How to Keep Car Visor Clean? – Guide

How to Keep Car Visor Clean? – Guide

Taking good care of a car has to be a top priority because it determines its longevity. The car interior should always remain clean, and parts should be replaced when necessary.

However, there are certain places inside a car that needs your attention more often. The car visor is a perfect example – it must be kept clean at all times.

How to Keep Car Visor Clean

Now, what could be done to keep it clean?

How To Prevent A Car Visor From Getting Dirty

On many occasions, car visors get dirty as a result of our actions. The following are ways to prevent a visor from dirt and dust.

1. Avoid Applying Makeup In Car

Most ladies love to apply their makeup in the car to save time. We often hurry to catch up with work, a flight, or something important.

However, doing that in a car would only increase the chances of getting the visor dirty. And usually, they wouldn’t be cleaned immediately.

2. Avoiding Using It For Storage

Many of us keep different things on a car visor, which can quickly get it dirty. Even though there are several other places where items could be kept in the car, some people find it convenient to use a visor. At first, it may seem like a good idea since it is easily accessible.

Unfortunately, it will make the visor look bad. Also, sometimes items get lost in the process. Try to use the storage box right in front to keep valuables – they are much safer.

3. Wash The Car When Exposed To Dust

Trying to keep a car clean could be one of the hardest things to do, especially on a dusty road where every part of the car gets dirty.

So, keeping your car exterior clean is essential to keep the good condition of its interior. It’s easy to touch a dirty handle and then transfer the dust to your visor.

4. Stop Eating In The Car

At some point, we all have been guilty of having a snack in the car. Well, it’s not an entirely bad idea, but you have to remember it will affect your vehicle. Oily hands could be used to flap a car visor down, and in the process, it gets dirty.

The best thing to do is to eat outside the car and keep our hands clean. If you eat inside the car, make sure to clean your hands before touching the visor.

5. Do Not Allow Children In The Front Seat

Kids enjoy drawing with their fingers on various surfaces – car visors are not an exception.

Keeping kids away from the visor may save you some trouble with cleaning later.

What To Do When Car Visor Gets Dirty?

Even after doing the things listed above, your car visor may still get dirty. There are only a few things we can do.

1. Consider Replacing It

If there are hard stains on your car visor, they may ruin the entire look of the interior. Therefore, there is only one option left – having a replacement.

Car visors are not so expensive, and getting a suitable type for your car shouldn’t be too difficult.

2. Avoid Making The Same Mistakes Again

Make sure not to repeat your mistakes, such as eating in the car, applying makeup, or leaving the vehicle unkept. Also, regularly check if it is in excellent condition to avoid spending extra on maintenance.

3. Try Car Wipes

Getting equipped with car accessories is often a good investment; they help us in various ways. One of the essential accessories to get is car wipes. Not only will they help to clean off the dirt from a car, but they also ensure that minor stains or dirt don’t become stubborn ones.

With car wipes, it is easy to clean makeup, oil, and even dust from various areas of your car, including the visor.

A Cream of Tartar is another handy item to get rid of stains or dirt.


Keep a car interior clean is hard, but it pays off. Car visors are one of the most convenient parts of a car until they get dirty or stained.

Try as much as possible to follow the tips above, and your car visor will always be clean and shiny.