Spun Bearing Symptoms

Spun Bearing Symptoms

If you hear knocking sounds coming out of your car followed by low oil pressure, you have a spun engine bearing. Engine bearing performs several functions in the vehicle that allow it to work smoothly. It reduces the friction between different parts to ease the movements of these regions and other components in the engine. … Read moreSpun Bearing Symptoms

How To Adjust 700R4 TV Cable – Complete Guide

How to Adjust 700R4 TV Cable complete guide

One of the most common problems transmission owners face is a clogged or corroded throttle valve cable. A properly adjusted throttle valve cable will provide consistent and accurate engine power delivery. This guide provides the steps necessary to accommodate a throttle valve cable for 700R4 Automatic Transmission. It is intended for 700R4 vehicles equipped with … Read moreHow To Adjust 700R4 TV Cable – Complete Guide

Hollowing Out A Catalytic Converter – Full Guide

How to hollow out a catalytic converter

Hollowing out a catalytic converter is illegal in some states because of its essential role in the environment. The catalytic converter functions like an oven, trapping exhaust heat and using the heat to convert dangerous compounds to less harmful forms. But, despite the environmental benefit, the catalytic converter impedes the vehicle’s full potential. And this has … Read moreHollowing Out A Catalytic Converter – Full Guide