How To Make Custom Trunk Panels

How To Make Custom Trunk Panels

The intention of making a custom trunk panel is to fully optimize the space back there.

Other people opt for a custom trunk panel to achieve a unique and attractive look.

Making them should be easy for most people, but if it challenges you, our guide here should help you!

Custom Trunk Panels full guide

Things To Consider When Creating Custom Trunk Panels

Before making a trunk panel, you will want to consider the following factors:

The Shape Of The Trunk

In this case, you should decide the shape you want to achieve in your trunk. Should it be flat or dome-shaped?

A flat is a good option for most people because it does not require too many details.

However, the domed shape will require a special wiggle board to bend to your desired shape.

The Trunk’s Appearance

Considering the appearance of the trunk, should it have a lid or not? You will need to consider the panel’s creation for a beautiful design.

There are several things you might consider adding to your appearance.

They include:

  • Integral vents
  • Handles
  • Strain reliefs
  • Support brackets for the lids

How Do You Open The Trunk

To open the trunk, you do it from the top or front or opt to use both. When making a custom trunk panel, you must consider how you will open the trunk.

The mode of opening you desire determines how you will custom your trunk.


The material you will need to make your custom trunk is another consideration. In this case, you will choose which material suits your trunk best.

While some prefer wooden trunk panels, others may opt for a metal panel.

The disadvantage with the metal panel is the work you will put in to create a perfect product.

Do You Want The Lid To Overlap The Front Panel?

The design of the custom trunk panel depends on the appearance you choose to use.

For convenience purposes, you need to decide whether the lid overlaps the front panel or not.

Tools Needed To Make Custom Truck Panels

To successfully make a custom trunk panel, you will need an installation kit with the following tools:

Main Panel Material

This material is the primary tool needed for a successful custom trunk panel. It is the material used to build the board.

You can easily acquire it from a local warehouse near you.

Backer Material

This material will help form the base of the panel. Backer materials are a thin set that you can easily screw to your primary panel material.

Automotive Carpets

You can use an automotive trunk carpet for a faster and easier way to obtain the base measurements.


Appropriate sandpaper is vital to acquire smooth edges and perfect fitment.

Phillips Screwdrivers

You will need screwdrivers to install and hold your custom car trunk in place.

Heat Gun

A heat gun is a must-have in your undertakings if you opt for a metal custom trunk.


When acquiring a perfect trunk shape, you want to achieve a perfect and accurate cardboard size.

Glue is helpful in this step to hold together the cardboard pieces for you to remove them as one piece from the trunk.

Table Saw

You can opt to replace this with the preferred equipment, provided it perfectly serves the purpose.

The cutting method you choose will help you choose the right cutting tool.

Custom Trunk Panels

Staple Gun

You will need a staple gun to connect the different parts of the panel material.


Before making the final custom trunk panel, you will use cardboard to cut out the desired shape of the car trunk.

To use it, you need to trace the shape on the cardboard and then transfer the shape and measurements onto the panel material.


Scissors will be helpful in the first steps of making your custom trunk.

You will need scissors to cut the cardboard into more petite strips that can easily fit in your box.


Helpful in tracing the shape of the panel from the cardboard cut out to the panel board. Pencils are also vital in drawing the shape of the sub-hole.

Step By Step Guide On Making Custom Truck Panels

When building a custom trunk panel, you want to create a satisfying, good-looking floor. This article will show you how to make a custom trunk panel.

Check out the following is a step-by-step formula on how to go about it.

Figure Out Your Desired Outcome

The first step when building a custom trunk panel is deciding what you want to achieve.

You will want to know the exact shape and size of the board you desire on your trunk.

Before building the trunk panel, ensure everything is well connected, including the amplifier.

Capture The Shape Of The Trunk

Capture the outside shape of the trunk. Take a strip of cardboard to capture this shape perfectly.

Fit the cardboard into the trunk and copy a profile of its form.

Make sure you get a perfect cut of the shape. Ensure you also keep everything at the same level.

When the shape is perfect, cut out the extra cardboard, and glue the remaining parts together to get it out as one piece.

Repeat this procedure on all the other sides.

Trace And Cut The MDF

Place the cardboard on the MDF and trace the cardboard shape. Trace on the outside to acquire the shape of the trunk.

Apply some template tape along the traces, then fit the adjustable video on top of it.

Use the adjustable curve to form the shape of the curve ideally. Apply some tape to the top of the curve and cut the MDF perfectly.

Test Fitting

Once you are done cutting, you will need to test fit the panel in your trunk. If the shape fits perfectly, then you are good to go.

If the panel does not fit, you must revisit the whole process. You want to achieve a perfect shape that best suits your vehicle.

Centerline Marking For Cut

The center line helps you know where to place the panel. It also assists in understanding how wide the board will be.

Final Exam

A final exam is vital to ensure that you have done everything correctly. If so, then you are essentially through with the process.

Place the custom panel in your trunk for the final examination. If you are experiencing trouble fitting it into the box, you might have cut it too big.


Make a sub-hole depending on where you see fit. You must make this hole to access the spare tire and other equipment.

Final Review And Clean Up

Do a final review on your panel to ensure everything is perfect according to your desired outcome.

If you are satisfied with the results, enjoy your new custom trunk panel!

Clean up and complete the task.

Take Away

After making a custom trunk panel, the final product is always appealing to the eye. It allows you to optimize your space in a neat form.

There you have it! Now you can make good trunk panels following the easy steps stated above!