Painting Car Headlights – All You Need To Know

Painting Car Headlights – All You Need To Know

Many car owners are prepared to spend on modifications since they make their vehicles more appealing. Painting headlights is one example.

Painting headlights requires consistency and perseverance to make them look the best.

Painting Car Headlights All You Need To Know

Having it done by yourself means that you can save a lot of money rather than letting an auto shop do it.

With that, you will need the information to achieve the headlight dream that you want successfully.

Today, we have prepared a guide on how you can perform the entire process yourself.

Painting Headlights – Step-By-Step Process

Prepare the materials below before doing the following steps:

  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Paint/Spray Paint/Transparent Vinyl
  • Oven
  • Gloves
  • Adhesive tapes

Headlight Removal

Prepare and clean the area where you will do the painting. Get all the tools you need in your bin and inspect every tool to ensure that everything is ready before doing anything.

If everything is clear, you may now start the process.

The first thing you will do is detach the headlight from your car. To detach it, you must remove the bolts accompanying it.

Use a tool for removing, such as a flat head screwdriver. Thoroughly check the whole headlight to ensure that you won’t get problems with it.

Get all the components inside before doing the following procedure.

Preheating The Headlight

Warm your oven to low heat up to 200 degrees and slowly put the headlight inside the oven. Cover it up with tin foil.

Heat it for about 20 minutes. If you don’t have an oven, you can let the headlight heat up under the sun later.

Cleaning Up The Headlight

Take your headlight out from the oven using gloves after that duration. Considerably remove the tabs by using a screwdriver.

You will also have an adhesive that keeps the cover in place for the whole assembly; sever through it. Be patient as you remove the tabs so that you won’t deteriorate them.

Next is to get rid of the remaining chrome plates. If you wish to keep some of the original, label it.

Clean it using alcohol. Others will use sandpaper.

However, it is not being suggested because it will produce dust that will cause problems with your headlights painting later on.

Painting Headlights

Do the painting with a wide designated area and prepare all your materials beforehand. Use transparent vinyl or spray paint on your headlight.

It is not necessary to use a transparent coat after painting. After carefully doing the painting headlights part, please wait for it to cure fully.


Ensure that the whole curing process is done before assembling the parts of the headlights. It ensures no imprints you will make on your new paint.

Reassemble back the chrome plates back to the assembly. And be careful with the adhesive.

It will likely scrape the new surface you have made. You wouldn’t want to redo everything.

Push the components back again carefully and put the clips to hold them in place.

Reheating The Headlights

Now that you are done with the main painting headlights task, reheat the headlights again for about 10 minutes. It will make the adhesive ready to bond with the assembly.

Painting Car Headlights

Reattaching Other Components

After the curing process of reheating the headlights, reattach the components that you remove from the very beginning. Make sure that everything is in place before doing the last step.

The Finale

Place an adequate amount of RTV sealant along the borders of the assembly and the lens to produce a nice exterior. Patch it up in place securely.

Please wait until it has dried up before putting it back in your car. Now, you have your new painted headlights in place.

Go for a test drive and check it for yourself.


Certain DIY painting headlight modifications mentioned above will only cost you about $20 to $35. But if you want to go to an auto shop, it will probably cost you more like $650.

Is It Worth It?

If you want to upgrade your car to make it look fantastic and classy, painting headlights will suit you fine. Spending time with your car with its new look will make you feel remarkable.

If you want a cost-effective method, you will most likely want to do your painting headlights. There are numerous excellent products in the market that you can partner with this guide.

However, it would help if you had some extra patience and care to perform the procedures. If not handled correctly, it might do damage to your headlight.

Everything will be worth it once you see the final product of your handiworks that you tried to have within your own hands.


Use Transparent Vinyl Over Spraypaints In Painting Headlights

Transparent vinyl is safer when used in painting headlights. It can also give you the required sporty look of your car.

This vinyl comes in various colors and can be applied in headlights and taillights. Not only can it color your lights securely and quickly, but it also repairs them, erasing that old hazy appearance.

It does not dim your emitted lights, thus avoiding any accidents along the way. It can last for more than six years and is strong enough to withstand any weather.

And if you wish to remove it, you can easily do so by just heating it.

Headlights Cleaning

Sometimes in bad weather, your headlights become dirty, and you need to restore them to the way it was. Cleaning your headlights is easy.

All you need is abrasive toothpaste and scrubs. You may also purchase a DIY restoration kit.

Just follow the given instructions, and your headlights will be sparkling new in no time.

Take Your Time

Doing a significant change on any parts of your car by yourself might be pretty easy, but it’s pretty scary when you have never done any upgrading once in your life.

The best advice for beginners to self-upgrade their cars is to do it patiently. Don’t hurry things up, for it might get things worse.

Shine Protection

You can give your gleaming headlights a little additional shine by protecting them from wear and tear.

You can use a panel spray to thoroughly degrease the headlight, then cover it with a protective coating.

Final Thoughts

Car modifications and upgrades need a significant expense. When you are spending, you genuinely invest in your car’s worth.

These improvements also assist in boosting its value other than its looks. When it comes to personalizing your car to your desires, you need to decide whether it’s feasible to do or not carefully.

Whatever you choose, bear in mind that your headlights must be in tip-top shape for safe driving. It should not be disregarded while servicing or upgrading your car.

Don’t ever wait until you are on a dark road, then all of a sudden, your headlight doesn’t work anymore.