How Long Can Mechanic Keep My Car? – Things To Know

How Long Can Mechanic Keep My Car? – Things To Know

How Long Can A Mechanic Keep My Car

Many of us wondered how long a mechanic can keep our car but have never ended up with a correct conclusion.

Your mechanic can keep your car legally till the time you have covered all the dues.

The mechanic keeping your car is also known as garage men’s lieu or mechanic’s lieu.

This term is basically created to protect the repair payments or any other payments for the provided car.

Also, it depends on how long you want to keep your car at the mechanic’s place. There can be a delay if your car needs a major repair and that some parts are not available.

Sometimes, the mechanic needs to order parts, which can take time. The less the damage, the quicker your car gets released.

Today, we have gathered some points that will help you to answer this most commonly asked question.

How Much Time Is Required For A Mechanic To Keep Your Car?

Although the time varies upon the issue, generally, the repair takes a maximum of 1 – 2 weeks.

If there is a significant problem, it will take around one or two weeks to get the repair done. For various minor repairs like removing the scratch from the car, it will be much quicker.

Other simple changes, like tire rotation, oil change, or replacing the tire, should take not more than 1-2 hours of work to be completed.

Whenever you give your car for repair, the mechanic is bound to estimate when the car will be repaired.

Car mechanics are costly, and the more time needed, the larger the expense.

Can It Take A Whole Month For A Car To Get Repaired?

In almost any case, a car should not take a month to get repaired unless many parts are significantly damaged and are not available at the moment.

This can be a possible reason for the delay, but it’s rare. It is vital to determine the car’s general condition and any previous damage history. Though the possibility of taking a month can be rare, it is not that it can never happen.

We have mentioned that the availability of individual parts is one of the reasons for the significant delay. Chances are there’s a lack of useful resources or the staff member who is on leave. Also, the mechanic might not be fully aware of how to repair the specific damage.

What can be done if the mechanic is taking too long to repair the car?

For some car brands, the parts are not available at many mechanic shops and need to be purchased from a particular supplier.

If there is low availability of mechanics at the place, there can be a delay. Also, it depends upon how the mechanic has planned to get the repair done.

Another possible instance is that the mechanic has repaired the damage, but some other parts were damaged by mistake. In those cases, the repair will take additional time.

The Role Of Communication

It would be great to communicate with your mechanic about any delays in the car repair. Often, mechanics do not want to tell you the exact reason as they’re still unsure what is the underlying cause and how to fix your car. 

If you understand that the mechanic cannot get the car repaired and is just delaying in return, it is best to have a word with them.

You can explain your doubts politely and demand them to return your car.

What Can Be Done If The Mechanic Is Taking Too Long To Repair The Car?

If the mechanic is taking too long to get the car repaired, you need to have an honest conversation with them to discuss the details. Also, having a second opinion will help you understand if the mechanic is following the right practices.

If you are not satisfied with your mechanic’s ways of working, you have the full right to withdraw your car.

You can pay any dues and take the car elsewhere.

All in all, it is best to follow maintenance tips so that you do not have to face such issues at any mechanic’s place!