Audi Select Drive – All You Need to Know

Audi Select Drive – All You Need to Know

One of the reasons you would choose an Audi car over other luxury car brands is its handling, speed, and of course, the well-designed interiors!

Audi Select Drive – All You Need to Know


Whether you are steering the Audi Q5, A3, or A6, the car’s sleek and smooth handling gives you enjoyable and one of the most unforgettable drives.

These features can have you buy the car instantly if you go for a test drive. But did you know that Audi select drive is the technology behind these cars’ cruising comfort?

Don’t worry because we will help you understand how it works and the modes you can drive your Audi car.

What Is Audi Select Drive?

Audi Select Drive is a new technology Audi has embraced to make their cars comfortable, sportier, and less selective on the roads.

The mode allows the driver to manipulate how the car behaves on the road by modifying some parameters.

It affects the functioning of your car’s engine, steering wheel, suspensions, and transmission.

Audi Select Drive has five modes, which could change depending on your car. The most common are Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Individual, and Efficiency modes.

Turning on the Auto mode adjusts your car’s settings to provide comfort and drivability. This keeps your Audi car ready for any road ahead.

If you love a sporty car, then make sure you try the Dynamic mode during the test drive.

It draws the car’s engine, transmission, steering, and suspension attention and makes them more involved for a smooth drive.

The individual mode enables the driver to set specific car components depending on the type of drive they want.

For example, you can modify the steering wheel or the engine depending on your goal. Other modes are auto, comfort, and efficiency, which we will discuss in depth.


Not all Audi cars have the Audi select drive system. It is available in models from A3 to full-sized Q8.

You can only add the Audi select drive to Audi models with an automatic gearbox.

Also, note that these systems are specific and should only be activated by a specialist, and the model switch strip should be bought from genuine Audi parts.

Understand the Audi Select Drive Modes Better

Some Audi car modes you can enjoy are:

Comfort Mode

Audi’s comfort mode is the ideal setting for long-distance travelers.

It makes the car smooth and comfortable throughout the long journey by softening the steering and suspensions. It also makes the accelerator more responsive.

A softer steering ensures the driver uses minimal effort to control the wheels and when cornering.

The soft suspensions are perfect for rough roads and potholes, making the car bouncier when crossing bumps.

Comfort mode also increases the vehicle’s stability, adding security in long-distance drives. But don’t leave long-distance drivers to enjoy this Audi mode alone.

You can also test it during your short drives.


The comfort mode works perfectly for Audi cars fitted with air suspensions. You will enjoy light rides and fewer complaints from your family when crossing bumps.

Auto Mode

Audi Select Drive – All You Need to Know

Unlike the other driving modes you set and remain constant, the auto mode constantly changes as the vehicle cruises.

Your Audi car will monitor the driver’s behavior, road conditions, and speed to adjust the steering, suspensions, and drivetrain.

Auto mode maintains your car between comfort and dynamic mode.

Driving in it feels like outsourcing all the driving tasks in your Audi, and your only responsibilities are managing the car on the road and understanding the environment.

You can leave the rest to your Audi’s Auto Mode.


Activating the Sport mode when your car is in Auto mode causes an automatic activation of the engine and transmission dynamic modes.

Dynamic Mode

If your main aim of getting the Audi luxurious car is to enjoy the sporty feel, it is all in the Dynamic mode.

Pressing the Dynamic mode button makes the engine, transmission, steering, and suspensions more involved in your drive.

The mode sends more fuel to the machine to make it more powerful. The throttle becomes more sensitive and responsive, reducing acceleration time.

This enables the vehicle’s speed to rise from zero to 100 km/hr in seconds.  


Since the engine requires more fuel to increase its power during the Dynamic mode, fuel consumption will be high.

Besides, drivers should mostly cruise on the Dynamic mode when taking the vehicle to the track.

Efficiency Mode

If your goal is to save on fuel, ensure your Audi car is in efficiency mode.

Unlike the Dynamic mode, which increases engine power, the efficiency mode makes the engine more sluggish.

It also shuts some engine cylinders, delaying acceleration but reducing fuel consumption.

However, this does not mean that your car will be less efficient in this mode – even the modes name shouts that your vehicle is the most efficient when cruising.

It also improves your car’s mileage capabilities, but your vehicle will move slower.

Individual Mode

The individual mode allows the driver to pick what they want.

If you’re going to cruise in Dynamic mode but the stiff suspensions discourage you, the individual mode enables you to select the parameters to modify for flexibility.

However, there are limitations to the combinations of parameters you can choose to ensure safety. 

“Audi Select Drive System Unavailable”- Explanation

Being unable to control your Audi select drive system can be stressful.

It reduces the car’s cruising comfort because you can hardly manipulate your engine, steering wheel, and suspension handling.

An “Audi select drive system unavailable” notification message on display appears mostly when there is a fault in the engine caused mainly by an engine misfire.

An engine misfire happens when there is a malfunctioning of an engine cylinder, and it causes the engine to shake.

Causes of Engine Misfires

Audi Select Drive – All You Need to Know

Engine misfires can happen when the car crosses a high bump on the road. This causes the engine electronics to misalign, leading to the error message.

Driving the vehicle in this condition can cause dangers on the road. When the notification appears, it is advisable to stop and restart the car.

This helps with resetting electronics to clear the error message.

Besides high bumps, other causes of engine misfires are permanent issues that need close monitoring.

Sometimes the electronic error also senses a misfire when there is none. It is best to contact your mechanic to address the problem for your safety.

Other major causes of an engine misfire are leaks, a broken spark plug, or a non-functioning timing chain.

Leaks happen when there is insufficient fuel and oxygen supply in the engine.

The best solution to these problems is replacing the corroded parts which could be causing the leaks.

The leaks can also be due to clogging in the pipes caused by a build-up of fuel byproducts.

You will require new replacement parts for the proper functioning of your car.

A faulty timing chain reduces acceleration and leads to fuel wastage. It can also cause the sudden shutdown of the car when cruising.

Defective timing chains are mostly replaced because they are difficult to repair.


If you see an Audi select drive system unavailable notification, troubleshoot by restarting the car. If it does not work, visit a professional for any replacements needed.


 The Audi select drive is one of the attractive features of Audi cars, and it has increased the vehicles’ demand.

The modes allow drivers to manipulate the car parts like the steering wheel, suspensions, engine, and transmission to suit their driving needs.

While some people like the sporty feel of Audi cars in dynamic mode, you will spend more on fuel.

The comfort mode allows you to enjoy your drives more with less effort to control the vehicle. Other modes to try are auto, efficiency, and individual modes.