speciation until fully closed. After that, hold the close button for about 20 seconds.

In response, the sunroof will open all the way and close automatically.

While doing this, the sunroof is relearning the resistance.

Inability to relearn the resistance will prevent the Jeep Renegade sunroof from closing; it may stop closing six to eight inches to the full close position.

It happens if it is not calibrated correctly.

An easier way to recalibrate the Jeep Renegade sunroof is to turn the ignition key to run and close all the doors. After that, tap on the vent switch.

Once the sunroof is in position, hold down the vent button for about 5 seconds. It will help to recalibrate the sunroof position.

After that, cycle the sunroof from the vent to the open position and do this seven times.

Emergency Closing

Jeep Renegade user manual contains information on emergency sunroof closing via a manual procedure.

You can use this method to close the sunroof if the control buttons are not working. The method involves the manual closure of the sunroof.

Closing manually the Jeep Renegade sunroof does not involve the use of any unique tool too.

First, check the rear of the headliners above the middle seat for a little plastic button. Remove the button to expose the slot for an Allen key.

Inserting the 5mm Allen key into housing A will move the blind, and inserting it into housing B will move the sunroof.

After that, please insert it into the movement wheel on the engine assembly. Rotating it clockwise will open the roof, and rotating it anticlockwise will close it.

Make sure the engine is not running while doing this.

Pull down the reverse/forward button for about 30 seconds to reset the positioning, ending the Jeep Renegade’s sunroof’s refusal to close.

Reinitializing The Procedure

After closing the Jeep Renegade sunroof, it is time to reinitialize the process by following the procedures below:

  • Move the sunroof until it closes fully.
  • Switch the ignition to stop and let it remain for ten seconds.
  • Then switch the ignition to Run.
  • Turn the sunroof movement button to Close. Press the movement button to close within 5 seconds.
  • Press it down for ten seconds, and you can now hear the sunroof’s motor’s mechanical stop.
  • Hold down the movement button. Watch as the sunroof opens and closes automatically. If it does not work, start the process from the beginning again.
  • Hold down the movement button until the sunroof closes completely.


The tips above can help you to resolve the problem of the Jeep Renegade sunroof that refuses to close.

If the other methods fail to work, you can adopt the manual approach in an emergency.

You can do it yourself without involving any technician since the procedures are easy to follow.

The manual closing will not take more than a few minutes of your precious time. The manual closing is not a final solution to the problem.

It would help if you found a lasting solution once you are out of the emergency by contacting trained technicians.