Silverado Electric Fan Conversion – Full Guide

Silverado Electric Fan Conversion – Full Guide

It is terrible news to know that the stock clutch fan on your Silverado puts a lot of strain on the engine, even more when it’s working extra hard in the summer heat.

The good news is that you can ditch it entirely and improve engine performance with Silverado’s electric fan conversion kit.

Silverado Electric Fan Conversion Full Guide.

The issue, however, comes up when doing the conversion.

Read on for a guide on everything you need to know about your Chevy Silverado and all its models’ Electric fan conversion.

Tips To Consider During A Silverado Electric Fan Conversion

Tip 1: The radiator support may need to be modified to install an electric fan.

After removing the old fan, you may also need to upgrade the radiator size.

You can go for a 28-inch core or a 32-inch core radiator if your new Silverado electric fan does not match the current radiator.

Most moderate electric fans will mount up to any standard 2-core or 4-core radiator. Such fans also come with all the hardware needed to install them.

So, with such electric fans, you won’t need to change the truck’s radiator. But you do have to fit a compatible Silverado electric fan shroud.

Otherwise, not having a fan shroud allows the fan to draw warm air from around the engine instead of creating its airflow.

Tip 2: It is possible to wire the electric fan on your own

Still, it is best when you get a fan with a plug and play harnesses and wiring already done.

All you will have to do here is to terminate the wires to their respective points without worrying about twining and joining them.

It will help avoid any confusion if you have to trace a fault after the truck’s electric fan conversion.

Tip 3: The electric fan should not protrude into either the radiator or engine bay when mounted in place

It must also be mounted so that it does not contact any part of the engine. It should also be away from the vehicle transmission system during operation.

Mounting brackets are used when installing an electric fan on a Silverado truck.

Tip 4: The place you get your electric fan kit matters

This is because wiring harnesses are like any other electrical device — they need to be installed correctly to work correctly.

The simplest way to do this is with a Silverado electrical diagram for the truck’s electric fan conversion.

That’s why you need to buy the electric fan from a known seller where you are sure you to get a guiding manual in it.

Tip 5: Make sure you have the correct size fan

A 14″ fan will fit in a 15″ shroud, but a 15″ fan will not fit in a 14″ shroud.

If you are using a stock radiator and shroud, don’t use this setup. The stock radiator and shroud are made for a clutch fan and cannot handle the airflow of an electric fan.

What You Need For Silverado Electric Fan Conversion

  • Electric Fan Kit (Wiring Harnesses, Fan)
  • A drill and bits
  • Extension Ratchet
  • Crescent Wrench
  • Radiator (Optional)

Prepare The Room In Your Silverado For The Electric Fan

Disconnect the battery terminals starting with the negative first and then the positive. Most GMC Silverado models have the radiator hose clipped to the fan shroud.

Unscrew the cable tie or clip and move it aside for now.

Remove the radiator and fan shroud as a single unit. Start by removing the screws and bolts holding the shroud to the radiator.

It would help if you disconnected all of the wires (fan motor and A/C condenser) that run between the shroud and the truck.

Then remove the hoses (radiator hose and trans cooler lines).

Silverado Electric Fan Conversion

If you need to remove the radiator, too, you may need to remove the wiring harness attached to your radiator support.

Use a 7mm socket and ratchet to unscrew the radiator off. Most Silverado models have these wiring harnesses attached to the radiator at its bottom corners.

Set them aside for now but don’t discard them just yet. You don’t need to remove the water pump or the pulley bolts setup.

Suppose you’re careful with your wrench placement and have an impact wrench.

After removing the fan clutch alone, the room you get is enough for the pickup’s electric fan conversion.

Remove The Manual Clutch Fan

Unscrew the manual fan from its position using a crescent wrench. If the nut is too tight to budge with a single push, use a mallet to force the wrench.

You will do this by hitting it in an anticlockwise direction. You, however, need to be careful about the mallet.

It is best not to use a hammer just in case you miss the wrench handle and hit something else.

The hood in a Silverado truck may not be as similar to other pickup trucks. That’s why its electric fan conversion is almost different than that for other vehicles.

Once the fan loosens, you can unscrew it using your hand by quickly turning the blades.

Fit In Your Electric Fan

You need to ensure the space between the radiator and the water pump is open. It should be wide enough to fit the truck’s new electric fan without bending anything.

Put in your electric fan, aligning the bolt holes in place, but don’t screw it yet.

Confirm The Wiring Harnesses Flexibility

Check and confirm that each of the wirings harnesses from the electric fan can reach their termination points.

Most Silverado models have their relay mounting point behind the driver’s side headlight assembly.

However, you can mount it anywhere free from moisture, but you will have to screw bolts holes for it.

Your electric fan conversion kit should have a specific guide on where to fit it. The location in the Silverado truck should be distinct from that in other vehicles.

Each relay has mounting holes. The bolts go through these holes into the tubing and are secured through the brace with locknuts.

Ensure the power, ground cables, and those for the fuse box can reach the battery, the ground terminal, and the PCM.

Terminate Fan Speed Cables To The PCM

There are also two tiny wires colored blue and green on your electric fan kit. These two should be terminated at the PCM.

Check with your GMC/Chevrolet Silverado truck to spot the PCM’s location in the car’s hood. Once you locate it, unscrew the 7-inch screws at its back.

You will have green and blue plastic-covered bars.

To unhook the plastic bars, check for a push clip at the top end of each bar. So once it’s pushed in, the covers pop up.

In the green-covered plastic, fit the green wire at pin 33. Fit the blue wire at pin42.

Return the plastic covers and carefully screw back the PCM.

Confirm Your Wiring

Clean off any dust or greasy substances after screwing in the fan’s power to the battery terminals and the ground cables.

It will help ensure undisrupted connections throughout the fan’s conversion wiring.

Once every harness is well fit to its termination point, you can bolt in the fan. Clip back your radiator hose to the fan shroud.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to do electric fan conversion for a Silverado truck. The most important thing is to ensure that you have enough airflow through your radiator!

The last thing you want to do is overheat your truck. You can always go with a bigger electric fan or add a pusher fan in front of your radiator.

Ensure the electric fan conversion kit comes with its manual or wiring diagram. It will help you ensure you have a seamless fit.