Why November is a Great Time to Buy a Car?

Why November is a Great Time to Buy a Car?

Buying car in november

Acquiring a vehicle is a critical decision you will encounter on the to-do list of any adult. In some cases, the plan even starts before attaining the official age of adulthood. You either have it a project or your parents are planning it for you. Such is the importance of owning a car.

Owning a car, new or used, requires strategic planning to get the best deal available from an auto dealer. You must know what time of the year the best time is to acquire your desired ride.

Vehicles are one of the most expensive buys families, and individuals make. So, finding a deal of 5% off can mean a lot in most cases.

November is the best time of the year to buy a car to get the best deals available for your new or used vehicle. Here are some reasons to consider in making your decision and acting fast.

Why November Is A Great Time To Acquire A Car

New research by online automotive research and shopping site iSeeCars has discovered that November is the most fantastic month for cars’ best bargains.

The organization studied and analyzed more than 48 million vehicle deals from 2013 to 2016 to figure out which holidays and which months, by and large, had the most “bargains.” The organization characterizes an arrangement as a markdown of five percent or more.

The best two days are both in November. Veterans Day and Black Friday were numbers one and two.

These crucial days helped push November past December as the best and massive month to discover great vehicle deals. Thanksgiving Day is yet another day in November when you can find great deals on cars.

Table According To Research Showing Best Month To Buy A Car


Month in The Year

% More Deals Than Average



Up to 38 % More Deals



37 %



20 %



17 %



5 %



4 %

Battle For The Attention Of The Buyer

By November, all focus is on Christmas shopping, and in most cases, it does not include vehicle purchasing. This implies there are less retail interest and greater accessibility of stock on the forecourt.

Hence, purchasers will probably improve bargain in all cases—for instance, value decreases, better money rates, and a tank of fuel tossed in.

Rush To Meet Sales Targets And Quotas

As you get towards the year’s end or even the month’s end, salespeople will be more mindful of the number of vehicles they have sold that year. Additionally, they are also aware that car purchase might not be the top priority for shoppers.

This allows them to realize that they are so near whatever their objectives were for the year. They will need to sort out some way to meet or surpass those numbers and offer you suitable deals.

Model Year Clearance Sale

Year-end is another good time for auto dealers and salespeople to boost sales on some cars’ old models in their garage. If you carry out your proper research and know the vehicles whose model with be running out by the end of the year, you are likely to get a reasonably good deal.

Besides making room for new models, dealers need all the funds to buy new models to meet client needs.

Veterans Day Deals

Veterans Day is a public holiday that marks the anniversary of the end of World War 2 to honor US veterans and victims. It is a day to show appreciation to the men and women in the armed forces who are working hard and laying their lives down to protect the country.

It is a significant holiday in the US, and many car deals are offered to buyers that day.

Black Friday Deals

Why November is a Great Time to Buy a Car

Black Friday is a big deal in the retail industry. It is a day where retailers offer the best discounts and deal available. Shoppers plan and save for Black Friday deals annually.

Car dealers are not making the most of this big sales day. In most cases, instead of making it a day event, they offer great discounts throughout November.

Instead of a single Day Black Friday in November, they make it a full month of the grand bargains and tag it “Black November.”

You may not need to camp outside the dealer’s office to make your purchases. However, you need to decide quickly and purchase your desired car before it goes out of stock.

Thanksgiving Day Deals

Thanksgiving Day is another prominent holiday that comes up in November. It is an annual National holiday in the United States and Canada to celebrate the harvest and other blessings from the previous years.

Incidentally, certain seasons are genuinely incredible for purchasing specific kinds of vehicles. Like other sellers in the retail industry, car dealers now take advantage of this special Day. Special offers, massive discounts, and bargains are offered on numerous car models in other to push sales.

Purchasing a vehicle requires various planning and decisions to ensure you are getting what you need, what you want. At a value, you can manage. Along these lines, whenever you have chosen the vehicle and model that you need, you are probably prepared to go to the auto dealer and make your purchase.

However, there are sure months in the year, and during the week that is better for bringing your vehicle home. To get the best bargain, you do not have to wait until you are inactive in need of the car to make the buy.

Waiting for those months in the years is patience that will pay off in the long run.

The big offers start to roll in around October, and by November, they reach the pinnacle, and time to set out to the car lot to make your choice.

Automakers and vendors give financing, money back, and renting motivator offers each month. Occasionally these offers remain almost all year-round, but others change unmistakably – consequently putting the accentuation on timing.

These progressions are an aftereffect of evolving stock, model-year changeover, even money related market influences.