How To Install Yakima Roof Rack – Guide

How To Install Yakima Roof Rack – Guide

Yakima roof racks are an excellent accessory, helping to carry cargo on your vehicle. However, installing Yakima roof racks can be tricky for someone unfamiliar with the procedure.

Before you learn how to install a Yakima roof rack, you may want to get some background. You need to install the correct roof rack suitable for your vehicle.

How To Install Yakima Roof Rack

This detailed guide will focus on installing a Yakima roof rack step by step.


Yakima Products Inc. started as just a small business in Washington. Within a few years, it became one of the big names.

Over the decades, they have managed to keep up the name and bring the quality and reliability they promise. Yakima Products offers cargo management products for vehicles such as bikes, boats, etc.

Yakima Roof Racks

Yakima has been manufacturing top-quality car racks for decades. Their roof racks are fitted for general use.

Furthermore, they are designed to be tough and durable, even to withstand harsh weather.

Types Of Roof Racks

Before installing a Yakima roof rack, you need to know the available types. Yakima has types when it comes to roof racks.

Before you purchase one, you may want to know these types. Based on your cargo, you can pick a kind of roof rack that works for you.

The roof racks let you carry just about anything. You need first to find the right fit.

Traditional Roof Rack

Whatever cargo or equipment you want to carry, a traditional roof rack will not fail you. You can even swap out the mounts of your traditional roof rack to let you carry just about anything.

At the same time, a traditional roof rack can be found for just about any vehicle, whether it is a big car, a smaller one, a van, or even a truck!

Platform Rack

The second type of roof rack you should consider is a platform rack, which allows you to carry gear that is even heavier in weight. Its increased capacity will enable you to carry the load in more weight and quantity.

It will also let you travel longer distances with weight. At the same time, it will enable you to attach more accessories to your roof rack.

How To Install Yakima Roof Rack?

Many people often think it is hard to install a Yakima roof rack, but it isn’t. By following these steps, you will be able to get your Yakima roof rack installed effortlessly!

Installation Of Yakima Roof Rack

Setting Your Baseline:

  1. The first thing you have to do is remove the covers from your baseline.
  2. Extract the security tab (You will hear a click sound that will indicate it has been removed successfully).
  3. Insert the seat into the baseline (you will hear a snap sound indicating that it has been installed correctly).
  4. Lodge the adapter onto the bolt.
  5. Use a pitch bolt to ensure that the adapter and the seat tabs are leveled.
  6. When you are done with that, you have to remove the rubber from the concave side of the crossbars.
  7. Once you are sure that the adapter and seat are fully installed, and the track is steady, you have to slide on the towers.
  8. Then on the front crossbar, adjust the towers M1 and P1 angle.
  9. Determine the M1 measurement of your car and adjust each tower.
  10. Set the P1 pitch by rotating the towers on the crossbar.
  11. Use a torque wrench to adjust the pitch bolt.
  12. Move towards the rear crossbar and adjust the M3 and the P2pitch angle (follow the points a, b, and c).
  13. Loosen the TOE bolt, adjust the TOE angle, and make sure it is tightly closed, first on the front and then the rear.
  14. Adjust the length of the bottom fill strip and then insert it.

Yakima Roof Rack Installation

Follow these steps, and you’ll know how to install the Yakima roof rack:

  1. Close the security tabs of the baseline.
  2. Find M measurements of your vehicle (can be found in Q clip instructions).
  3. Clean the surface.
  4. Open the tower housing.
  5. Loosen the bar clamp screw. It will lead to the crossbar quickly going into place.
  6. Tighten your towers onto the bar using front and rear bar measurements.
  7. Flatten the towers on the ground and attach the end caps and Q pads onto the bottom of the Q towers.
  8. Verify the M measurements again.
  9. Place the tower and bars onto the roof.
  10. Measure from the front edge of the tower to paint the end of the windshield and measure against M2 measurements.
  11. Line the Q clips (may use vinyl pads).
  12. Insert the clips into the cam lever.
  13. Insert the lock housing through the hole in the cam body.
  14. Move anchor clips into place.
  15. Loosen the adjustment parts on the towers. Recheck the M2 measurements.
  16. Adjust the adjustment knobs by increasing tension one side at a time and close the cam with each tension to balance the towers.
  17. While adjusting, align the gold slider with the hash marks with the opposite slider’s gold tower.
  18. Use the M4 measurement, place the real crossbar and install it the same way as the front crossbar.
  19. Ensure the clips are correctly seeded and that the crossbar does not move. Also, make sure the tension on both towers is balanced.

Accessories For Roof Rack

Now that you know how to install a Yakima roof rack, you need to know about some accessories that improve your roof rack experience. You can opt for a WindShield Faring.

It would reduce the wind noise and drag. Similarly, you can opt for the Same Key System (SKS), the purpose of which is security.

It helps you lock all your Yakima products with a single key.

Where You Can Get A Yakima Roof Rack?

You can quickly and conveniently find Yakima roof racks at Roof Rack Superstore. You are likely to find one of those in your vicinity, and they also stay well-stocked on Yakima products.

This way, you can pick whatever suits you best from various high-quality products.

There are several factors to be considered to find the right fit for your vehicle. You can head onto Yakima’s website and enter your vehicle’s make and model to find the right fit.

Final thoughts

Once you have successfully figured out how to install the Yakima roof rack, you will be able to transport your goods safely. Since the roof rack is durable, you will not have to follow this procedure repeatedly.

Remember that the installation process may differ depending on your car. So, while looking into installing the Yakima roof rack, mind your car model and make.